Steve McClaren has named his 5 man backroom staff at Newcastle United.

Following the exclusive unveiling of the new Head Coach to only preferred media partners, this time the news has came out via an email to supporters.

In the email, Ian Cathro is confirmed as Assistant Manager whilst Paul Simpson is named as the new first team coach.

Both appointments were widely reported in the press last week but with no official confirmation.

In addition, Alessandro Schoenmaker is named as fitness coach, with Steve Black working as a consultant.

Once again both were named in the press over the last week.


Making up the handful of backroom staff is Andy Woodman who remains as goalkeeping coach.

A relief to finally get the coaching/backroom team over the line.

A bit strange the delivery of the message but no harm in it, though obviously it is a product of the PR department rather than McClaren himself.

The email promises further similar updates including one before they fly off to America in 9 or 1o days time.

Let’s hope that one is naming five new star signings.

The email below that was sent to fans:


  • toon tony

    “It takes time to bring in the RIGHT players to help us go forward “..Well we’ve lost a few players from last season, if you don’t bring in ANY players we’ll be going BACKWARDS. Complete wuckfit! !!!

  • Andgeo

    We have been waiting for over 2 years for the club to sign a proper centre half and a proper striker. Planning??? Get it [email protected] done and stop [email protected]@ing about. Every other club has money, where’s ours??? Ashley out!

  • cwtoon88

    How has Woodman kept his job? keepers have went downhill under him and he was pardews personal stooge

  • SaveNUFC

    Still doubtful but I should say this is a positive start from the club. We fans have been patient for 8 long years I think we can hold on for 3 more weeks to see how it turns up. What is there to lose!

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Welcome to North Korea formally known as Nufc

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Your Sanity

  • SaveNUFC

    Michael Maximus Moose 
    Argh…our sanity was robbed long time ago we don’t have anything left to lose.

  • LeazesEnder

    Michael Maximus Moose SaveNUFC Clear off!

  • mrkgw

    The ‘lows’ are worrying as, we have had enough to last a lifetime. Nevertheless, in McClaren we should now trust.

  • desree

    Poor steve, already he is having to change tack and start to set up another wasted transfer window. Let’s just be honest, we will never find the right players because we won’t pay the money, the pool is limited because they all have to have 1 year left on their contract, they must be french and the owners have to be prepared to accept half of what they want.
    Lee Charnley is clearly the type of guy who gets a buzz from driving down the price of a fake rolex from the lookie lookie man when holidaying in tenerife.
    That letter is another appalling attempt at deceiving the fans. Oddly enough our PR mob specialise in crisis management and their stratgey is one widely used by politicians and large corporates.
    They letter is using known influencing techniques such as using your club or or club.
    All they have to do is sign a couple of players and life would be so much easier for this mob.
    coincidentally the date they mentioned is apparently when charlie austin will make a decision.

  • Wallsendstu

    How long before the regular e-mail communications dry up? The fans forum went from four to three (although the third one from last season still needs doing, and I am still expecting it to be called off) as the deaf and dumb Penfold couldn’t be bothered. The lack of professionalism that comes out of the club is staggering.

  • Pedrothegreat

    I have noticed the club seem a bit more urgent in their emails trying to sell season tickets to disgruntled fans. Bottom line is Ashley said we would be punching above our weight and its not happening, so if the head man is looking a liar how can you believe the rest of them.  I like McClaren and think he can do a good job, but if the clubs so flush with ambition, where is it? Why are we not out bidding teams to sign players? Why are we not punching above our weight? I think we all know the answer, because there is no ambition by the owner and his minions.

  • Kazie23

    I’m delighted about the news of us getting the new coaching staff but I’m more than angry of us having Paul Simpson who is just horrible at his job we should have just left Ian Cathro to do the work rather than getting a hopeless championship or league 1 assistant coach who has done nothing in his career

  • Kazie23

    I hope Alan Pardew makes a move so that we can get Eric Steele as our Goalkeeping coach

  • 1957

    Maybe has something to do with his boy being a hot goalkeeping prospect who we haven’t got on a long term contract yet…or maybe Pardew agrees that Woodman isn’t any good. It’s interesting that he hasn’t employed Carver or Stone yet either