Steve McClaren has revealed that Fabricio Coloccini has a problem with his Achilles and will almost certainly miss the final leg of the USA tour against Portland Timbers on Tuesday night.

The Newcastle Captain has already missed the games against Gateshead, Club Atlas and Sacramento Republic.

So far Jamaal Lascelles, Lubomir Satka, Mike Williamson, Curtis Good and Steven Taylor have all featured at centre-back in the three friendlies so far.

However, the defence has looked anything but steady, with predictably Daryl Janmaat the only one to look totally assured across the whole back four.

McClaren says that Coloccini has been able to train but apparently they haven’t wanted/being able to risk him in a match situation and due to Portland Timbers having an artificial surface, you would imaging that this will all but guarantee that the Argentine defender returns to England with no game time as yet.

On the squad’s return, there are three more friendlies against Sheffield United, York City and Borussia Monchengladbach.

Many fans would like to see United bring in two quality centre-backs but realistically we will get one at the most.

At his best, Coloccini is the one Newcastle central defender with real star quality, so it is worrying that his first possible chance of a game will be only two weeks before the season kicks off.

Steve McClaren:

“It’s an Achilles problem and we have got to take care.

“He is 33 years old and he is getting a day’s training in, but he’s not played as yet.”

Chance for Steven Taylor…:

“I think it will also be difficult in Portland because of the artificial surface.

“It just gives a chance for Jamaal Lascelles to play and Steven Taylor to also come back.”

  • RaySte

    Hopefully this will force them to sign a defender

  • amacdee

    Saylor and Willo ? I’m getting that warm feeling all over again, probably due to wetting myself at the thought of them as the central pairing for 38 games next season ?

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    We’ll have defenders in place before the window closes. Does anybody seriously  think Macca, Simpson and Catcho would talk about a good season ahead if willo was going to be there? They’ve got plans and the early signs are good. They can’t do it all at once, it takes time. The better the player, the more drawn out the negotiations – birthday cake and other priorities! LVG paid twice the price for Depay and he came second to Wijnaldum for Dutch player of the season. There’s no negative side to any of the players we’ve signed – or will sign. We’re changing, as shocking as that is and we’re moving forward and upwards. You can either join us, or be left behind to deal with your Ashley issues, bitter and twisted. Don’t let him rule your life. This is all good for NUFC and ultimately that’s all that matters, regardless of Ashley. It’s been horrible for years, so why not enjoy this huge change? Nobody need believe Ashley – who would? – but Macca has no reason to lie and the evidence of change is overwhelming.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Blackandwhiteblood I truely hope that we will but Fatmans past history weighs heavily against it. One thing tho, do you really think that the signings of 2 players constitues a huge change?
    If so do you actually think that the Fatman will keep his cheque book open until the end of the transfer window? That TV interview certainly convinced you didn’t it?
    I have my doubts bonny lad but fingers crossed and here’s hoping

  • Prateek Thammineni

    3 injuries and counting…

  • 1957

    These two signings do show a change in mentality, the two signings (if Mitrovic doesnt get a better offer before lunchtime) are ones who are well thought of in Europe that we have paid the going rate for. In the past we would have been interested but would have pulled back because they were above our valuation of them. In addition they seem to be players McClaren wants.
    There are reasons to be optimistic apart from the signings, the coaching staff are calm and measured as opposed to arrogant ranting bullies and the football club seems to have forward plan under McClaren, no longer it seems are the head coach and chief scout on different pages when it comes to players.
    Add one or two defenders and the club will have started to regain credibility with most supporters


    i was really hoping we were gonna get rid of collo a long with alot of others  he isnt the player he was.   he makes schoolboy errors and was the captain what sort of leadership did he have to offer last season i really hoping  he was gona  f””k off to palace

  • delashio

    Whats the point of getting rid of him? You buy a better player for that position and he drops down the pecking order giving better depth. Its called strenghtening the squad. Just buying another player and selling him means with 1 injury we are back to square one but by keeping him it means what is now our second choice is what was our first choice last season. Surely that is not too hard to understand is it?

  • delashio

    Spot on mate. Some people just love to moan and feel hard done by. I dont even care if the net spend is a minus number as long as the squad is stronger but most people always just look at the money spent rather than the quality and the shrewd business done in a transfer window.

  • delashio

    To be fair most players are overpriced and thats why they refuse to meet a clubs valuation. These two on the other hand seem good value for money given their quality so proceed to buy them.

  • delashio

    I doubt they need to be forced into that as they will already know the defence needs strengthened this window.