The first photo of Aleksandar Mitrovic in Newcastle United colours was circulated (see below) last night.

Sky Sports’ north east man Keith Downie reported that they understood the official confirmation of the striker’s signing is expected to be announced today.

As we await that news, have a look at this video footage of Mitrovic in action – the goals and skills that will be appearing for Newcastle this coming season.

(The photo is said to have been taken at The Hilton on the Gateshead side of the Tyne and the first record we can find of it appearing was via the Twitter account of TheOriginalkr.)


The striker scored 26 goals (all competitions) last season for Anderlecht and flew into Newcastle Airport on Sunday afternoon.

The 20 year old striker is widely reported to be due to be joined at St James Park by teammate Chancel Mbemba very shortly.

  • lockietoon

    Erm doesn’t really inspire me like

  • fireflyuk

    Dodgy video with even dodgier music. Thing that I found interesting is his goal celebrations. Apart from the very end he runs away from his team mates and actively avoids anyone who comes near him. Not sure what that’s about?

  • wor monga

    Nothing wrong with that lad for me…he combines all what’s
    been missing in our front line since we last had Ba in the line…real strength,
    height, pace and power. I’d reckon any second striker playing alongside must get
    good scoring opportunities also…

    …not only from the knock-downs inside the box, but
    also the way he can hold up play or take the ball past defenders with an eye for
    the right pass.

    …I see the usual suspects…that love a whinge on here…are already
    jumping in with the regular criticisms ,after they’ve been whinging on endlessly about Ashley
    not having any real intentions to pay for the lad…

    …and now that they’ve only bought him instead of Austin because of the higher profit margin…even
    his goal celebration isn’t to their liking which makes me wonder, what next…maybe
    they don’t like the way he was proudly photographed wearing one of the new shirts!!

  • AndrewCowley1

    Good video hopefully he can reproduce that in the premier league.its nice to get excited before a season unlike the last few.

  • fireflyuk

    wor monga Where did I say I didn’t like his goal celebration? Is that you making things up  again?

  • Hetton Mag

    Looks decent buy, definite talent but raw. Plus only prem defence as bad as these is ours. Look forward to him and Perez playing together. three defenders and left winger and I might start to believe again.

  • wor monga

    fireflyuk          No…just what has his goal celebration got to do with
    anything…he’s celebrating a goal FFS…

    …he could be doing backflips around the
    stadium or singing the Serbian national anthem in Welsh, on his own…

    …so why make
    it look as though he isn’t a proper team player…by avoiding his team mates??

  • wor monga

    Hetton Mag        ….Definite talent, but raw…looked anything but raw in that
    video…looked a main man to me, defenders were around him alright, but he
    screened the ball well, and moved it around with precision…

    …The Mackems could end up paying £12m for Whickham…from the
    championship…who was raw with limited talent, championship standard then…and
    still is that standard now…I know which one I’d have in the side.

  • fireflyuk

    wor monga fireflyuk You make a lot of assumptions, I just said it was interesting thats all….. but now that you mention it.

  • wor monga

    fireflyuk        No assumption needed…I could tell what you were suggesting…and
    now you’ve told me I was correct

  • fireflyuk

    wor monga fireflyuk If that makes you feel better, go for it.