It is 24 days ago that Steve McClaren was unveiled to the waiting press at St James Park.

There waiting to greet him were the massed ranks of journalists, to ask all the questions that the fans were desperate to hear the new manager/head coach answer.

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Well that is kind of what happened but instead there was only one newspaper journalist invited for a staged interview controlled by Newcastle United.

NUFC’s latest preferred media partner after The Sun refused to get into bed with Mike Ashley – step forward The Mirror and their local football journalist Simon Bird.

Bird emerged from this exclusive meeting and started his exclusive behind closed doors piece with:

‘McClaren, who has also been appointed to the St. James Park board, has demanded quick signings to allow players to bed in this summer’

When he met the new Newcastle Head Coach there was still 60 days to go until Newcastle kicked off their Premier League season, now there are 36 days.

Simon Bird also announced that through his new exclusive sources at Newcastle United he knew that Charlie Austin was a ‘Done Deal’ and would sign in the ‘next week’….

The fact that the club misleads even their ‘preferred media partner’ surely tells us everything.

Two days ago we saw Mike Ashley’s latest PR gimmick to distract from his shambolic running of the club and the abject failure to compete for signings.

Steve McClaren allowing his name to be put to a feeble attempt at justifying why the ‘quick’ signings hadn’t been made, the email supposedly giving fans exclusive info that a coaching team had been appointed, all of whom had been announced by reporters across the various newspapers a week beforehand.

steve mcclaren

In this email Steve McClaren/Newcastle’s PR department stated:

‘I know the anticipation is out there and you want to see new players coming through the door immediately. That is natural. For me as Head Coach, however, it is so important that the right players come through the door. However long that takes, I want to make sure that we have just the type of people who can come in and force us forward.’

It may not be time to panic but anybody who isn’t concerned that not a single player has been signed, is a fool.

Newcastle were proved to be the worst team in the Premier League in the final five months of the season and just like when he was with England, McClaren isn’t going to turn our current lot into world beaters…or even certainties to stay up.

The players fly off to America in a week’s time and when they return there will be just over two weeks unti the first match against Southampton.

Again, you are a fool if you don’t think that it is important to get new players in as soon as possible, especially when they are needed in the key positions of centre-back and centre-forward.

You need at least one (hopefully two) central defenders to come in and you need them on that plane to America, to work in training and the friendly matches to organise the defence into a fluid unit.

Not the shambles that conceded 63 goals last season, more than any other apart from QPR, and which can’t even defend a corner/free-kick.

Likewise, you need your new striker(s) in at the earliest possible time because your preparation work is all about how to get the ball in the most efficient way to your main goalscorer(s). The spine of the team is what it is all about and stopping and scoring goals is the name of the game.

We are promised another email in the coming week and I’m already dreading the excuses that will pour out of that one.

The following week no doubt we will all get a postcard from America saying that Steve can’t believe how good Gabriel Obertan and Mike Williamson look in training.

The more things change the more they are looking the same.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Please tell us something we don’t know ! Another favourite quote is ” after his injuries ,he’s like a new signing ” .This lot don’t have any new excuses left ,have to be among the favourites for relegation and the first to sack their manager or for him to resign ,I hope I am wrong ,but at the end if the day. I am now passed caring .

  • Hughie

    Look no further than a Mr Charnley. Completely out of his depth–mistake after mistake……………

  • BartonoftheBrow

    Are we honestly surprised,after 8 years of misdirection and been lied to,Proven in a court of law to lie to us fans all of a sudden Mr Tubbs makes a tv appearence accepts his fault the situation we are in,then passes all the the blame to Penfolds door,sorry the football board,If people honestly thought things were going change then sorry,more fool you,he has,is and will continue to lie to us and trample our love of the club in to the ground time and time again,as long as we allow him to,#TubbsOut  HWTF

  • percyarcade

    “McClaren demands quick signings” 
    hahahahahahahahaha,  oh dear,  nice one Steve . . .

  • fireflyuk

    “it is so important that the right players come through the door. However long that takes, I want to make sure that we have just the type of people who can come in and force us forward.” Haven’t we heard that line before? Already starting to sound like pardew.

  • Toonbadger

    It is all,

  • ArtyH

    Jimmywayhay Spot on mate, its probably the way most real fans feel. Its such a shame to be treated this way by an owner who just hates the fans and the club. How can it not be true? If he gave a to$$ and cared there would be a few new players on the books now and Charlie Austin would have been bought on JULY 1st. Its blatantly misdirection again, the same fools have been fooled again, shame on them. We as NUFC supporters will NEVER get any satisfaction with this owner, we should do everything we can inside the law to apply pressure on this parasite in order to make him sell the club. IMHO I believe when he stated the club would not be sold until at least 2016, this was a signal of intent to run it down and prepare for dumping it  on the market. As things stand he will get this years T.V money and next years which will be almost £200m ( about what he paid for the club originally ) and all the profit over the 8>9 years of ownership, then the actual sale price of the club, lock stock and barrel. Not a bad return for what in investment terms is a short term deal. We as a club have been used as a money making vehicle for almost a decade and I firmly believe it has to end ASAP before as a club NUFC are ground into the dust and resigned to the history books as the latest LEEDS or PORTSMOUTH. WE NEED OUR CLUB BACK IN CARING HANDS.

  • Barry Goulder

    Good luck with that Mac.!

  • Jackanory

    .‘McClaren, who has also been appointed to the St. James Park board, has demanded quick signings to allow players to bed in this summer’

    !!!!!DEMANDED!!!!!  ROTFLMAO

    Have Ashley and the board no shame at all ? It’s disgraceful the embarrassment and laughingstock, they have turned this once proud club into and it won’t get any better till Ashley and his robotic board of DO AS YOU ARE FKN TOLD all well and truly gone

    As for renewing the season tickets I think that I’d rather watch paint dry than this current shower of sh*te

  • toon tony

    Exelent! !!

  • Mag4life

    What are the odds of Newcastle not signing anyone and McClaren resigning the day after the transfer window shuts? #itCouldOnlyHappenAtNewcastle

  • v0ices

    ArtyH Jimmywayhay i think its already too late last season should have been it but with the levels who have renewed season tickets and ashley umdoubtedly discounting tickets next season on a match by match basis the ground will be full enough for him to continue to get away with it.

  • v0ices

    Hughie wrong hes doing the job hes hired to do, which has nothing to do with building a football team.

  • A lex

    Oh, but wait lads. From all the previous seasons, they’ve now learnt their lessons. (That’s ‘irony’, by the way.)

  • wrinklynufcfan

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats NUFCTips I wasn’t McClarens biggest fan but – How long will he stay if signings don’t come?

  • wrinklynufcfan

    NUFCTheMag NUFCThreatLevel shiteseats NUFCTips McClaren to quit by Christmas ? I wonder?

  • amacdee

    “McClaren demands quick signings” In which parallel universe are you writing this ? 
    The one where people say the stupidest things all the time……….

  • BuckBlack

    Five weeks to go to the start of the season and Charnley’s still looking to make bargain basement signings – sticking in short bids all over the place while other teams are prepared to pay a bit extra to get what they know they need.
    Nothing will change while Ashley owns the club.

  • ArtyH

    v0ices ArtyH Jimmywayhay  Sadly to true mate. S.T holders should realise though, even when discounted, $*yte is still $*yte no matter how little it costs, and boy are we in for a load of it on current standings. S.T holders as I have stated many times before will be the downfall of our club, but will still try and hold the moral high ground for paying for the privilege, what a set of mongers.

  • Porciestreet

    And McClaren is in a position to demand…….! I find that so hard to believe
    Ashley out.

  • Porciestreet

    Toonbadger Superb mate nowt like a good gigle.

  • Porciestreet

    Hughie He even blew up the kettle the other day…!

  • Andgeo

    Ashley out