There have been countless reports recently where Newcastle players have been quoted, saying that they are really enjoying Steve McClaren’s coaching system.

However, is there a covert attack on Alan Pardew hidden in these interviews?

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First up we have Steven Taylor.

Saying in an interview with the Chronicle,

“It used to be old school like ‘run, run, run’ – but now it has been different and all of the lads have bought into it.¨

Whilst you could argue whether or not this is an actual attack on Alan Pardew’s training sessions, it does show that his training sessions were archaic and out of date.

This style of training should come as no surprise when we remember the brand of football that was served up under Pardew and Carver. I believe that this is an attack on Pardew’s brand of training, Taylor trying to get across to the supporters that the old coaching method was a negative.

The second example comes from Yoan Gouffran, who claims that he is enjoying the passing style that McClaren is trying to implement on Tyneside. Speaking to the Club’s official website, the French forward said:

“It’s different (life under Steve McClaren) but good, they (coaching staff) want to play well and want us to show good things all the time.

“He (McClaren) wants us to pass the ball and that will suit the players we have. It is a very good idea.”

I think this one is a cunning attack on Pardew largely because of the final line “He (McClaren) wants us to pass the ball and that will suit the players we have. It is a very good idea.”

What Gouffran is saying to me here is that Pardew was NOT playing a style of football that suited the players we had (something everyone knew).

Gouffran was slated for his performances last season, so it would make sense for him to have some kind of explanation for that and this seems to be it.

It seems from this series of interviews/quotes that there is a coordinated attack from Newcastle players, taking covert swipes at Alan Pardew’s coaching methods.

Maybe this change of coaching will be like a breath of fresh air for the Newcastle players and will allow them to play with more flair and confidence, let’s hope so…

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  • Alsteads

    If this is indeed the case (I don’t think it is) then everyone of those players should hang their heads in shame for not having the character to rectify the situation. They had not one but two chances to do that when John ‘I’m a geordie you know’ Carver took over from Pardew and they chose not too. I’m not talking about a mutiny, I’m talking about players taking responsibility and there were too many happy to hide. If I where these players Id be too embarrassed to be making comments before we’ve even kicked a ball this season. (certainly Goofy!) They have a lot of making up to do still in my eyes. To even begin to rectify last season these players need to improve their game, effort, desire, commitment and responsibility another 40 to 50%. I doubt they have even 5 to 10% in them.
    Go on prove me wrong!

  • NicholasDryden

    I very much believe this is absolutely the case. Pardew always played his favouites regardless of form but even the likes of Ba, Colo and others openly questioned Pardew’s route 1 containing tactics where ”pass and move” simply didn’t exist.

  • Paul Patterson

    You know it’s strange.
    Some of the players we have, have shown in the past that they can be good players, yet once they have a bad spell, some fans write them off as no good.
    Krul, Cisse, Sissoko, Colo etc. have all been put in the ‘ship out and sell bracket’ due to some poor performances over the last season or more, yet we have seen some good performances in the past.
    Remember performances against Man Utd away, Spurs away, West Ham away, in what was regarded as a poor season (12-13).
    Spurs away, Liverpool at home, Chelsea at home, Everton at home last season in what was abject torture.
    Games I saw and was honestly happy coming away from wherever I was watching the match.
    I think some of these players have more to give, but were hampered by Alan Pardews style somewhat.
    Some however, are genuine duck eggs . .

  • brent_dog

    Paul Patterson Agree with you on Krul and Sissoko, but I think age has caught up with Colo. He’s never been the most physical of defenders (putting it mildly!) but nowadays he’s like a twelve year old trying to barge Didier Drogba off the ball when he competes for the ball. I don’t think any amount of coaching or change in playing style can change something so fundamental.

    As for Cisse, he clearly has more to offer, particularly if he puts himself about a bit more and gets involved in passing moves etc. like he allegedly did against Atlas, but at 30 is it time to cash in on him? Couple more years and we’ll wind up letting him go for a free…

  • SeanLynch

    Paul Patterson

    Personally of the players you’ve mentioned, the only 1 I want to see exit is Colo and I’ll give a reason why, rather than just name him.

    For the past 2 seasons, our captain has demonstrated 0 captaining skills.
    He is never heard shouting on the pitch,
    He never appears to be able to organise the defence,
    He has only just began speaking to the press on behalf of the team he’s supposed to captain,
    His positional sense grows worse game the game,
    He is supposed to lead by example but plays out of position constantly and fails at his main job often in every match,
    Since having his head turned by his father and trying to engineer a route back home to San Lorenzo he has quite possibly had 1 outstanding moth performances,
    Finally he’s the central figure in a defence which has shipped an average or 63 goals per season.

    Personal opinion, not only does Colo not deserve to captain the side, he no longer plays for Newcastle United, he just turns up on match days and pretends to.

  • Deluded

    Paul Patterson How many times can you live on past performances? You’re basically saying it doesn’t matter if they’ve been lethargic and not bothered for the last couple years because they turned up three – four times against good teams? Sorry but that doesn’t wash with us supporters like.

    If anything just proves they don’t want to be here by playing well in bigger games which they might get recognised for. Those players you listed don’t really perform against clubs around and below us, including derbies. Colo ducks them all the time. Except for Krul, the rest have hearts the size of a pea. I wouldn’t blame Krul for leaving as he’s been here 10 years and has never really had a decent defence in front of him.

  • toon tony

    As much as I didn’t like Pardew, I think these comments are more likely the players don’t want to rock the boat with the new boss. If the players did have an issue with Pardew then why would Cabaye sign for him at Palace. ?

  • kuromori

    I think there’s a danger of reading too much into players’ throwaway comments. I recall when KK returned he said that while we wouldn’t be the best squad, we’d be the fittest, and there was a lot of run, run, run. Coaching styles differ. Some emphasise fitness and physicality, some work on tactics and set plays, others encourage flair and risk-taking.
    Pardew deserves flack but I fear this is stretching things a bit too far.

  • DownUnderMag

    They are hardly going to say he’s shite if they want a game under him are they?!?!?

  • NicholasDryden

    Toon Tony probably 100K a week and CP being the only London club interested

  • BaldEagle10

    Please just try to get past the Pardew era. You need to move on. It’s ridiculous and getting slightly creepy now. Wondering if you lay there awake at night trying to find any reference which puts Pardew down on the internet. Any slight thing which may help with your weird fixation on Pardew. Just move on… Support your club. Support your new manager. Forget the past. I know your desperate to put Pardew down wherever you can. You need to think of other things now. Pardew has gone….

  • Demented_Man

    I wonder if Gouffran has read the poem ‘The Vicar of Bray’?

  • Paul Patterson


  • Paul Patterson

    Couldn’t argue with that.

  • 1957

    You always get this from players when they get a new coach/manager, but in this case it’s not inconceivable that some players do feel happier.
    Most of the players if rumours are true were bought on the recommendation of Carr and they weren’t Pardew’s first choices because they didn’t fit with the style of play he wanted to use. Players such as Perez for example must be relieved that the ball will be kept on the floor rather than him having to compete with two 6 foot plus centre halves in the air, he might actually be better than we think in a passing team. Pardew had a system that relied on a physical centre forward, Carroll, Shola or Ba and Carver perpetuated it in his disastrous tenure. Cabaye was the exception during this time, but even so a high proportion of our balls to forwards came from deep often from the boot of Williamson we rarely crossed from wide advanced positions.
    It is a case of horses for courses, some players prefer direct play some a more technical pass and move system as used by Keegan and Sir Bob, I never enjoyed watching Pardew teams so if McClaren changes things I’m not complaining

  • NicholasDryden

    Bald eagle before you start lecturing people, do take a look at the title of this thead. Honestly I’m sure you must wear a label saying ”can cause drowsiness.” I do support the new manager because he seems to be addressing a lot of things the previous incumbents didn’t.

  • Wallsendstu

    For hells sake can we forget about Pardew. Why do some insist on bringing him and Carver up at every opportunity. Let us move on and stop massaging his gigantic ego by wasting time on him.

  • BaldEagle10

    NicholasDryden Okay dokes. Nice one Nick! Yep, you made a lot of sense there. Good luck with trying to forget. Hope you don’t lose too much sleep.

  • potski

    They chose not to come out and say openly to the geordie public, that the geordie coach who had served under a geordie legend, who all the media said should be given the chance as he “understands the area”, was actually a useless cretin, who knew nothing about football.
    Have you ever tried telling the senior managers where you work that your boss (who they appointed) is useless?

  • Alsteads

    potski Thats not really an excuse fella. They knew enough of Carver coaching under Pardew for at least ONE of them to say errr “excuse me Mr Ashley….you may want to rethink this one. Feedback from the dressing room is this is a disaster waiting to happen”. I’m actually a manager at a tier 1 contractor and its the way you operate. If someone isn’t any good at the role they’ve been put it you find them another role or if they are so incompetent you move them on. Its part of the job/responsibility and I’d like to think the same applies to captains, vice captains and senior players. If not what the hell are they doing in that role/club?

  • potski

    Got no problem that managers should move people on who are no good, and I’ve been happy to admit that I appointed some wronguns and have sacked them. But getting the people above you to sack your own boss? The outcome of that is more likely you get sacked not your boss.
    I like the idea that you have that the players can just pop-in and have a quiet word with Mike Ashley. Does he have an office at Benton or frequently even visit them? Maybe they can just send him a private message on Facebook, lol.

  • Mal44

    I wouldn’t take any notice of what Steven Taylor says. If I recall he thought Pardew was the best thing since sliced bread and he thought Carver should have got the job. He just toes the party line all the time. Having said that I’m sure the players are enjoying the new set up as the previous coaching and tactics were woeful.

  • Phildene

    toon tony God knows-perhaps cabbies an idiot, which I doubt, but think it’s more the fact he’s using the club to get back into playing in the EPL and Pards came beckoning. I must admit we were really surprised Cabaye made that move and it was unfortunate his French manager didn’t like him.

    i also believe the players DO like the new way of playing and coaching as they’ve all got smiles on their faces now when training. 

    Pardew was and is an awful manager, totally inept and if he didn’t know how to use a player he literally cast him aside-Mibiwa for instance………Pardew hasn’t got a clue and only know barely the basics, but hasn’t an ounce of man management at all-he’s proved it. Carvers even worse than that.

  • desree

    The Mag – footballs version of OK magazine.
    I’m expecting to see the following soon
    “we reveal Mike Ashleys cellulite”
    “he left me for another club – Lee Charnley tells how club Rat Alan Pardew left him with 23 babies and almost had the club relegated”
    EXCLUSIVE – Photo shoot “Steven Yaylor invites us to his new home with latest lover Steve MCLaren
    Shocking pictures “john carver, the best coach in the PL, jobless and found drunk outside Pardews house begging for a job”

  • Andgeo

    Pardews shyte and gouffran is shyte too. Interesting to see pardew hasn’t come in for his two favourite players yet!!!

  • Andgeo

    He’s a kiss ass, always has been.

  • Andgeo

    Pardew was horrendous .

  • Andgeo

    Is that going to help him to not give away possession in dangerous areas?

  • Hez

    The Mag writing about their favourite thing again, having a pop at Pardew. To fall for the club propaganda about him time and time again is embarrassing, are the writers like a jilted lover? “I hate him but I love him the b……”. Are we going to subjected to the latest Pardew news throughout the rest of time, if Palace drop a point a stingy article about Pardew’s failure. It’s got to the point where other fans sign up to the fanzine just to laugh as us, give it up

  • 1957

    Or the best coach in the Premier League and his door holding assistant, Stoney.