Yesterday brought news that three players had joined Newcastle United’s USA tour halfway through.

Georginio Wijnaldum was expected after sorting affairs back in Holland, though the additions of Mehdi Abeid and Lubomir Satka only brought the following comment from the club via their website:

‘Abeid and Satka (as well as Wijnaldum) were called upon by head coach Steve McClaren and takes the United squad up to 26 players…’

Saturday morning though has brought news which apparently explains 19 year old Satka’s late call-up, with Aussie defender Curtis Good’s injury nightmare continuing.

The Shield Gazette report that the 22 year old centre-back has once again been troubled by his hip this week, which has meant he’s been unable to train in the USA.

Curtis Good is new expected to see a specialist yet again to try and sort him out, signed three years ago from Melbourne Heart the last eighteen months have been a nightmare.

The Newcastle player’s hip problem first surfacing after he made his international debut in early 2014, which led to him then missing the rest of that season and a chance of appearing in the Brazil World Cup finals.

Eventually returning to action for the reserves in February 2015, Curtis Good immediately felt the problem surface again and he had surgery that was believed would correct the injury long-term.

Fingers crossed that the defender can get to the root cause and come back fully fit, though the signs aren’t good.

As for Newcastle, the limited options for United at centre-back simply highlights the failure to bring in quality automatic first choice central defenders the team has craved for years.

  • Anthony Darling

    Here’s an idea. Buy Some New Bloody Defenders!!!

  • Andgeo

    Sign the players and stop [email protected]@ing about!

  • Andgeo

    By now McClaren should have realised that a good portion of the squad arnt good enough. He may also have begun to question the capability of charnley, and the judgement of Carr. Quite rightly too, the club seems to rate a lot of these players very differently to the vast majority of supporters and have consistently failed to make the necessary acquisitions over a number of years now, without even acknowledging the now desperate need to strengthen.
    The reality of not having a strong enough defense must be worrying McClaren and it will be interesting to see if the likes of goufup and willyhead get another run out tonight, and in the next game.

  • 1957

    It’s a shame because I saw Good a couple of times and he was impressive, strong and decent on the ball although it is difficult to tell if he could do it at PL level. I suspect we will never find out given his inability to stay fit

  • Duke Fame

    1957 very true, he looks very good  but this injury could kill his career before it starts. Real shame for us & the player. 

    Perhaps there is an opportunity to use this news to slag off the club and Mike Ashley?

  • 1957

    It’s a shame that a relevant piece of information had to have the last sentence attached. We all know the club has needed centre backs for years, McClaren will know it and for the first time for a long while I have some hope it will happen.

  • Phildene

    Unfortunately no other club wants these players, this is the horrible situation we’re now in through Ashley’s penny pinching ways-he’s wasted more £m’s in trying NOT to spend any money- have now come back to haunt him and are still causing us grief.
    Yes, let’s hope McClaren has his eyes opened by the lack of quality in more so the defence, but also in other positions too.

  • Duke Fame

    1957 The last sentence was very much tongue in cheek but given the subsequent comments, I was sadly accurate or perhaps the joke is on me.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Duke Fame you really are an Ashley sycophant, I bet you are so far up his arse you can see Charnleys feet.

  • Chemical Dave

    You’re definitely a joke lad, your tongue IS in cheek, its between Ashley’s.

  • Duke Fame

    Ollie Burtons Grandad Chemical Dave  phew the joke wasn’t on me after all.

  • Duke Fame

    Phildene It’s not relly about penny pinching, buying Curtis Good as one for the future, lending him out to Bradford and Scotland getting experience only for the player succumbing to injury when playing his debut international is desperately sad and NOTHING to do with NUFC being penny pinching.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    You are the joke

  • Duke Fame

    Chemical Dave Ah, good one, I see what you did there. Cheek, yeah, got it…………….