The Aleksandar Mitrovic saga continues but could be close to a conclusion, with the Belgian media carrying several Newcastle claims (clues?) today.

Whether or not Newcastle eventually land the striker remains to be seen, but it does look a definite that Newcastle are trying to bring him to the Premier League.

The latest quotes on the ongoing ‘transfer’ from Friday, seeing the following from both Mirovic and his father:

Ivica Mitrovic (the player’s father)

“Yes Newcastle is an option but we are still waiting for another club.”

Aleksandar Mitrovic (When asked about which club he is joining, speaking from Anderlecht’s training camp in Tegelen in Holland)

“What do you want me to say, I’m still here.”

Roma were originally claimed to be the player’s first choice but with no move from them, it was then reported that Mitrovic senior had engaged ‘super’ agent Pini Zahavi to negotiate a deal with another club who could offer Champions League football, with FC Porto said to be the new club favoured by the striker.

All the while, the Belgian media have claimed that an offer from Newcastle is lying there on the table, in the hope that the player will drop his search for Champions League football and give Tyneside a shot.

This morning photos (see below) appeared in Belgian newspapers which claimed to show the brother of Aleksandar Mitrovic on a visit to St James Park to check out the club.


This was then followed by news that the striker was sitting out Anderlecht’s friendly with Istanbul Basaksehir which kicked off earlier this afternoon. Mitrovic reported to have been left out with a transfer to Newcastle imminent, allegedly.


A third strand saw Imoh Ezekiel join Anderlecht on a season long loan yesterday from Al-Arabi.

The 21 year old Nigerian striker having been a success at Standard Liege before moving for over £6m last season to Qatar, and now returning (at least in the short-term)to play in Belgium as possibly Mitrovic’ replacement.

Wherever Aleksandar Mitrovic eventually ends up, this is truly a modern day pain of how so many transfers are conducted in public over an extended time.

  • ArtyH

    So many balls in the air at this time, seems like everything is happening at once now. Have to say the signing of Gini is a great start. So where to from here? Hope Mitrovic is not a replacement for Cisse, unless we sign Austin also, that would be a real show of intent by the club. Then all we need to do is get one or hopefully 2 CB’s and most fans including me would be very happy. My best hope is we sell Colo to Palace and sign a replacement. Then offer Williamson and Gooffy/ Riviere + £10m for Austin. This exchange would help both clubs IMHO as we need a striker and QPR need PL players to get promotion at the first attempt. Just a thought……….

  • wor monga

    ArtyH     Not a bad one at that…if they’d take them, that is!

  • wor monga

    We’ve got him…Porto haven’t got the money to compete, Roma
    want Dzeko…Man C will be happy to move Dzeko on with any credible bid…

    …so why
    does anyone send their family to go looking around the changing rooms at SJP unless
    that’s where you’ll be ‘hanging your hat up’ next season?

  • Blackandwhiteblood

    I don’t think we can hold it against a player for wanting CL football – don’t we all? If that falls through, then he’ll be more than welcome as our new striker imo. These things take time, but as Gini proves, the wait has been worth it. At least at the Toon he’ll get a minimum of 38 testing games – far more than he’d likely get at some CL clubs. Failing that, Austin would be a decent second choice. The quality of players we’re chasing is a massive step up from the usual quick signings we go for, so they have more options obviously. Give Macca the time he asks for please.

  • 1957

    The one thing that stands out is the club are trying to get him. If he chooses to go somewhere else ok, but let’s try to put an end to the endless bogus bid propaganda that appears on the site all the time.

  • ArtyH

    Blackandwhiteblood  It looks encouraging by virtue of the class of player we are supposed to be interested in but getting them over the line is the big concern. With the media claiming a ” war chest ” of £40m this is a lever for the selling club to up the price, just what we do not want. However lets hope this is an end to the bargain bin shopping list and go for quality players, will pay off in the long run. Just praying the players mentioned can be in black and white shirts next season. However I do not think who comes in will have a lot to do with what McClaren has suggested, more what the board/Ashley wants. Shame if that is the case, as you could only judge the coach/manager on HIS side and not what is pushed on him.

  • alreet

    The allure of the champs league was too much for some but in portugal will he be tested or play against reasonable opposition.
    Come to us fella and see the roar of the prem in full flow.

  • DownUnderMag

    wor monga i’m sure we’re an option, but there’s a few factors at play so he may wish to go elsewhere yet, but he will still want opinions from family etc.  I’m still hoping Cisse will be move on and Austin and Mitrovic form our new forward line next season…i’d keep Cisse but would prefer to sell him now than lose him on a free.