One journalist described it as a ‘brave new dawn’ for the relationship between Newcastle United and the media.

Some others weren’t quite so enthusiastic.

It seemingly depended on what side of the fence you were on…

Those who were allowed into the ‘open’ training session at the training ground were at times gushing , whilst those who were still banned from the ‘open’ training day weren’t quite so happy,

Mike Ashley’s favourite tactic –  divide and rule.

Scott Wilson – Northern Echo

‘A brave new dawn – open training session for the press at #NUFC. A major – and welcome – change of approach.’

Raoul Dixon – North News

‘I have photographed #NUFC pre-season for last 23yrs & today is best atmosphere & buzz of players & staff I have ever seen at training ground

Simon Bird – The Mirror

‘Newcastle united have thrown doors open to media today. Open training. Watching Mcclaren and squad in action.’

Paul Fraser – Northern Echo

‘Fascinating to watch Ian Cathro work with defence, asking them to press high up the pitch. A very assertive and confident young coach.’’


Luke Edwards – The Telegraph

‘McClaren held an “open training session” for members of the the media but both The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mail were excluded for “negative coverage” of the club. There were also no journalists there from The Sun or The Times, who were the most vocal in their criticism of the media partners deal.’

David Coverdale – The Sun

‘NUFC might have held an “open” session for press but they still haven’t let certain people in. Now admit they are trying to control message.’

  • Brownale69

    All bullsht………do a proper job and tell the TRUTH

  • mactoon

    A brave new dawn but limited press access, are you kidding??

    Telegraph, Mail, Sun and Times excluded due to ‘negative coverage’ which translates to Newcastle fans as the truth which the preferred press will not post!!

  • mentalman

    It’s the way media in sport is heading, all clubs will be like this in the future. If this was Man Utd it would be hailed as the commercial cog of a mighty club coming up with another great idea.

  • 1957

    Nothing exceptional in this, those with access think its great those without will be critical. It’s a commercial arrangement that happens often in the USA, but the press there are more grown up than here.
    Let’s not forget however that journalists from some of the unfavoured publications are some of the harshest critics not only of the club but of NUFC’s supporters. They have pilloried us for having unrealistic expectations (one in the Mail described us as deluded I recall) and the anti Pardew movement.

  • Kevin Halliday

    Has that dopey cow Wendy been sacked yet?. We need a proper PR team and not just lick-spittle order-followers under the “guidance” of that muppet Bishop. I think Schteve might be good for the club in this regard, Making a good start so far.

  • AB233

    Alkl clubs try and control message, only because it’s us it’s controversial. Yes the media partners approach is a silly one, but nothing wrong with banning the Daily Mail from anywhere, should be banned from this site but all the articles are lifted wholesale from it so there we go.

  • magpie9

    Print what we tell you to!  Do not let the truth interfere with what we say!