I  feel positive about NUFC!

We all know what’s wrong with the club at the moment off the field but I’ll be at St. James Park next season and no doubt the one after that and the one after that…

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This represents a real change of tune on my part. I can still list a load of negatives but despite those I still feel the need to be walking up those Gallowgate East Stand Corner stairs come the 1st day of the season, that’s football.

I’ve heard/read people describing NUFC as a product and the service level expectations that go along with making a purchase, as a basis for argument against going to the match. I see the point of view but the emotional connection is often not considered.

Following NUFC isn’t a tangible item you go to the till with and pay for, then return because it’s faulty or fails to meet standards – how many of you started going to the match during a season deemed as a poor one?

Were you happy with the ownership at that time?

Did you immediately stop going due to its poor standard or faults?

Now I know there’s much more going on than just what’s on the pitch and it would be a very simplistic approach to make decisions on spending a percentage of salary based solely on that, but over the summer that’s how I’ve tried to view things.

You know what, I feel refreshed and ready for the season!

Whinging and negativity gets you down and achieves little. You get stuck in a rut of shooting down anything positive said. The NUFC related groups/pages on social media are a prime example of this. When did we become so negative (or is that just an internet thing)?

Trouble is that fans of NUFC have been burnt (many times) before and are reluctant to stick their necks out, for fear of being wrong or ‘another deluded Geordie’ – stuff them!


I’ve found the typical traits of a Geordie; we are usually very personable, jovial with a generally positive outlook on life regardless of circumstance. Now I realise generalising like that can be dangerous…I’ve stopped short of flat caps and whippets here, but we’re a canny bunch aren’t we? We like a laugh, a drink and love wor football team.

NUFC’s media broadcasts have certainly improved over the summer. The video of Georginio Wijnaldum’s reaction to seeing St. James Park for the first time was a nice touch.

Wouldn’t it be great to see him make his debut in a packed SJP in full voice, the crowd decked out in black & white? The same debut afforded to summer signings of the past.

Like I say, it’s not perfect at NUFC (when has it ever been?).

I have a son due to be born in October but I’ll be breaking the time honoured tradition of buying him a Toon top because of the awful W*ng* logo on the front. The type of company the logo represents and the sheer size of the advertising on a bairn’s baby grow is horrendous! I’ll be looking at alternatives.

I’ve never seen so many balance sheets, charts and graphs explaining the club’s finances. They either look good, bad or confusing depending on your outlook.

Maybe that’s modern football for you, finance/accounting is very high on agenda these days and although I understand its importance, it has no bearing on my decision to carry on going to the match.

I’ll probably get labelled as being ‘pro-Ashley’ here, as I may be seen as ‘part of the problem’.

I want change too, I want the Club to have the same feel and connection as it has had in the past. I want to able to go into the Club shop and buy the season’s new shirt, without concern of who’s on the front of it and into which black hole/back pocket my money is going.

I’m all for a positive and principled approach to change. You wanna club to be proud of? What values would the Club have to adhere to, to make you proud of the club?

My view is the Club needs to represent the City and its people and have the supporters’ interest at heart. It needs to acknowledge the Club’s past and strive to reach the standards they achieved in cup wins. Most of all we need a strong identity, a badge you’re proud to put on your chest.

Once you have these values then you have a rationale for an argument if/when the club isn’t portraying them, regardless of results on the pitch.

I sincerely hope we have a good season and we have a good go at the cups as promised.

We’ve made one signing so far and if the recent reports are correct, hopefully a couple more are on their way by the time you read this.


There’s a new coaching set-up with a view to make the team competitive again.

I just used the ‘hope’ word there, it’s not one often used re NUFC at the moment but without hope you’re hopeless. I’m just gonna crack on with willing the lads to a win regardless.

Howay me bonny lads!!

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  • desree

    Paul, how did you get this opinion piece past the editors?

  • 1957

    The most positive piece I’ve read on here for I don’t know how long, how dare you.
    Hope is what keeps football supporters coming back season after season and if I kept supporting the team through the really dire times of the 8 years after our mid 70’s relegation turning up for the Southampton game is a doddle.

  • fireflyuk

    I feel the most positive I have felt for a long, long time, certainly pre Pardew, but  the reality is we have bought two, thats all, two players for a squad that needs at least six just to break even. It shows how bad things have got when we buy a couple of decent players at the going rate and we are ‘excited’, this used to be normal pre-ashley.  

    I agree the two players look decent quality and may turn out to be great acquisitions over time but they may not and should they get injured we are literally back to square one (or worse if you consider we have lost players in the close season). 

    I want to believe things have changed, lets see the the side put out for the first league cup tie, lets see if we hang on to our better players in the Jan transfer window, and add to the squad. Ashley is under the microscope now and he knows it, this time next Summer if the pressures off we could be business as usual.  

    It’s a start and nothing more, but at least its a start but I won’t be putting any money in Ashley’s pocket for at least another couple of seasons.

  • Chemical Dave

    “Whinging and negativity gets you down and achieves very little”. Really ? Helped get rid of mckeag. Pleased you’re looking forward to the new season paul, whether you agree with me or not is up to you but if it wasn’t for the whinging and negativity surrounding the end of last season I feel you’d have looked forward to it a lot less.

  • desree

    I’d argue that the whinging and negativity has done nothing but make MA digs his heels in and wind the fans up even more.
    20,000 fans deciding not to turn up to the spurs game perhaps might have been the catalyst for change of direction at NUFC.
    Positive action by the fans is what has caused the change. Right now we are seeing the club try to change and compete. Positive action by the fans – not renewing season tickets, not taking 5 year deals and not buying wonga shirts will keep the pressure on the club to keep good promises of change.

  • DownUnderMag

    Chemical Dave  desree I’m not sure the fans have made any difference, the only thing that has caused some action to be taken was how close we came to relegation and Ashley acting to protect his investment.  The lack of season ticket sales will also have caused some concern, but I think Ashley only acts in Ashley’s self interest. I am yet to be convinced that there will be any chance and expect if we are practically safe come January then we will see player sales as usual again.  It is now up to Ashley to prove this wrong, but history shows this is what happens so we have every right to feel agrieved.
    We need to keep in mind that we have only bought two players.  The amount spent is promising and perhaps Ashley just didn’t trust Pardew with expensive signings…but given the state of the squad and form they showed last season I think we all know it will take more than just two or three signings to make us competitive again, even if previous signings come good (a lot of pressure of De Jong, Cabella, Riviere and Perez to make a step up, something not all fans think is going to happen!).

  • DownUnderMag

    Some views on here may be a little too negative but mostly it’s just a realistic assessment of the state of the club and how things have been run in the past.  An example is despite the new signings being exactly the type we were all clambering for, there is still a sense of “what’s going to go wrong or who are we going to sell”.  That comes from being disappointed for too long and too often.
    I’m pleased with the way we are going, but I think we’ve been disappointed too many times by Ashley whenever things looked to be going well to get too carried away just yet.  The optimism is starting to creep back in and that is a good thing, BUT it’s also usually when Ashley drops a clanger and ruins the mood.  Fingers crossed we continue the good work and the fans can once again have something positive to shout about, I think we are all due that and i’m looking forward to less negativity on here as well!

  • Chemical Dave

    Well.there’s no doubt in my mind he hates the club, the fans and the city itself so people can either accept that or take whatever action they choose on a personal level. The impression I get is he doesn’t like it up him, the negative publicity had extended to a national level and for me, that’s what prompted his appearance on the TV. Of course, as downundermag days, history points to the next f.up being in the pipeline bit the two new lads are a shift in calibre to what’s been purchased previously.

  • Altamullan

    We’ll said Paul. Captures my feelings entirely. Although I have to tolerate my son supporting a.n.other team (his local team: Man City), I won’t buy my nephews or myself new strips/tops now. I wish the firm who do traditional tops (link on NUFC.COM) did kids sizes, I’m sure they’d do good business at present. Hope you find a good babygro, or I recall a picture of me in a knitted b&w cardie, maybe you know someone who can provide the same! Hope all goes well man.

  • Tynewalker

    From my 50+ years of supporting the Toon it is the hope that kills you.

  • keeganRescueUs

    Unfortunately supporting the toon or indeed any other team is totally blind love, there is no other option, with women you move on, plenty of fish etc but with football you’re lumbered with one love so it’s either become the football equivalent of celibate or put up with the ups and downs of supporting nufc! I know what I would rather do. If you feel different go play with yourself and have fun