Charlie Austin will be currently packing his bags and then heading off to Heathrow.

However, he will be flying off to Italy this Thursday afternoon with the rest of QPR’s squad.

Chris Ramsay has this morning named the 24 players who will go for the pre season preparations and names Charlie Austin as one of those getting on the plane.

As we reported earlier, it is a similar case with Georginio Wijnaldum.

Yesterday brought widespread claims that the PSV midfielder was on his way to Tyneside today to complete a move after ‘Dynamic’ Lee Charnley had done the business in Eindhoven. Only for PSV’s website to confirm instead that their Captain is off to the Alps today with the Dutch club.

It seems a long long four weeks since Newcastle United’s preferred media partner The Mirror announced that Charlie Austin was a ‘done deal’ and would definitely sign for NUFC by mid-June, with Saido Berahino to follow shortly after.

Yes 28 days ago, we were led to believe that everything was going to change, with the club stating to their chosen journalist that these players were signing.

The optimists amongst us chose to believe the press stories of a deal being sorted with Charlie Austin once he got married, or was it after his honeymoon.

One writer on The Mag even came up with the theory that the delays on signing players were due to Mike Ashley wanting them to happen in this financial year and not the last one. Sadly, the new financial year began on July 1 and still nothing.

You have to think that if Newcastle United were in any way serious about Charlie Austin then a deal would have been done and he’d be stepping on a plane to America this weekend with his new Newcastle teammates, not flying off to Italy with his Rangers ones.

As a (not so) amusing extra, you will see from QPR’s official announcement below, that despite relegation and all the problems that will have caused, they have still managed to sign five new players, as well as (so far) hang onto their three international players; Austin, Fer and Green.

Hopes all but gone now of any new face on that plane to America, who would have thought it…

QPR official statement

24-man squad confirmed for QPR’s pre-season training camp in Italy …

QPR head to Italy later today (Thursday) for nine-days

Chris Ramsey confirms 24-man travelling first team squad

The squad depart from Heathrow this (Thursday) afternoon, ahead of a nine day tour in Stresa, which includes friendly fixtures against Shakhtar Donetsk, AS Monaco and Al Ittihad.

The travelling party includes international trio Rob Green, Leroy Fer and Charlie Austin, who all reported back for training earlier this week, as well as summer signings Massimo Luongo, Ben Gladwin, Jamie Mackie, Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Sebastian Polter.

Goalkeepers: Green, McCarthy

Defenders: Hill, Caulker, Onuoha, Suk-Young, Schorch (trialist), Furlong

Midfielders: Henry, Hoilett, Luongo, Gladwin, Phillips, Gobern (trialist), Diakite, Faurlin, Fer, Mackie, Doughty, Comley

Strikers: Austin, Polter, Emmanuel-Thomas, Grego-Cox

  • Black Star 69

    You cannot make someone move to Newcastle if the player and his family are not interested in the North of England.  His wife has come out and said she has no interest of living up here.

  • kuromori

    Black Star 69 Then why claim it as a “done deal”? We were told things were going to change, transfer-wise, punch above our weight, etc. So far, nothing’s changed.

  • James Finlayson

    kuromori Black Star 69 I think someone needs to to take you to one side, place a comforting double whisky in your hand, and explain about the myth that is Newcastle United.  It’s a bit like Santa Claus, or the tooth fairy…  It might hurt at first, but you soon become numb to it (the whisky will help in this respect).

  • Jimmywayhay

    It’s beginning to look like Mike Ashley is even prepared to tell lies on live Sky TV ,nothing he said that day has come to fruition ! Sad very sad !

  • desree

    jimmywayhay, the club considered possibly paying 15m for austin, your comments are way out of order

  • desree

    maybe its because i live in australia, but if I really wanted to play for newcastle, i’d buy a helicopter with a weeks wages, fly to training and let the wife stay in london. i travel 90 minutes to work and 90 minutes home each day and I don’t train for 4 hours a day. whats the problem with austin?
    nufc haven’t put a bid in so how do we know austin doesn’t want to come? sounds like more lies to me especially when I read the sh!te spouted at the fans forum.

  • v0ices

    Jimmywayhay the club has continued its policy of investment. not buying players and reducing costs is the clubs policy it was the most honest thing ashley has ever said with reference to nufc.

  • v0ices

    Black Star 69 where? the simple truth is ashley wont pay the fee or the salary so there was never any chance of him comming.

  • kuromori

    v0ices Black Star 69 Precisely, which means claims to friendly media that it was a done deal were lies, presumably to help sell season tickets.

  • kuromori

    desree We don’t know what the club considered, only what they fed to their ‘preferred media partner’.

  • TonnekToon

    I think we all understand fully ,  the hierarchy are p**s takers of the highest order . And while they’re at the helm  , nothing will change .

  • Black Star 69

    kuromori Black Star 69 Newcastle have never claimed that. Thinbk people on this site need to stick to facts and not just make up stories.

  • Black Star 69

    No wonder we are seen as the joke fans of the Premier League.  We have won nothing domestically for 60 years.  Legends in our own minds.

  • Geordie Zebra

    Daft comment. ‘Legends in our own minds’. You been living in outer space?

  • Jezza_NUFC

    kuromori v0ices Black Star 69  These last two comments by v0ices and kuromori perfectly sum up everything anybody needs to know about Newcastle United’s reported interest in Charlie Austin.

  • v0ices

    Black Star 69 the jokes are the mugs who still go to games.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Before McLaren ,carver stated ,that the club had identified players that they wanted and that he would be banging on Mikes door if they didn’t arrive ! Where are these players and when’s McLaren going to be banging on mikes door ,Iam all for being careful with money ,but football is a totally different animal ,in that respect ,we’ve had 8 years of Mikes master plan and we’re has it got us ,money in the bank yes , but which bank , we now need to spend some serious cash to avoid mediocraty and a third brush with relegation and with the way other clubs are prepared to spend this new found TV cash ,we are almost certainly one of the three favourites for relegation !

  • Jimmywayhay

    Out of order, I’ve considered a lot of things and do the majority of them ,but Newcastle buying Charlie Austin ,the only thing that the Toon considered was how long they could keep this story credible and how many fans would buy season tickets ,on the back of it ! Never ever going to happen ,so take off your rose tinted glasses and wake up to what’s going on here , “don’t listen to what they say ,watch what they do”

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Jimmywayhay  Great comment. A perfect summing up of the NUFC and Charlie Austin situation.