The fine details of a ‘Monster’ contract Newcastle are claimed to have offered to Aleksandar Mitrovic have been made public by the Belgian Media.

The offer to both Anderlecht and the striker will supposedly see Mitrovic at last become a Newcastle United player, unless the likes of Roma, Porto, or Benfica match the terms…

Having been left out of the last two friendlies in anticipation of his imminent transfer (somewhere..), Mitrovic will also miss the glamour friendly tomorrow against Lazio – the league season kicking off the following Sunday against Waasland Beveren.

Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad report that both clubs are now fed up with the delay, which I think we can all relate to.

They go on to say that the father and brother of Aleksandar Mitrovic, accompanied by their lawyer, met Anderlecht General Manager, Herman Van Holsbeeck to discuss the player’s departure and to see if there had been contact from any other club…

According to their information, Het Nieuwsblad have revealed the following contract details offered by Newcastle United:

Anderlecht will receive 16.5m euros (£11.5m) plus bonuses if Mitrovic reaches certain landmarks.

Of that 16.5m euros, Partizan Belgrade will receive 2.3m euros (£1.6m), which is their 20% sell-on clause agreed when Anderlecht paid them 5m euros for the striker.

Anderlecht will also receive 5% of any subsequent sale of Mitrovic by Newcastle.


Mitrovic would receive 2.4m euros (£1.7m basic pay – £33,000 a week)

Elsewhere in the Belgian media, it is also reported that there will be big performance related bonuses to clinch the deal on top of his basic wage.

Mitrovic will be paid 23,500 euros (£16,000) for each Newcastle win and 11,700 euros (£8,000) for each draw.

Based on last season’s Premier League results (10 wins, 9 draws), that would have seen Mitrovic receive approximately an extra £232,000, adding on average £5,000 to his weekly pay.

  • Hez

    And yesterday we were signing Charlie Austin, can’t wait for the window to end to put a stop to journalists with sensational stories to boost website hits, getting a bit boring

  • Les Higgins

    Why can’t the media just shut the hell up and let the parties all get on with it?? So sick and fed up of “stories” about what’s involved and who’s paying what …….and why ? , because there’s nothing else to write about!!

  • badgertoon

    Bargain even with bonus add ons he will bring much needed quality and will probably be snapped up by one of the PL big guns in the next few years for a tidy profit! Hopefully not as he helps catapult us into the top 6!

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    Seems all it took to push it forward was us threatening to sign Austin . I really hope this is true, because Mitrovic will be a real handful. Central defenders next and possibly a winger. The derby can’t happen quickly enough for me – time to put the record straight. I’d still take Austin like, but now defenders will be targeted and not a second before time either. Howay the lads!!!

  • Bishbosh11

    Hez  I agree! Except it’s not a BIT boring. It’s VERY VERY boring!

  • brent_dog

    How is that a `monster` wage offer? It might be for the Belgian league, but by prem standards that is lowballing things…

  • foggy

    If we don’t sign two new centre backs NITRO-VIC (mitrovic) won’t be earning much in the way of bonus’s as we’ll lose more games then we win.
    I’d like to see Nitrovic in a black n white shirt as he’s pretty explosive lol.


  • mrkgw

    Hopefully, this will signal a shift to bigger and better things for us over coming months/years. We have had our fair share of footballing pain in recent seasons – time that someone else took their turn.

  • 1957

    So we offer what Anderlecht want, offer him a package he appears to be happy with and his father and brother are checking to see what other offers are about. He would rather be somewhere else, let’s just forget about him and stop waiting around and find someone who wants to play for us.
    If he signs there will be press stories about him wanting a move this time next year, we need good players brought in who stay for 3+ years andbuild a team around them

  • shrrnnn

    Forget about this kid, all he wants is glory, even if its from the bench, 1st team football isn’t his thing

  • GlazedGaming

    I really don’t want this guy anymore.

  • v0ices

    Looks like he put the salary package details out there as a come and get me, look will work cheap anywhere but newcastle please.

  • v0ices

    badgertoon yay ashely has the chance to profit off him exactly why he wants him and not austin.

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Also get in rickie lambert on a 2 year deal

  • Jimmywayhay

    To many Loic Remy similaralites for me ,before he joine QPR , Hope I am wrong and we also get Austin and some class defenders in !

  • ArtyH

    Just MHO, IF he signs, he has NO EPL experience so could suffer like Cabella and other imports. I would be happier if we signed Austin for £15m and if he was with us for a couple of years and moved on for a profit we all win.

  • v0ices

    ArtyH Totally agree about no EPL experience and Austin being a better singing but the only winner when a player is sold is Ashley (apart from Obertan we would al be winners if we never had to see him play again).

  • dondafis

    12 months ago Austin had no premier league experience either.
    Mitrovic does have champions league experience

  • v0ices

    dondafis 12 months ago Austin would not have been valued at 15 million.  I cant help but feel this summers purchases have been very much made with a eye to sell on value and history shows that the profits made have not been reinvested. More worryingly still no CB.

  • RichMilburn

    Apparently the Belgian Press are honest and print articles to give their buyers true and honest information and Het Nieuwsblad is a shining example of that. Of course they don’t print nonsense to sell papers and get hits on their website like the dirty British press.

  • Duke Fame

    v0ices dondafis Jeez, so do you want us to have an Viduka, Owen, Kluivert which is guaranteed no sell on? Come off it, this attitude almost took NUFC out you are letting your prejudices on Ashley cloud your thinking to come up with rather imbecilic posts which in the cold light of day reflect badly on your level of intellect.

  • Duke Fame

    v0ices really just go away,you know nowt.

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    v0ices what are you on about? You’ve let your obsession with Ashley [email protected] your head. What’s happening is GOOD for Newcastle Remember Newcastle? Team you’re supposed to support? Even if we signed nobody else, it would be the best window in years, but more are coming. I hate what Ashley’s done, but seriously, look at the evidence. Forget him mate, enjoy the signings, look forwards, not back. You’ll make yourself ill.

  • v0ices

    Duke Fame v0ices i know we need two CB and a LB  but we went out and bought a central midfielder and a striker (much needed)  with a questionable temperament.  When a more proven player is available for a similar fee the main difference being that the midfielder and striker are both players with a potential higher sell on fee. If they go out and sign two starting CB and a LB then I will be happy for you to tell me I know nowt until then shut it puppet. Comparing Austin to Viduka is comical lets not forget all of the signings made in the Ashley era with no or almost  no sell on value its half the first team squad.

  • v0ices

    Blackandwhiteblood v0ices If you check my posts was delighted with the Wijnaldum signing and I think hes a player who could play in one of the top teams given time to adapt. MItrovic just seems to not want to be here which brings a big question mark over his commitment although he does look a talented player.

  • Duke Fame

    v0ices I’m certainly not comparing Austin to Viduka, I’m saying that having players that are potentially valuable is a good strategy, I get the impression you think it’s [insert cliched description  here] Ashley trying to make money. Personally, I don’t mind owners making money as long as the team are improving . 

    Austin would be great but there is clearly an issue with appetite with him (or moreover his good lady) and the geographical location is an issue. Remember we did try to buy him from Burnley as well. I think the club have been decisive with their moves, we could have waited for Austin and lost Mitrovic & ended up losing both as we did last year when waiting for Loic Remy.

    BTW, I know Viduka was signed by Allerdice, I think some of those buys are what convinced him that he could not trust ‘football men’. 

    I think we need one centre half not two, Including Dummett, I think we can get a good pairing from a new signing and Saylor, Dummett, Lacalles and whoever remains from Collo & Willliamson As for left back, I rate Hairdrier and want him to have a real good run this season. 

    You are not stupid but some of your myopic rants are getting draining. Claiming whatever is done by NUFC is wrong makes your argument look a little childish and silly.

  • Duke Fame

    v0ices Blackandwhiteblood But what does that say about Austin? exactly the same applies.

  • Duke Fame

    brent_dog right, so we should pay him more? Perhaps season ticket prices should go up a couple of quid to cover it.

  • v0ices

    Duke Fame v0ices Blackandwhiteblood The main difference as I see it is that no acceptable offer has been made for Austin all this talk of wont move is just rumors unless a acceptable offer is made. Looking forward to at least 1 cb comming soon.

  • Duke Fame

    v0ices Duke Fame Blackandwhiteblood I think you have a point on Austin although perhaps a little naive. I think it’s clear now that the likes of Chelsea are not interested so the South East options seem to be West Ham, Saints and Spurs. All of those three would be attractive options alongside us. Given an alleged aversion to anything North of London, you can’t blame United for looking elsewhere.

  • v0ices

    Duke Fame v0ices Blackandwhiteblood You see it one way I see it another all we know is no satisfactory offer has been made for Austin the reasons behind that we will probably never know, lets just hope for some defensive recruits.


    dondafis surely austin would be a better buy, i would rather have a player with 12 months than one with none,  as for mitrovic having (very little)champions league experience is just irrelevant we wont be playing champions league for at least 5years, and if we dont sign any defenders hel be getting championship experience,