Just been reading Flying Mag’s article and reflecting on how it used to be.

I am a little older than him, just over 60. I was 7 months old the last time Newcastle won a domestic trophy – I always have a wry smile when the southern press say that Newcastle fans demand success!

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The best memories have to be the early Keegan years as manager – we went every week expecting to win and score four or five goals every week – which we often did. It is always rammed down our throat that we did not win anything but it was a wonderful ride – who will ever forget the 5-0 against Man U.

What also has to be remembered is that a lot of fans jumped on the bandwagon when Keegan arrived – I don’t know if these people realise that we have had dreadful players, teams, manager and owners over the last 50 years?

Yes we have 50,000 going to home games at a wonderful stadium but my generation can remember watching Newcastle v Wrexham on a rainy (very rainy – match abandoned!) night in a rundown stadium with only 7,000 in attendance.

I have fantastic memories of away games – my proudest boast is that I attended every match home and away in 1986.

After the majority of away games, when asked did you enjoy the trip, the standard answer was that it was great apart from the bit between 3pm and 5pm. How many times did we get back in the car after the game and say never again, then an hour up the M1 start arranging the travel for the next away game?

What memories of weekends in Blackpool after winning FA Cup semi finals – weekends in London after losing the finals – what about the weekend in London when we beat Crystal Palace – a win in London for the first time in a million years!

The purpose of this was to discuss our owner Mr Ashley – it was said many times in the past that football clubs should be run like a business and not on dreams of – if we spend we will win.

newcastle fans

We have an owner who has done that, and even his sternest critics would have to accept that, but in my opinion he has gone too far and does not realise that football is also about dreams and passion.

I have often pondered the question of would I swap place with Birmingham (in the championship),Wigan (in division one) or Portsmouth (in division two) who have all won a major domestic trophy in the recent past – most of the time the answer is yes because I want to be part of the celebrations and experience the elation of winning a cup!

I would like to sit down with Mr Ashley over a drink and put my case that we should be trying our hardest to win something – only a few teams win a trophy but we desperately need to see the team and club busting a gut trying.

Mr Ashley has made many mistakes with our club and it puzzles a lot of people that he has not invested more in players of better quality because it appears that the more successful teams are, the more money the club makes.

What I say to people who are no longer going to support the team because of the owner – I think it is your right to protest with your feet and not go to matches, my thoughts are that this is our club and he is not going to stop me attending St James Park and supporting my team.

  • NIToon

    I know how you feel mate, but, your last paragraph is the reason why Ashley has been able to and will continue to strip the cash from our club. His plan is working and will continue to work until fans bite the bullet and say enough is enough and stay away until he does a complete turn a round (unlikely) or leaves our club.

  • wor monga

    Excellent article…I started supporting the year after the
    third FA cup win, as a 10yr old…and it’s fair to say the club have never showed
    a lot of ambition…until those glorious few years under Keegan’s management…when
    for the first time since the ‘50’s the club looked like a really first rate
    outfit able to dominate most opposition over a season…both at home or away.

    …Where we were let down was the utter failure to build on
    what we had…either with young players to come through, or management candidates
    in place ready to step up…total lack of fore sight, and the basis of our total
    failure over the next decade. Bobby’s knowledge and character kept us
    competitive while his health stayed ok, but despite all his valiant efforts the
    club was always a slowly sinking ship.

    …Now when the writers on here go on about any lack of
    ambition, and the current owner tarnishing the glorious history of the club…it
    certainly makes me wonder…because the only thing that defines real success in the sport is winning the domestic trophies, that’s what they all try to do each season,
    and we have never achieved that, but I go hoping that this might just be our
    year to win any of them!!

  • Chemical Dave

    Sorry but as one of fattys fiercest critics I disagree he runs it as a business, he runs it to benefit his other interests. As someone said on this site yesterday, “if mike Ashley wanted us to be successful, we would be”. And by the way, some of the lads I know who’ve stopped going were home SBD away supporters long before Keegan’s bandwagon rolled into town.

  • LeazesEnder

    Is your real name Charlie Muggins?

  • wor monga

    Chemical Dave       Of course he runs it as a business…he’s a businessman, and
    one thing he will ensure happens is that he will only buy players now with a
    view to a guaranteed return on what he considers to be an investment.

    …He made big mistakes in his early days trusting people who
    only knew how to spend the club’s (his) money un-WISE-ly…I don’t need to trot
    the names out of the players they lost millions on, and we, as supporters have
    been paying the price for that ever since…

    …but the club is financially in a better place now, and he
    has admitted his failures… Therefore he has no excuse for repeating those same
    failings again…that holds good both for business or any other walk of life, you’re

  • Chemical Dave

    He runs it as a business to suit his other businesses NOT nufc you thick old moron. And if you think the club is in a better place financially then you’re even stupider than I give you credit for.

  • fireflyuk

    I think you’re missing the point Ronnie, he’s not trying to stop you going to the game, you’re doing exactly what he wants you to do. It’s your call whether to go to the game or not but I won’t chuck another penny at the club until Ashley does (consistently) for the next few transfer windows.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Chemical Dave  As someone said on this site yesterday, “if mike Ashley wanted us to be successful, we would be”.

    Very good point. I’m sick of hearing the same old nonsense that Ashley has stopped us being another Leeds or Portsmouth. The reality is that he has stopped us being another Chelsea or Man City.

  • DavidDrape

    Ronnie a great read until the end. I was at wrexham home as well on the monday night. I say that but it doesn’t make me a supper fan of any kind, however, you make another great point re people (bandwagon) coming along when KK kick started something special. I wonder if this is true or not?  My heart tells me its party true with some fans, however, many fans still and newcastle in their blood but had lapsed – similar to many nowadays who i accuse of not helping us to bring ashley down by going to games

  • Shipcote Willy

    The last thing Ashley wants you to do is stop going so will be happy that you will continue to so.

  • Shipcote Willy

    He runs it as a business to suit his company. If he ran it as a business the club would not have less match day and commercial revenue now than when Freddy Shepherd was in charge. it would be hard NOT to make money with the wealth provided by TV

  • NotFatFreddy

    Was it Wrexham.  My mind is going.  I can recall just over 7,000 v Norwich and each fan deserved a medal for being there as think the worst torrential rain you’ve ever seen in the North East and multiply it ten fold. If it was Wrexham or was that another one?  When you get to my age you are in danger of repeating yourself.  I said when you get to my age you are in danger…of forgetting yourself.  Did I say when you get to my age….?  I forgot if I can remember things! Did I say…..

  • DavidDrape

    NotFatFreddy you are right there are 2 games at 7000 isn. you may be right with the canaries

  • NotFatFreddy

    DavidDrape NotFatFreddy 

    Thanks, thought the canaries one was right.

    Another strange abandonment was Ipswich and the flood light failure and thousands going on the rampage.  The worst for me was Villa away and called off just as our bus pulled in.  The police took a few hundred of us to Walsall to watch them play Dagenham in the Fa Cup.  Our bus broke down on the way home, so probably the worst day out possible as who wants to go to Walsall in mid winter and be forced to see Dagenham!!
    To be fair being a toon fan isn’t as bad as being born in Walsall or Dagenham!