Lee Charnley was in Holland yesterday (Tuesday) for talks to bring Georginio Wijnaldum to Newcastle United, according to De Telegraaf.

The Dutch newspaper described the Newcastle United Managing Director’s actions as ‘dynamic’, in  making a ‘quick’ agreement possible.

‘Dynamic’ and ‘quick’ are not the two words that instantly come to mind when talking about this summer of (non-)transfers so far.

Of course, if Newcastle eventually land the credible quality players then it will be a job well done.

However, I feel that this particular Georginio Wijnaldum transfer is very far from done, with even De Telegraaf saying that Everton are now after him.

The PSV skipper undoubtedly fits the bill of the standard of player who could lift the club and the fans.

However, as that is the case, then even if Newcastle have put a half decent offer on the table, there would still be every chance of another club offering a bigger transfer fee, bigger wages, or simply more chance of winning trophies and playing in Europe.

For now though, I will just keep in mind the image of a ‘dynamic’ Lee Charnley. Hopefully the story of the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ becoming reality.

De Telegraaf:

‘It is highly questionable whether captain Georginio Wijnaldum will travel on Thursday to the PSV training camp in Switzerland. Newcastle United have added action to their words and are negotiating with PSV for the transfer of the midfielder.

There is additional pressure now as Everton have their eye on Wijnaldum. The club from Liverpool are going to interfere in the battle for the PSV captain.

Given the dynamism of Newcastle United, however, a quick agreement is possible. Managing director Lee Charnley Newcastle United yesterday (Tuesday) personally travelled to the Netherlands to negotiate in the Amsterdam region with representatives of PSV.

Newcastle United manager Steve McClaren has set his sights on Wijnaldum. The former coach of FC Twente and the English national team, sees him as the ideal player to complement his squad.’

  • Andgeo

    It’s all huff and puff, Ashley out!

  • Alan Richardson

    Haha dynamic Lee Charnley. Must be a case of mistaken identity. Probably someone from Everton they have seen.

  • rob1980

    I have just seen Santa Claus at Asda getting some bargains before Christmas ha ha ha we will sign no one sick of working our backsides of to watch same old crap every season

  • desree

    Dynamic Lee’s making an executive decision

  • Hughie

    Lee Charnley and “quick “is a contradiction based on past performance. I hope someone with football knowledge has accompanied him. I have the continuing feeling that this man is our weakest link.

  • jack1x

    Penfold , Newcastle , Dynamic ? Pmsl, the deal should have been done a week ago. Other clubs dont dither like we do , the time they take gives other clubs the opportunity to nip in and sign them while we penny pinch , he will probably end up at Everton again. Maybe that’s newcastles plan , , to dither and penny pinch so they dont have to spend any money .If ever there was urgency to be shown in the transfer window it’s this one , .Do you trust Penfold The Dynamic ?.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    If Chumlee messes this up, then he needs to go – and rapidly. Goodison Park is currently a toilet, the worst ground of all the big clubs in England and if he can’t sell us over them, then he simply isn’t up to the job – something we’ve all long suspected. He should’ve been over there last month getting the deal done,  in an ideal world, but our current situation is far from being ideal. Get him signed or don’t come back. Dead simple.

  • Lawrence Cant

    I heard he walked!

  • Stephen Sheppard

    they confusing him with his cousin the secret agent….(penfold)

  • Jimmywayhay

    Pin the good old days ,when we were able to sign too players ,who would have been there to get their man on board , the owners or the manager ,the player would have been sold the clubs and in most cases bought into that dream ,not now though ,Ashley distances himself from transfers ,thinking he won’t be blamed ,when the player goes elsewhere ,think again Mike , it’s your club your rules ,get out there and get us a team to be proud of and the cash will come rolling with some value behind it !

  • wor monga

    The bid’s been accepted…PSV have put the matter into the
    player’s own hands now, and despite all the waves of pessimistic negativity sweeping
    through the ranks, on here…it’s hard to see this one falling down at this stage.

    …He knows very well the quality of the players in the squad,
    he’s played alongside a lot of them…and the coaching team are well attuned to
    the continental game, and adapting players into the PL game, and for
    progression that’s what the European players need first and foremost.

    …The stadium, facilities and attendances are right up there
    with the best in the world…a lot of you might be hoping I’m wrong…for the sake
    of the Mag’s negative reputation, but I reckon we’ll see him holding up his
    B&W shirt  before the end of the

  • Jezza_NUFC

    I’m very confident that there will be official confirmation by the end of the week that Wijnaldum has signed……for Everton.

  • jack1x

    We have dallied too long , and if Everton offer more he’ll Go there , simply because penfold is too slow , great if he comes to us , but don’t hold your breath ,

  • Alan Gatenby

    Currently in the middle of the north sea on a home made raft

  • ToonMag1892

    Jezza_NUFC yeh waiting for SSN HQ to break the horriable new that we have lost out on another player

  • ToonMag1892

    Blackandwhiteblood totally agree 110% but we are talking about newcastle united i have been a fan since i saw malcome macdonald play his final seasson as a black and white and through the tough times in the 80’s then the KK era………………. but these the managment up there would find it hard to sell our club to any one and Mr LC could not even sell Oil back to the arabs

  • Simon Sharp

    The only time I could imagine Lee Charnley acting in a dynamic fashion would be five minutes before Greggs shuts.

  • Paul White

    Harry Hill’s true identity is Lee Charnley and there’s only one way to sort it out between Newcastle and Everton…fight!