The much anticipated arrival of Chancel Mbemba to Tyneside, finally happened on Thursday afternoon.

Firstly, photos circulated on social media of him leaving a Newcastle City Centre hotel, with then photos emerging of the central defender at St James Park and Sky Sports releasing footage of the player arriving by private jet at Newcastle Airport.

Mbemba is said to be completing his medical today and then like his former Anderlecht teammate Aleksandar Mitrovic, will then have to wait for his work permit to come through.

Whatever happens, Sunday’s game at Sheffield United definitely looks to be ruled out and then the other two possibilities are York on Wednesday, then the final friendly which is home to Borussia Monchengladbach a week on Sunday.

In the meantime, have a look at Chancel Mbemba in action below.

Despite being a whisker under 6ft, the defender is renowned for having a great leap and attacking the ball, both in general play and when getting in the opponents’ box.

A record of 9 goals in his 77 matches for Anderlecht is testament to that.

Fans will hope that Mbemba will provide the kind of authority in the air that has been desperately missing for years – Mike Williamson might be 6ft 4 but he definitely doesn’t exude authority or use that height to its proper advantage.

You will also see in the footage that the DR Congo international likes a tackle, which always goes down well with fans.

Despite going in where it hurts, he has a pretty respectable ten yellows and one red card over the course of these past two seasons.

Welcome to Chancel Mbemba….

  • Nic Mayer

    Looks a solid CB now we need his partner

  • Nutisbak2

    Whilst I really want us to sign a defender I am not sure this is the right one, the age thing has me really bugged.

    He says he underwent Bone Scans and MRI tests, well 1st bone scans cannot be used to determine age, they just don’t work. MRI tests of the wristbones however can, are and have been used by FIFA to determine the age of players in age based tournaments and they are said to be 99% effective.

    However, the MRI test works by examining the bones in the wrist, since these bones in theory in underage players should be unfused and in theory in those overage these bones should be fused.

    However it’s also been proven that these bones fuse at different ages in different people so therefore these tests cannot be exact.

    Now I don’t know if Cancel Mbemba had these tests done when he was playing under 17’s (a lot of players from Africa are tested because simply many look overage) or if he had some other form of MRI test elsewhere not done by FIFA to determine his age which we don’t know about which it’s highly likely doesn’t work.

    The fact is there is no way to determine someone’s age, well no categorically reliable way, the very best method to date which is still in it’s infancy and being developed. Even this test is only able to determine someone’s age to within +/- 3 years of their real age.

    So the fact is we could be signing a 20 year old with 10 years left in him, or a 30 year old coming to the end of his career. Given in Africa it’s been very common for players to fake their ages simply because being bigger, stronger and faster/better than the others gives them much more likelihood of being picked up by a big club in the premier league or champions league who can line their pockets.

    So which is actually more likely here?

  • ncncnc

    from the (small) amount ive seen of him in various videos he’s more like a mbiwa, good with the ball, likes to get forward, will need a tall, strong centre half next to him to get the best from him.

  • v0ices

    Nutisbak2 I have the exact same feelings on the subject and cant help but compare him to martins who seemed to have lost his pace by the time he left us at a still supposedly young age.

  • amacdee

    ncncnc Where we gonna find one of them ?

  • amacdee

    Nutisbak2 At the end of the day he’s a darn sight better than Willo and Colo. Looks like he can run too so maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and call him 25 ?