Aleksandar Mitrovic has personally confirmed that he is on his way to Newcastle.

After ‘one or two’ twists and turns this epic transfer saga looks to be almost at an end.

With the Serbian striker expected to go through his medical this weekend.

Using his personal Facebook page, Mitrovic said the following this Saturday afternoon:

“Its over! Again in black and white :))

“Thank you RSC Anderlecht !

“Thank you for everything!”


The black and white reference of course is to Partizan Belgrade, the club who Anderlecht paid 5m euros to for the striker as an 18 year old.

Earlier today we brought you the following, with the Belgian media reporting that they’d been told the offer that had been made to both Anderlecht and Mitrovic.

‘According to their information, Het Nieuwsblad have revealed the following contract details offered by Newcastle United:

Anderlecht will receive 16.5m euros (£11.5m) plus bonuses if Mitrovic reaches certain landmarks.

Of that 16.5m euros, Partizan Belgrade will receive 2.3m euros (£1.6m), which is their 20% sell-on clause agreed when Anderlecht paid them 5m euros for the striker.

Anderlecht will also receive 5% of any subsequent sale of Mitrovic by Newcastle.

Mitrovic would receive 2.4m euros (£1.7m basic pay – £33,000 a week)

Elsewhere in the Belgian media, it is also reported that there will be big performance related bonuses to clinch the deal on top of his basic wage.

Mitrovic will be paid 23,500 euros (£16,000) for each Newcastle win and 11,700 euros (£8,000) for each draw.’

Based on last season’s Premier League results (10 wins, 9 draws), that would have seen Mitrovic receive approximately an extra £232,000, adding on average £5,000 to his weekly pay.

***Following this Facebook posting going up, some Belgian media sources have claimed that Mitrovic doesn’t have a Facebook page – another twist…?

  • toonceltic

    Don’t want to sound negative but until i see him at St James Park, then i will believe he has signed.

  • Daniel Gill

    Will it happen Wildey U0001f64fU0001f3fc

  • Jonathan Wildey

    I hope so. Matter of weeks til kick off and we’ve got one through the door.

  • The Great Valerio

    Won’t be long till he starts behaving like an arse.

  • keeganRescueUs

    This lad could be the signing of the summer, amazing potential. He’ll either take us forward with his goals or make the club a fortune when he’s sold on!!!

  • Daniel Gill

    I’d like Austin to come as well n a decent defender get shot of Williamson his gash 3rd division centre half him

  • Jonathan Wildey

    Yeah, I’d like Austin too….time will tell.

  • mactoon

    Am I missing something here? He hasn’t got a facebook page but when ‘he’ posts on facebook: its over, again in black and white, he doesn’t say anything about Newcastle. Does this not indicate he has signed a new contract with Anderlecht?

  • SaveNUFC

    This is getting exciting. Sign two established defenders+1 striker (Austin) more and we can look forward to this season. Send Riviere on loan. Sell Cisse before his value becomes lower.

  • Daniel Gill


  • SaveNUFC

    mactoon No Anderlecht is not black and white.

  • NottsToon

    He has got an official FB page, which is where this comes from. Aderlecht don’t play in black and white, Partizan do, so it does appear to be a reference to Newcastle.

  • Nutisbak2

    I have a feeling it’s not over yet either, I think we will sign Austin and Mitrovic and then possible we may still go in for Bas Dost and possibly Berahino. Dreamland and not ever going to happen quite possibly, why would we?

    Why would we?

    Mitrovic and Berahino are quality but the unfinished article, Bas Dost, Cisse and Austin are pretty much experienced pro’s who we can ply together when we really need to kick arse and then also Mitrovic, Berahino not to mention Perez, Armstrong and even Riviere can play alongside hopefully learn from them I think if we don’t get another 2 strikers this season then next season we will.

    Mitrovic and Berahino would effectively be the pretenders to the throne in waiting and once we got into Europe we would certainly be requiring another 2 quality strikers anyway.

    Kind of makes sense to start having those we want to take over in place each time. Long before we sell on.


  • NottsToon

    Nutisbak2 Go home, you’re drunk.

  • Elliott Hodson-Curran

    Daniel Robert Shotton

  • Kev82

    The guy has made it pretty obvious he didn’t really want to come here so jog on.

  • amacdee

    Certainly has a FB page with 35,337 Total Page Likes up 4.9% from last week ! Unless its someone who is very keen to try a stunning hoax ? A bitter mackem perhaps ? ;-)

  • NottsToon Nutisbak2 lol.

  • chutney ferret 98

    Great signing, have to get Austin onboard & a good centre half….and a season loan on Will Huges would tie us up nicely!

  • Adam Kirkcaldy

    Jamie Coyle

  • Ben Jefferson

    Wa looking good U0001f61c

  • wor monga

    NottsToon       What’s wrong with him getting a bit excited about things…you
    don’t mind a bit of good old fashioned optimism where supporting the Toon’s
    concerned…now and then do you…Snotts

  • IainElrick

    Don’t we all mate

  • TonnekToon

    Sorry to be sceptical about this latest release of info   , but I’ll believe it when i see it .

  • v0ices

    keeganRescueUs ashley a fortune

  • RossYogiGraver

    Whatever your on has got to be illegal

  • alreet

    If this is the real deal then lets put it to bed by tomorrow morning and get austin next. Hope they have this boys teammate waiting in the wings as well. We need 3 defenders despo. Cant just be having the one or 2. Need 3 first teamers and let tayls and dummett be the squaddies.

  • NottsToon

    wor monga NottsToon Shush you pointless acolyte.

  • mrkgw

    If true, then great. Hope that he bangs in a hatrick vs Cabaye and Palace!

  • Jezza_NUFC

    amacdee  Could well be a hoax. I imagine it’s pretty easy to do if you’ve got the knowledge.

  • desree

    which two of those four would you play at the back?

  • MilitantGeordie

    Good. Now can we get at least one decent centerback in because i’m crapping myself at the thought of another season of Mike Williamson as a first choice centerback.

  • fromtheheed

    Every fan on this forum is asking for two or one at least centre back, still we need another defender.
    Three defenders and one creative midfielder at the least before next week so as we are up and running, hell it’s a tough start.
    If the Mitrovic deal has gone through I’d still be happy to have Austin as well. As stated by other members the rest can be squad players covering injuries. Hope Penfold is taking notice.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    When he actually signs then its 2 “Thru the door”. Which leaves 1 more goalscorer and 2 Centre Backs as the bare minimum.
    Keep on spending Fatman

  • Alsteads

    Need this wrapped up ASAP. A mate of mines a big chelski fan and was on the phone saying rumours are they’ve stepped in? Hope it is just rumours but the way we conduct our business unlike every other club leaves us wide open to this. We are never ever going to be the only interested club in any of these players. It seems the way we conduct our transfers starts us off with having a huge handicap. You can see Austin going to Villa too once Benteke is away

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Alsteads  Obviously you mean the way NUFC conduct their transfer business very much in the public domain right from the off which ends up in us losing out on players to other clubs time and time again. It makes me wonder if all these highly publicised transfer pursuits are genuine and serious or just a cynical ploy to sell season tickets.

  • Alsteads

    Jezza_NUFC Alsteads Aye just hope I’m wrong fella but all this contract information etc etc thats all over the papers and internet. Whats all that about? You couldn’t even get a sniff at Newcastle’s books when FCB was trying to sell without being tied up in knots with a confidentiality agreement. Here we are hearing about he is getting 33k a week etc. Thats absolute peanuts to Chelski who would pay that to lose it and have him on the bench or as a squad player. Even though this information has “apparently” come from the other party with FCB paranoia and North Korea type attitude surely he could ensure its kept under wraps? If not then pull out and tell the kid and his agent some hard home truths and go for a player that wants to come to us…like Austin?! Austin and Perez? I quite like that thought. 
    For what he cost and the way we are going with regards to CB transfer business I still think we missed a trick with Robert Huth. Not everyones cup of tea but put his head on the ball or would quite happily bring it down and knock it to FB or midfield. Organised the bloody defence too at corners/set plays. Never mind we will await our over £10 million quid player/cb’s we are looking at. ………no panic

  • DownUnderMag

    Strikes me as strange the details of his contract being released.  Sounds a bit like a last minute “leaked” attempt at trying to open up a move to other clubs by telling them exactly what is on the table.

    Hopefully we get him, but i’m also concerned about another unknown player coming in, when we could have grabbed Austin who has proved he can do the job. I just hope that if we do get this lad, that doesn’t signal the end of our spending given the lack of creativity and quality still on show.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    It’s beginning to look like a bloody shambles for us; this bloke sees us as a last resort and is waiting for a better club to stick a bid in.
    What’s worse is that whilst pissing about Austin will be snapped up by Villa which will leave us back to square one.
    Deep joy!

  • Nutisbak2

    Ollie Burtons Grandad  It might if I thought we were going after Austin, the likelihood is we would only be going after Austin if he was the right price.

    Luckilly it looks like Berahino could likely be acquired for similar money or maybe slightly more than the money QPR desire for Austin and I strongly suspect he will be our real target once the Mitrovic move is in the bag.

  • Alsteads

    Sell me a bottle of that optimism your drinking fella! Every day i pray to be proved wrong! I really do and I want so badly to get back to supporting the toon 100%. Such a sad indictment of how our stock has fallen within the game and when supporters are praying to be proved wrong. We can only hope your right bud


    mitrovic isnt the answer hes not proven in the premiership and to be honest i dont think he is as good is what people make out,   a lot of people would have looked him up on youtube and think hes quality but look shola up on youtube and he looks quality to lol,  i would much rather have paid 13m-15m  for austin hes proven in the premiership and to anyone who is about to comment saying he had one good season in the premiership just remember its one more than mitrovic,   austin would be a great buy and i hope we do get him but it seems to be going on to long with no bids so im getting pretty doubtful, 

    I really do hope mitrovic takes the premiership by storm and bangs some goals in, i would like to see him up front with austin but my main concern is our defense we really need to improve it

  • Alsteads

    Ollie Burtons Grandad Fxck him off for me. I bet you there is a dozen young hungry strikers that have smashed 20/30 goals in 50/60 games across shxte leagues in Europe. He probably has the ego to go with it too which will do young Perez a world of good. Why oh why are we being picked around by players like this. Sign or fxck off. We have a player in Austin that has been asking every man and his dog what its like to play for the toon. Stick him in the number 9 and watch a centre forward play 100% every game instead of some light weight prima donna kid who thinks he is better than us play at 80% in 60% of games!
    And before anyone barks have I seen him play……..has anyone else? Cos at the minute we are the only mugs to have offered him a bean!

  • mactoon

    I’ve said on many previous occasions Austin has been prolific at every club he has been at every season and is a shoe in for the price asked. Mitrovic can’t possibly be the only attacker recruited. We need goals!

  • Ankles

    mactoon I still think we’ll end up with Austin. It might mean parting with Cisse but I’d go along with that. Hopefully Riviere will carry Cisse’s bags.

  • amacdee

    Alsteads Ollie Burtons Grandad I think it’s almost undeniable that Fatman went the extra mile because Mitrovic is 20. After two or three years at the Toon he’ll be £50m property with the usual buy out clauses and Fatman will have more than doubled his money !

    It’s not a game its a business !

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    amacdee Alsteads Ollie Burtons Grandad You are probably right on that one to be honest. The only problem is of course if he fails to hit the ground running and Fatman buys no one else.
    Personally I would much rather have a proven PL striker but Fatman likes a gamble.