Former Sunderland player James McClean has taken Newcastle fan Aaron Sean Dalton to court.

The 28 year old pleaded guilty to causing damage to the former Sunderland player’s black Maserati VRM.

Aaron Sean Dalton from Londonderry, pleaded guilty in the city’s magistrates’ court to causing £945 worth of damage to the car, incident taking place outside McClean’s family home on January 10.

Dalton also pleaded guilty to assaulting McClean’s father Patrick, who was looking after his son’s car, on the same date.

The District Judge was told that when McClean (senior) challenged Dalton about damaging his son’s car, Dalton ran at him and threw a punch, though Mr McClean senior sustained no injuries in the incident.

The Judge ordered Dalton, who wore a Newcastle United shirt to the court hearing, to pay James McClean (now playing for West Brom) compensation of £500 at the rate of £10 per fortnight.

  • Budweizer

    I’m black and white through and through, but this is just petty. This guy sounds like a complete chav. Make him pay the full £945 I say.

  • Bearsize


  • grahame49

    McLean courts trouble, playing for a English club and then turning his back on the English flag when the national anthem is played no Irish player did in our recent friendly. McLean choose a Irish passport rather than UK one. If members of political party’s who had the same opinions as he has kept today northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland wouldn’t be as safe as they or today. Mr McLean should never forget if he wants to, alas forgive and learn respect

  • Demented_Man

    grahame49 I don’t see how that justifies his car being damaged and his father threatened.

    He’s entitled to an Irish passport. It was part of the Good Friday agreement.

  • Porciestreet

    grahame49 What does he know about respect, He played for the 5h!te……….!

  • Porciestreet

    Budweizer Agreed..

  • Wallwalker

    Heard his Maserati is pretty fast.

  • Jievo

    God these comments are depressing. McClean is a guy who did a job playing for the lot down the road, he’s entitled to his nationality and political leanings, he ain’t hurting anybody. Attacking his property and family is not just petty, unnecessary, and bewildering – it’s insane. It’s the kind of behaviour that makes people think of toon fans (and football fans) as total scum and with good reason. This guy has gotten off f***ing lightly.

  • Artie Fufkin

    Budweizer Too right, stick an idiot in any shirt, he’s still an idiot. £945 should be the minimum fine there.