After touring both New Zealand and America in the last 12 months, Ayoze Perez has been impressed with the worldwide support Newcastle have.

As we all know though, this is the tip of iceberg if United ever get it right again.

In that memorable summer of 1996, Newcastle toured Japan, Thailand and Singapore.

At the time Kevin Keegan said that he couldn’t believe the sight of thousands and thousands of people on the other side of the World wearing Newcastle shirts.

The match in Singapore saw a 50,000 capacity venue already sold out when the news from back home came through that Newcastle had signed Alan Shearer. That truly was a point when United were on the brink of becoming a massive established force in world football.

Anyway, back to reality and our more current realistic dreams with Ayoze Perez (Great to see on the current tour the pleasure our fans in the States gained from seeing the team in the flesh but very very noticeable how hardly any of them were wearing the up to date strips – presumably because of Mike Ashley….something unimaginable back in Keegan’s day as manager).

The Spanish striker talking to the official club website:

“When you come to America, somewhere so far away from Newcastle, and see the support for the team – it is unbelievable.

“I’m pleased we were able to go to them and play in front of them, to train for them and to meet them….great supporters who love the Club as much as anyone.”

ayoze perez

Proud to play:

“Seeing the support for us in New Zealand last year and now America, it shows what a big club Newcastle is.

“I am proud to play for such a huge team and will do everything on the pitch to make the fans proud as well.”

Final stretch:

“In the first half against Portland we were in a bad way and we didn’t work as a team.

“In the second half we were much better but it is important that we keep working and improving in these final three friendlies.”

Ready for 17 days time:

“Of course we want to win every game we play but it’s pre season and so it is about being physically ready, making sure we are playing the way that the head coach wants us to.

“It is all about being ready for that first Premier League game of the season, against Southampton.”

  • Greekgeordie

    Hello Jackie, nice of you to put the damper on thousands of us looking forward to a new season, keep up the good work

  • Hughie

    More garbage from Jackie. At a time when the club’s financial position is sounder than we have known, and it is it seems at last putting it’s money where Ashley’s mouth has been, why not try to write something positive and informative. Many media pictures were released of Toon Fans in Toon shirts in the USA–did you miss them?

  • Andgeo

    The clubs financial position can only be quantified by the amount of money being invested into the team. Balance sheets tell us how strong mike Ashley’s financial position is. We as supporters are left with a squad of second rate mercenaries who try their best to get relegated. Yes there has been a couple of quid spent this summer so far, but it is still a long way away from making up the lost ground of Ashley’s Austerity.
    There are signs of optimism, however you have a very short memory if your getting carried away.
    As things stand, the fat man is still pulling the strings and pocketing the difference.