Scotland Yard have revealed that dawn raids have taken place across Merseyside, arresting Everton supporters in connection with an attack on Newcastle and Hull fans.

Six arrests were made yesterday (Thursday) morning, of males aged from 15 to 54, at addresses across Warrington, Liverpool and the Wirral.

Using CCTV and mobile phone images taken by members of the public, the Police have identified some of the main culprits believed responsible for the cowardly attack seven weeks ago outside a pub in London.

At the time, eyewitnesses said a group of over 30 people, believed to be Everton fans, ambushed a small number of Hull and Newcastle supporters who were drinking outside a Kings Cross pub at around 6pm on Saturday 16 May.

Newcastle had visited QPR that day, whilst Hull were at Spurs and Everton at West Ham.

The surprise assault lasted approximately twelve minutes and the attackers used glasses to attack the Newcastle and Hull fans, as well as punching and kicking them. Children were amongst those standing outside the pub when the attack was launched.

As part of the wave of arrests a seventh man was also detained, with Scotland Yard revealing  that a 24 year old man from Crawley was also arrested on suspicion of violent disorder.

Three others arrested on the day of the attack have also been bailed pending further enquiries.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Barnes, of Operation Arrowtip Responsible for investigating football-related crime/disorder in London)

“Violence amongst supporters has no place in football; be it before, during or after a match.

“These investigations that lead to operations like today show that no matter where you are from, or who you support, UK policing will work together to identify suspects and take action against them.”



  • philrenner09

    cowards who attack families with young children, typical. Hope you enjoy your stay in the nick — im sure there will be some big boys waiting to meet you.

  • DZA187

    This is why I am not a fan of travelling to away games unless on official coaches.

  • MikeNeely1

    As an Everton supporter of over 50 years I agree with the last two comments. I know it adds to the offence when families are involved but, regardless of that, violence has no place on our streets, and no-one should be
    attacked because of his or her football affiliations. I sincerely hope that on identification, these thugs are banned from every ground in the country. I very nearly said Goodison Park but, why should anyone else put up with them.

  • Belfast Ali

    Everton fans have always been the most cowardly heap of scum ever to travel away. I’ve had too many bad experiences over the years to even start

  • Alsteads

    Attacking people with glasses. How 80’s like the club. Absolute arsx holes. Always have been, always will be. They are the scum on merseyside for a reason. You only have to go in the home end at each club to realise who is the very poor relation. Shxt club, shxt fans