Aston Villa have denied Sunderland the title of having the most empty seats over the course of the 2014/15 season.

Using figures compiled by Sky, as you see below Villa’s fans did them proud as usual, leaving an impressive 164,388 empty seats at Villa Park over the course of their 19 Premier League matches.

Sunderland fans did their best but were a distant second with a still valiant effort of 111,017 left unsold.

Burnley were way back in third, 64,855 left empty.

The figures relate to tickets sold and so don’t take into account for example the thousands of empty seats at the Emirates every match, with Arsenal ‘fans’ not bothering to turn up even though they’ve already paid.

The total numbers of  unsold seats below, with the percentage of the ground sold out on average.

164,388 Aston Villa (79.78%)

111,017 Sunderland (88.08%)

64,855 Burnley (84.85%)

50,065 Manchester City (94.51%)

41,097 Everton (94.67%)

38,798 Newcastle United (96.1%)

38,703 Southampton (93.77%)

35,872 Crystal Palace (92.82%)

35,093 Hull City (92.73%)

27,284 West Brom (94.58%)

23,598 Stoke (95.62%)

15,333 Leicester (97.52%)

14,535 Manchester United (98.99%)

13,359 Liverpool (98.45%)

10,469 QPR (97.00%)

10,374 Spurs (98.49%)

8,778 West Ham (98.69%)

8360 Arsenal (99.27%)

2755 Swansea (99.30%)

1,463 Chelsea (99.82%)

  • Porciestreet

    50 Shades of Pink eh…! What an enthralling story. Any ideas for a title for the sequal…..?

  • JpriceLFC

    Your obsessed with Sunderland fans aren’t you? Still I bet it was a sell out when they beat you.

  • JpriceLFC

    5 shades of defeat

  • Porciestreet

    Sad gits, If ya never dee owt else, ya beat the Toon. wey man, just aboot the level of ya ambition.

  • Porciestreet

    Have a deek at the pitcha man, theres ownly two there.

  • whickhamrobbie

    there would av been more empty seats for the mackems but most of them take up

  • LeazesEnder

    That isn’t true… those are ticket sales figures… Arsenal have thousands of empty seats each game bought by people, organisations, and ticket sellers…. but not actually sat on…. the United boycott by season ticket holders would also register as an occupied seat….

    Clubs are not releasing ‘attendance’ figures…

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    Hey – who would want to sit on those faded patio stools? And to be expected to pay for it too! Come on SAFC, you surely owe your supporters better than that.

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    Dear oh dear that is one ugly photo

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    …..or winding up Newcastle fans

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