I scratch my head as I hear some Newcastle fans celebrating the fact that Yohan Cabaye won’t be making a return to Tyneside.

I can understand their reaction, up to a point, when it comes to the hassle that went on when he wanted his move away back in August 2013.

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However, Cabaye did point the finger at Joe Kinnear regarding alleged broken promises that had been made and I think I know who I would believe out of the pair of them…

What I do fail to comprehend is when supporters doubt whether he would improve Newcastle’s team, as well as getting hot and bothered about ‘paying £10m for a 29 year old’.

In 76 Premier League starts for Newcastle, Yohan Cabaye scored 13 goals and made another 13. Meaning on average, he scored or made a goal in one of every three matches.

More than that though he made the team tick, always available for the ball and he is the playmaker who has never been replaced.

If anybody doubted Cabaye’s influence, you only have to look at what happened in that second half of the 2013/14 season once he left.

At 29 he is at his peak and with a place for France to fight for in next summer’s Euros, he will be busting a gut at club level to make sure of his international place.

The Chronicle claim that Yohan Cabaye has been offered to Newcastle this summer but Mike Ashley wasn’t interested.

Now it looks as though he is on the verge of joining Alan Pardew at Crystal Palace, just how sick will that make you feel, unless by some miracle Newcastle sign somebody anywhere close to Cabaye’s standard this summer?

Jack Colback is steady enough but a grafter with little inspiration, whilst anybody who thinks Vurnon Anita is in any way capable of filling Cabaye’s boots needs to give themselves a shake.

yohan cabaye

Siem de Jong was touted as a replacement for Cabaye, albeit as a different type of player.

No reason why the two of them couldn’t play in the same team and that looks a very enticing proposition from where I’m sitting, if te Dutchman can ever stay fit…

Yohan Cabaye wouldn’t be good business for Mike Ashley and Newcastle United, he would be GREAT business.

  • Kazie23

    I would take him back

  • Stemcoman

    Crystal Palace isn’t to far from Arsenal where his best mate is so I guess that’s it.

  • Geordie Zebra

    Hear hear. Makes me laugh when supporters quibble about the reported fee or resale value.
    Surely it’s all about improving our squad and more importantly first team and the dream boat certainly does that. Let’s not all become accountants or justify FCB’s penny pinching and focus on football. HWTL.

  • ilovemymonkey

    The guy refused to play to force through a move to PSG…Sorry but I don’t want him back, we need players who want to play for the club and who won’t refuse to play once a bigger club comes sniffing around.

  • Porciestreet

    ilovemymonkey But he did want to play for the club. Broken promises are never good for business and probably best if not made in the first place.

  • Porciestreet

    Certainly have him back B4 Caroll.

  • 50trevor

    !00% would have him back we haven’t had anybody capable of taking a free kick since he left. Come on  NUFC spend some money.

  • Mal44

    He would be a great signing and a snip at the price. Quality which has never been replaced.

  • DZA187

    I would love him back, great player. Once again, Palace will be finishing above Newcastle if they pull of signing Cabaye.

  • Wallsendstu

    I am on the fence with this one. Loved him when he was here, disgusted at the way he went on to get a move. Unlike Remy who is happy to sit on Chelsea’s bench and let others win things for him as long as he builds his bank balance I dont see Cabaye in the same way I honestly think that he expected more playing time at PSG. With the Euro’s in France next year I can understand him wanting to play. A season long loan with an option to buy may be the way out, he will at least give the forwards(if we get any) the ammunition they have missed since he went.

  • v0ices

    Geordie Zebra it shows you how many are still falling for ashleys chronicle supported propagander.

  • toonterrier

    How many stepping stones does the greedy git want. He couldn’t wait to get away and now you want him back. His name should never be mentioned on this site but then if you believe the fat man will pay his wages then get your heads out of the clouds. More chance of Amadonki coming back.

  • AndrewGrice

    Surely if we got him for 10mill we would be near breaking even from when we sold him in the first place, not inclueding wages like. I loved him peronally and was wounded when he left. Id love him back.

  • Paul Patterson

    Well, if it comes to pass, Palace will have Cabaye and Krul.

  • Paul Patterson

    £10m would be a snip for a player of his quality and thats the point- QUALITY.
    He’s a big step up from Sissoko, so he improves the squad.
    He’ll play 20 more games than De Jong did last season and score more goals so he improves the team.
    Even if he leaves for nothing 2-3 years later we would still have made £10m. PROFIT!!
    I take on board the fact he wanted to leave but this one is a no brainer.

  • Andgeo

    Well apparently lee charnley is holding a board meeting to discuss transfer plans. Do they still not know what they are doing? Or are they finding that the £25m allowance that the fat scum is letting them use is completely inadequate for the job that needs to be done? What a calamity. Ashley out!!!

  • hettonmag

    Don’t often disagree with your posts Dean, but on this post I do, here is a player who hasn’t  played regular football  for the past year he was, in the world cup the game just passed him by. When  he was here he came across to me as a chicken hearted footballer, when things weren’t going his way he was always looking to the bench to come off. Sorry mate but it would be a backward step for me.

  • Andgeo

    I take your point but signing cabaye would be better than signing some nobody of the calibre of gouffran/Williamson. Your election suggests that you hope for bigger and better things, but do you really think that ashley has any ambition to sign a player better than cabaye? If they only have £25m to spend, they can’t afford to buy cabaye, that is the truth. We only have enough for a striker and a centre back. What a joke!!! Ashley out!!

  • Hez

    Don’t get people who wouldn’t take him back or call him greedy etc. If I was him and a better club who had ambition and wanted to win things were going to double my wages and pay me a 3 million or so signing on fee, offering champions league football etc I would go and defs sulk if I wasn’t aloud too! the only other option was stay at a club going no where but downwards and backwards. Footballers have short careers and few chances for silverware

  • Hez

    ilovemymonkey  ALL players want to move when bigger clubs come calling, even the biggest teams can’t keep some players, Liverpool lost Saurez etc.

  • zemtex

    Best player we’ve had in a decade

  • ToonTone100

    Cabaye is class … itching to succeed and knows what to expect at NUFC. He would be great business & is exactly the type of player we need if MA is serious about his claim to want to “win something”.

  • Big Al 1967

    Is he better than our current midfield line up? Without a shadow of a doubt EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Should be a no brainer to have him back but like Charlie Austin will not happen. FCB out

  • 1957

    Is he better than what we had last season, yes would I have him back, no.
    Forget all of the Joe Kinnear went back on his promise reports this is a man contracted to NUFC who refused to play for the club because we wouldn’t sell him to Arsenal for just over half of what we eventually sold him for and presumably wanted at that time. He simply wanted to move on, he did but wasn’t as good as he thought he was and his career has taken a dip. Now he needs a platform to ensure he gets into the France squad for the next Euro’s and after that… presumably he will need to play for a Champions League team again.