United have got the flags out (see above), yes there have now been ‘officially’ 100 Newcastle transfer targets linked to the club (so far) this summer.

Whilst 99 of them have fallen by the wayside/are imminent…only Georginio Wijnaldum has spoilt an (im)perfect century.

All that news print and all those online clicks, so much and for so little.

The four new Newcastle transfer targets that have brought up the century today are as follows.

Leading off we have The Sun claiming that Liverpool midfielder Joao Teixeira could be on his way to St James Park for as little as £1.5m. The Portuguese 22 year old having played only 8 minutes of Premier League football so far for the scousers and with more signings this summer, he looks even further away from getting first team football.

Secondly we have Sevilla midfielder Ever Banega, the Argentine international having moved only a year ago for £2m from Valencia. Nevertheless, after helping Sevilla lift the Europa League, the 27 year old is allegedly on United’s shopping list.

Next we have Sporting Lisbon’s Islam Slimani, the striker is yet another who is linked with Newcastle in now multiple transfer windows. The 27 year old Algerian forward scoring 12 goals in only 16 starts (plus 5 as sub) for Sporting Lisbon in the Portuguese league last season.

Lastly (for today) we have Reading winger Garath McCleary, according to ESPN Newcastle want to buy the Jamaican 28 year old winger despite him managing only one goal in 26 Championship appearances.

newcastle transfer targets

I have to say it is a fitting quartet who have the honour of bringing up that 100 total, with seemingly not a chance in a million (or at least a lot more than one in a hundred) of signing for Newcastle.

To try and keep some kind of order, the players are listed in alphabetical order by surname, then first/other names, the club they are/were at when Newcastle were linked with them, then finally the club they have ended up signing for (if any).

Please let us know of any that we have missed out as we go along and especially if you notice if any on the list actually sign for a club and we haven’t added that information.

Abdennour Aymen (Monaco) Defender

Adomah Albert (Winger) Middlesbough

Aubameyang Pierre-Emerick (Borussia Dortmund) Striker

Austin Charlie (QPR) Striker

newcastle transfer news

Ayew Andre (Marseille) Winger ***SIGNED FOR SWANSEA 10 JUNE

Bacca Carlos (Sevilla) Striker ***SIGNED FOR AC MILAN 3 JULY

Ba Demba (Besiktas) Striker ***SIGNED FOR SHANGHAI SHENHUA 28 JUNE

Balotelli Mario (Liverpool) Striker

Bamford Patrick (Chelsea) Striker

Banega Ever (Sevilla) Midfielder

Beck Andreas (Hoffenheim) Defender ***SIGNED FOR BESIKTAS 4 JULY

Berahino Saido (West Brom) Striker

Berisha Veton (Viking) Striker ***SIGNED FOR GREUTHER FURTH 1 JULY

Bolasie Yannick (Crystal Palace) Winger

Byram Sam (Leeds) Defender

Cabaye Yohan (PSG) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR CRYSTAL PALACE 10 JULY

newcastle transfer news

Carroll Andy (West Ham) Striker

Chester James (Hull) Defender

Cissako Yarouba (Monaco) Defender

Cleverley Tom(Manchester United) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR EVERTON 5 JUNE

Cole Ashley (AS Roma) Defender

Concha David (Racing Santander) Winger ***SIGNED FOR REAL SOCIEDAD 3 JULY

Cousins Jordan (Charlton) Midfielder

Dawson Craig (West Brom) Defender

Deeney Troy (Watford) Striker

Denayer Jason (Manchester City) Defender

Dost Bas (Wolfsburg) Striker

Downing Stewart (West Ham) Winger

Dunk Lewis (Brighton) Defender

Dyer Nathan (Swansea) Winger

Elmohamady Ahmed (Hull) Winger

Evans Jonny (Manchester United) Defender

newcastle transfer news

Fer Leroy (QPR) Midfielder

Fox Morgan (Charlton) Defender

Furlong Darnell (QPR) Defender

Gameiro Kevin (Sevilla) Striker

Ghoulam Faouzi (Napoli) Defender

Gignac Andre-Pierre (Marseille) Striker ***SIGNED FOR TIGRES UANL 18 JUNE

Ginnelly Josh (Shrewsbury) Winger

Gomez Joe (Charlton) Defender ***SIGNED FOR LIVERPOOL 20 JUNE

Gueye Idrissa (Lille) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR ASTON VILLA 13 JULY

Heaton Tom (Burnley) Goalkeeper

Hernandez Abel (Hull) Striker

Hughes Will (Derby) Midfielder

Ighalo Odion (Watford) Striker

Ince Tom (Hull) Winger ***SIGNED FOR DERBY 3 JULY

Ings Danny (Burnley) Striker ***SIGNED FOR LIVERPOOL 8 JUNE

Isla Mauricio (Juventus) Defender/Wing-back/Midfielder

Juanmi (Malaga) Striker ***SIGNED FOR SOUTHAMPTON 17 JUNE

Kace Ergys (PAOK) Midfielder

Kante Ngolo (Caen) Midfielder

Keogh Richard (Derby) Defender

Konate Moussa (FC Sion) Striker

Konoplyanka Yehven (Dnipro) Winger ***SIGNED FOR SEVILLA 9 JULY

Krejci Ladislav (Sparta Prague) Winger

Lambert Rickie (Liverpool) Striker

Lemina Marco (Marseille) Midfielder

Lingard Jesse (Manchester United) Midfielder

Mascarell Omar (Real Madrid) Midfielder)

Matip Joel (Schalke) Defender

Martin Chris (Derby County) Striker

Mbemba Chancel (Anderlecht) Defender

McCarthy Alex (QPR) Goalkeeper

McClean James (Wigan) Winger ***SIGNED FOR WEST BROM 22 JUNE

McCleary Garath (Reading) winger

Mere Jorge (Sporting Gijon) Defender

Mings Tyrone (Ipswich) Defender ***SIGNED FOR BOURNEMOUTH 26 JUNE

Mitrovic Aleksandar (Anderlecht) Striker

N’Doye Dame (Hull) Striker

Ocampos Lucas (Monaco) Winger

Okaka Stefano (Sampdoria) Striker

Pato Alexandre (Sao Paolo) Striker

Payet Dimitri (Marseille) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR WEST HAM 26 JUNE

Pedranza Alfonso (Villarreal) Winger

Promes Quincy (Spartak Moscow) Winger

Ramirez Sandro (Barcelona) Striker

Remy Loic (Chelsea) Striker

newcastle transfer news

Richards Micah (Manchester City) ***SIGNED FOR ASTON VILLA 17 JUNE

Rhodes Jordan (Blackburn) Striker

Rolan Diego (Bordeaux) Striker

Rudiger Antonio (Stuttgart) Defender

Sakho Diafra (West Ham) Striker

Sako Bakary (Wolves) Winger

Sam Sidney (Shalke) Striker

Sanson Morgan (Montpellier) Midfielder

Schar Fabian (Basel) Defender ***SIGNED FOR HOFFENHEIM

Sepe Luigi (Napoli) Goalkeeper

Slimani Islam (Sporting Lisbon) Striker

Teixeira Joao (Liverpool) Midfielder

Thauvin Florian (Marseille) Winger

Toney Ivan (Northampton) Striker

Townsend Andros (Tottenham) Winger

Tshibola Aaron (Reading) Midfielder

Van Ginkel Marco (Chelsea) Midfielder

Veltman Joel (Ajax) Defender

Wass Daniel (Evian) Midfielder ***SIGNED FOR CELTA VIGO 22 JUNE

Wijnaldum Georginio (PSV) Midfielder – SIGNED FOR NEWCASTLE(!!!!!) 11 JULY

Wilson James (Manchester United) Striker

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  • philrenner09

    And who says these 100 were targets of the club – You the Mag a self opinionated bunch of leeches who bleed off the back of the club  but slag it off at every opportunity ? F-ck off wan-ers

  • keeganRescueUs

    This list is getting tedious, blaming paper talk from rags that couldn’t tell the truth with a shotgun to their head!!! Papers are for sheep, if you believe a word that’s printed in them, sporting or otherwise, more fool you!!!

  • v0ices

    philrenner09 why read it then if it offends  you so much.

  • v0ices

    keeganRescueUs season tickets and wonga shirts are for sheep too.

  • keeganRescueUs

    Shirts are for children, season tickets for those with more money than me!!!!

  • RichardRenwick

    101 I saw another in one paper for CH Douglas

  • v0ices

    keeganRescueUs buying a wonga shirt children sounds like child abuse to me.

  • Andgeo

    Or nothing better to do than sit snd watch the Williamson/gouffran chuckle brothers debacle

  • Andgeo

    Definitely a season ticket holder then are you??

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    How many of these we’re confirmed by the club as genuine targets? Most of them are ludicrous – the vast majority in fact. You call ST holders sheep, but you follow this crap! Amazing. What gives you the right to abuse REAL LOYAL FANS? I’ve been in SJP with less than 8k others, because thick or thin, I’ll ALWAYS be there and always have. If I have to try and explain why, you’ll never get it anyway. The same reason I went to places like Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Port Vale (eh mate!) Hereford, the old Den, Ninnian Park etc to watch us loose.I’m not letting that horrible git drive me away. Too many of you were spoiled by Keegan, but that was a blip in reality. Don’t believe Ashley – why would ANYBODY ffs – but believe SMc who’s seen the transfer kitty. He has no reason to lie. He and his staff signed up on knowing what the plan was. Ashley can’t change it now or Mac could walk and get his contract paid in full – same with his staff. He wants us with him so he’s being genuine. The evidence clearly points to massive changes already, not idle words. Some are too far gone, sadly. Their hatred for Ashley has evolved into a hatred of NUFC, such is the obsession. I despise him myself. My argument doesn’t contain insults, just facts. Resorting to insults only shows a lack of a constructive argumènt. I will willingly engage in discussion, but can’t be doing with childish name calling.a

  • Demented_Man

    Oops!  You’ve upset the happy clappers and made them aggressive.  That’s what one signing does for them.

  • buckleytim79

    Drop dead please

  • Magnus51

    Why is “because Steve Mc said so” enough to convince some people that a massive change is happening? He is probably just as convinced by Ashley’s lies as those who continue to purchase their ST and advertise Wonga on their chests. “We still have plenty of time to sign players” is another one I keep hearing.. Yes, but also plenty of time to sell Sissoko, Cisse, Perez, Aarons or whoever else lights Ashley’s eyes up with dollar signs. Some people are either forgetting or are oblivious to the fact that Newcastle United is a business and not a football club while Ashley is still in charge.

  • v0ices

    Blackandwhiteblood bla bla bla so your version of loyal support is to help mike ashley destroy the club well done.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    v0ices Blackandwhiteblood wow! Such an intelligent counter argument! How can anybody compete against that? This pretty much sums you clowns up. You haven’t a clue.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Magnus51 the changes are there to be seen, for a start, if you can take the blinkers off. If Ashley changes tack, he leaves himself wide open to another constructive dismissal charge – McClaren would walk. As for the ‘Ashley owns him’ I keep hearing, let me point out that he doesn’t. McClaren is wealthy enough to walk if Ashley pulls the rug and would win any subsequent court case hands down. The guy is genuine. You can’t see it because you clearly spend too much time looking in the mirror. Ashley is no longer involved in who comes and goes – that’s the board’s job. Unless of course, you believe that the board, along with Simpson, Cathco etc are involved in a conspiracy to fool the fans? Some do, I’ve heard it all. All football clubs are a business nowadays, grow up. The simple truth is that many fair weather fans, who materialised out of nowhere when we stormed the PL under Keegan – where the fook did 52k appear from suddenly – can’t support a struggling team. Not fans, CUSTOMERS. Yet, you feel the right to abuse those of us were there during the previous bad times and will always be there regardless, telling us we’re the problem. It’s pathetic. I despise Ashley, but apart from maybe one exception, we’ve always been run by sharks. If you knew your history – lived through it – you’d know that. Ashley isn’t NUFC, but right now he owns it. If you were him, would you let a bunch of clowns dictate how you spent your money? Did you ever even listen to what was said five years ago, when we had a rare piece of info from the club? It went something like ‘there’s a five year plan to stabilise the club financially. Once that is completed, we will push the club forward.’ Conveniently forgotten, but now in progress. I believe Macca because thus far he’s been 100% straight with us. Please, stay away anyway. The negativity ruins match days. Ashley’s going nowhere, sadly, so why would you come back? Better to have 40k proper fans than 52k cry babies. Although I’ve no doubt, when the signings are complete and we start winning again, you’ll all come sneaking back singing ‘we’re the loyal’st supporters, the world has ever seen’. That’s US, it’s never been you.

  • Duke Fame

    RichardRenwick Although we have actually signed two and one other pretty much done but that doesn’t fit the doom and gloom creators.

  • Duke Fame

    Andgeo whilst the fair weather fans all want to support Southampton.

  • Magnus51

    Blackandwhiteblood Firstly, when did I abuse you and say fans are the problem? This is not true.

    You seem to believe a change is in order because McLaren has some kind of power over Mike Ashley. Like Ashley fears that Steve will sue him if he doesn’t invest sufficiently in the club. Haha we wish! And also you say Ashley mentioned a 5 year financial stability plan 5 years ago. Yet in your previous post you said you despise him and don’t believe him “why would ANYBODY ffs”. Anyway he’s had this plan for 8 years not 5, so how much longer are you prepared to wait?

    “All football clubs are run like a business nowadays”. Maybe, but Newcastle United is a business run in the disguise of a football club. Do the owners of clubs like Manchester City or Chelsea prioritise profit over footballing ambition? Do they plaster their stadiums with their company’s logo? Do they sell their best player in order to buy 3 average players for the same price?

    Call me a disloyal Newcastle United supporter if that’s what makes you feel better. But I’m not a disloyal football fan. I support NUFC with emphasis on the FC. You however, are paying one of the richest men in the UK, a man you despise, in order to watch him run a business and field weaken squads in cup games with the only goal of avoiding relegation. You go to SJP based on sentiment, nostalgia and hope alone, but you might as well be going to Sports Direct stores and cheering on the customers every time they make a purchase.