Newcastle United have released an official statement on Sunday regarding Chancel Mbemba.

The club confirm that they have agreed a deal with Anderlecht for the central defender, with the personal terms also acceptable to the player.

However, there has been no progress yet with regard to the DR Congo international’s work visa, despite the relevant application having been made four days ago.

Despite pressing the FA, the ruling body says that the matter can’t be looked at until this coming Thursday (30 July) when a panel will be convened to decide if a visa will be backed by the authorities.

Newcastle fans, and no doubt Steve McClaren as well, see Chancel Mbemba (watch video footage of him HERE) as key to helping to sort out the abysmal defending of recent seasons, particularly when it comes to the centre of defence.

The player obviously misses today’s friendly against Sheffield United and Wednesday’s at York, with it looking as though next Sunday against Borussia Monchengladbach at St James Park also unlikely to see Mbemba feature.

Taylor and Williamson start against Sheffield United….

Newcastle United Official Statement 26 July 2015

Following an agreement between Newcastle United and Anderlecht for the transfer of Chancel Mbemba, the player has been in Newcastle and has agreed personal terms with the Club and undergone his medical.

The documentation in relation to the Club’s application for a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE), required in order for Mbemba to obtain a visa, was submitted to the FA on Wednesday morning (22nd July).

Unfortunately, the FA are unable to consider the Club’s application until Thursday of next week (30th July). The FA advised the Club they were not able to convene a Panel any sooner.

The Club will provide an update for supporters at the earliest opportunity following the conclusion of the Panel hearing.

  • amacdee

    pressing the FA, the ruling body says that the matter can’t be looked
    at until this coming Thursday (30 July) when a panel will be convened to
    decide if a visa will be backed by the authorities”
    God save us all from pen pushers :-(

  • Andgeo

    What a total [email protected]@ take. The amount of money the FA get for literally doing [email protected] all! Surely at this time of the year the FAs priority should be supporting clubs with their efforts to strengthen their teams. If we start the season with Williamson in the team…..

  • wor monga

    Totally ridiculous…the lad’s already satisfied the conditions to be
    playing in a quality European league…we are part of Europe…so what’s the hold
    up?…simply the fact that an outdated committee want to prove they run the show…

    …in the
    same way it’s been run since the 1890’s…If it had been Chelsea or Man U wanting
    the player…they’d have been dragged out of bed last night, to rubber stamp the
    permit so he could play in a game today!!

  • 1957

    Unbelievable, surely the FA panels would meet more often at this time of year, as said below I doubt Chelsea or ManU would have this problem

  • Toonbadger

    FA = bunch of B`stards and the club could have released this info last week = inconsiderate B`stards
    Supporters in the dark for 5 days

  • ArtyH

    wor monga Well said, could Ahsley not have offered his helicopter :)    Its time those self serving fogies were shipped out of the F.A and new blood introduced with some fresh ideas. This current F.A are as good as F.A.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    I know what I consider FA to stand for and it’s not football association. This could only happen to Newcastle United. If it was one of the trendy glamorous so called “big” clubs from London or the North West that the FA love so much they would have received approval in literally minutes. There wouldn’t have been a meeting required, it would have been given automatically. However things are a lot different when that bunch pompous public school boy stuffed shirts are dealing with those horrible working class oiks from the far North who despite winning nothing for decades have still got the nerve to draw crowds most clubs can only dream of. I won’t be the least bit surprised if the F***** A******** scupper this deal for us.

  • Toon Darren

    What we need is Sepp in charge of the FA, bung him a couple of quid. The deal would have been complete completed 5 mins after the money hit his offshoreaccount..

  • CMRowley

    Do you use a strap to keep the tinfoil hat in place?

  • potski

    Er.. No! The date is probably pre-arranged that they consider all of the applications from clubs at the end of the month, and before the Football League starts. Most of the players in this situation are more likely from those clubs. Chelsea etc are unlikely to need the hearing. Mbemba has to go through this route because he hasn’t played 70% of the international matches for a country in the top 50 in the FIFA world rankings. So I think Tiote, Cisse, Ba were OK. It was a straightforward application to the Border Agency supported by paperwork from their national associations. William, Toure etc from the big clubs, also OK. I’m not certain whether Mbemba has played 70% of the internationals he was available for, probably because he attended ACON in 2013 and 2014. But Congo DR are outside of the top 50. This will have been one reason why some bigger clubs avoided him.
    Newcastle have to persuade the governing body, ie. the FA, to support their application for a visa, and prove that he has the talent to make a significant difference to English football.
    The FA have tightened up these rules just this year, supposedly to protect young English footballers. In practice, if Mbemba isn’t granted a visa then it is most likely to ensure Williamson or Taylor play, but their argument is that they want to encourage teams like Newcastle to give Lascelles plenty of opportunities.
    One change they made for instance would mean Tim Krul would not qualify as home grown. The rule before was that if brought into the club under 18, but it will be 15. And since FIFA rules ban you transferring under 16s from one country to another unless their parents happen to be moving countries for a reason unconnected with football, then it is nearly impossible to meet the home grown rule unless you are British.
    This is a classic club v country situation, and there is absolutely no guarantee that Mbemba will get endorsed by the panel, and get his visa. But hopefully the club have prepared properly for this, and have the backup they need to show that Mbemba is a top quality player. The fact that he has already won silverware with his club as a first choice player, and while eligible to play at U-21 has been a regular full international, are in his favour. Evidence of his speed, which can be proved in tests, might be used. His age here is relevant. The club need to prove potential to play at the highest level, and the younger he is the more impressive his record is. The fact that there has been doubt whether he is 21 is not good, but that seems to have been the subject of an FA investigation, and they accepted his age, so hopefully all the paperwork is in order.
    Talking of tightening up the rules, like other requests for working visas, there is now a requirement that players should pass an English language test. So it is possible that Tiote (I don’t remember him speaking to the media when he first came to the club) and Colo now wouldn’t get a visa, if coming into the country for the first time. If they are to get past the rules they would have to start learning English 6-12 months before applying, rather than start after they sign and move to the area.
    Last point :). You can’t sign a contract with a club subject to a work permit. This is a FIFA rule. Even though the club seemed to suggest that was what happened with Mitrovic. Currently, they can’t sign Mbemba. Other (bigger) clubs might have avoided this situation by simply keeping the transfer out of the news before they had been to the FA and got support for the visa. But Newcastle didn’t want it kept quiet – they want to get supporters onside and show them they are buying players. It’s perfectly possible that several clubs will be making applications to the same hearing, but that these have not been so much discussed in the media.

  • Andgeo

    It is desperate! And deals for two proper centre halfs and s left back should have been tied up a long time ago. Desperate!

  • desree

    potski thanks for the info. Appreciate you keeping us in the know.

  • ArtyH

    potski  Excellent post, many thanks for clearing it up, worthy of a full article IMHO.

  • desree

    i agree, it just needs one more paragraph- blaming mike ashley for the fiasco and how he is now targeting players who don’t qualify for a visa to avoid spending money