Yesterday brought claims that Newcastle were on the verge of bringing Ivan Toney to Tyneside after offering £300,000 for him.

Toney is a 19 year old striker turning out for Northampton Town in League Two and in total he has played 59 (29 in the starting eleven and 30 as a sub) times, in that time he has scored 13 goals.

Last season he started to get more regular football and made 40 (23 starts 17 sub) appearances with 8 goals.

Northampton played their first pre season friendly earlier today (Sunday) against Sileby Rangers and after the match, manager Chris Wilder admitted that the striker had been left out of the team due to ongoing talks with Newcastle.

However, if there isn’t any progress in those discussions with United, then Wlder expects that Toney will be involved on Tuesday when they play their next friendly at Worthing.

Chris Wilder speaking to the Northampton Chronicle and Echo:

 “There have been discussions (with Newcastle), we can’t get away from that, and as I’ve said before, Ivan is a very, very good young player that will attract interest.

“He is coming down the road with us to Brighton, I will know more where we are after I have had discussions with the chairman today and tomorrow.

“If it is kicked on, then we’ll wait and see, and if it isn’t then Ivan will be involved on Tuesday night in the game (Northampton play Worthing).”

In that report in The Mirror linking Ivan Toney with Newcastle, the journalist mentioned casually in passing that if Ivan Toney is to be Newcastle’s first signing of the summer then it will have to happen quickly, or else the much in demand Georgino Wijnaldum will beat him to that honour.

On that front, despite claims by the Chronicle and the Sunday People that Newcastle were in advanced talks with PSV for their captain and playmaker, the Dutch press (Eindhoven Dagblad) have insisted today that Zenit are the only club to have made an offer for Wijnaldum and that was a bid of £8m which was rejected.

  • Barry Goulder

    Ffs.bargain basement again.

  • Billco

    They will be negotiating hard to get the price down.

  • amacdee

    Billco Would the Cobblers take Shlte direct vouchers ? Or is that just cobblers ?

  • Kazie23

    What do you think of us getting Ivan Toney???

  • Kazie23

    How do you feel about the signing of Ivan Toney?

  • toon tony

    Wow, now that is punching above our weight. !!!!

  • Kazie23

    What do you think of us getting him?

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Here you go Kazie, I’ll tell you what I think. Lots of potential with good coaching – which we’ve got now – and left any longer would likely increase his value. Clearly not even intended as a first team buy, but another addition to the young guns coming through for future reference. At that price I can’t see a downside to it.

  • MilitantGeordie

    300k? I doubt Ashley is willing to stretch to that level of expenditure unless we flog Sissoko for 12m first to balance the books.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    toon tony   Well fair’s fair. They did promise us “unbelievable” signings at the start of the summer.

  • IainElrick

    He will be out best player

  • DownUnderMag

    Despite our lack of first team signings, this is actually a good signing.  Bags of potential, young enough that our new coaching team can work on him and hopefully become a regular in the next two years.  This isn’t a signings for the right here and now, the way some are talking on here they would rather not buy him and then will no doubt complain that we haven’t signed anyone to come through the youth setup…As long as we get some first choice top class players in then i’m all for getting some good potential in for the new coaches to work their magic on…I suspect the talent has all been used up here under Carver and Co, so a fresh crop of youngsters may be what is needed!

  • Kazie23

    I have to agree with you and we still have Ayoze and Armstrong which means we sorted our future strikers

  • Kazie23

    I think if we get him we should loan him out to a league 1 team and then to a championship club the same goes with Adam Armstrong which will mean that our strikers in the future would be sorted out with Ayoze,Armstrong and Toney

  • Kazie23

    When we get him I suggest that we should loan him out to a good league 1 club and the same with Adam Armstrong which will benefit and enhance their career and further their development

  • SimonDavies1

    Kazie23 I think Armstrong should stay with us. I think If we can sign a real target forward Armstong, and Ayoze would be brilliant. They were being payed as a lone forward at times which they are not and it showed. I was very surprised that Ayoze actually did as well as he did. Mind you there were games where the defenders just held him out

  • Kazie23

    That’s only if we give him alot of game time and if not… then I really don’t want to see him rot on the bench like what happened with Adam Campbell…but a loan for an entire season would do good for young Arma