Watching the Toon’s trip to America from afar, one thing that has struck me is that I don’t think I have a seen a single new Newcastle strip worn by our fans.

I noticed this in initial photos that were being beamed back but thought maybe it was just pot luck that I’d seen those ones.

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However, as time has gone on I have seen image after image and still not a single sighting.

In fact the only people I have seen wearing new official Newcastle gear in the States are the players…and it’s not like they have a choice.

When you consider the new third (pink and blue) kit was released four weeks ago and the home black and white one eight weeks ago, it isn’t as though supporters haven’t had time to grab one.

Plus of course the new strips are available over in America as well, at the very least online if US-based fans don’t live near anywhere an outlet that sells them over the counter.

At one time fans would have busted a gut to be wearing the new Newcastle shirt, especially if they were getting a chance to meet and greet with the players as has been the case on occasions this trip.

It is with a pride I see these images of fans wearing any Newcastle shirt but the new ones, mixed with disappointment at the predicament Newcastle fans find themselves in.

Pride because so many are taking a stand against both Mike Ashley and the sponsor who appears on the shirt, mixed with the disappointent that these are the lengths so many fans are driven to – so fed up with what is happening at the club that they can’t bring themselves to give the club owner the cash.

In fact anybody who didn’t have any idea of the background to this, may well think that a failed bank that ceased to exist a number of years ago was still our current sponsor.

Here are a selection of photos from the excellent Toon Army America Facebook page:

newcastle shirt

Newcastle shirt collection spans the years

newcastle shirt

The northeast bank and beer from yesteryear

newcastle shirt

Pretty sure that token W**** one is last season’s…

newcastle shirt

Good old Northern Rock with the W**** boys

  • LeazesEnder

    Did you know ‘wonga’ means floppy in Spanish….. they aint gonna sell many in Califorrnia

  • Karl Armstrong


  • wor monga

    LeazesEnder  I wouldn’t think many Spanish speaking Californians would be supporting us…or buying our shirts for that matter!

  • Steve Hunter

    What’s pathetic? Most of those shirts are retro shirts ordered from the club at a good $100-$125 expense. U.S. Fans prefer the retro and aren’t keen on loan sharks Wonga

  • Karl Armstrong

    Pathetic article, not the U.S. supporters. Numpty!

  • SeanTaugher

    As a Spanish speaking Californian I think you might be wrong.
    I bought a few shirts in my years supporting. Last one was from 2010/2011. Haven’t bought one since for the very reason mentioned in the article.

  • SeanTaugher

    Most of us Yank fans bought shirts when the club had ambition… Keep in mind not too many Yank football fans choose to support Newcastle, as most EPL followers over here are a bunch of Johnny-come-lately-glory-hunters.

  • mrengel

    I’m not buying a new shirt till NUFC ditch Wonga. Till then I’m rocking my Shearer-era Newcy Brown throwback.

  • wor monga

    SeanTaugher      You’re Spanish speaking…yet you weren’t aware of what Floppy
    translated to in Spanish, until reading this…I’ll give you a clue…it isn’t the word
    on the front of the shirt!!

  • whickhamrobbie

    I would but a shirt with floppy on the front (as long as it had chopper on the back).What a waste of an article new shits -old shirts who cares ?its about the team ,players, staff and fans pulling together as a club .See what Portland (a yank team) can do with atmosphere and support compared to the morgue-whine box that is SJP at the moment.

  • Whitleybaymag

    I spend a lot of time on the road world wide and the last 5 years at least Newcastle shirts are not available to buy. Generally its Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal, even Man City haven’t had much of a shout. That probably explains why many haven’t got the latest shirts. I used to work out of New Orleans a lot back in1997 – 2000 they loved the shirts with the Newcastle brown ale badge and there local team was black and white too.

  • LeazesEnder

    I don’t think they are ‘retro’….. they’re contemporary…

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga SeanTaugher Sean is a good old Spanish name…… and the beret is confirmation…… although it may be a retro beret!