Anderlecht General Manager Herman Van Holsbeeck expects the transfer of Chancel Mbemba to go through any time soon.

Wednesday saw Anderlecht unveil Aleksandar Mitrovic’ replacement, Imoh Ezekiel, who they have brought in from Al Arabi.

Having had to wait for Mitrovic to leave so he could fund the Ezekiel deal, Holsbeeck was relieved to tie up the replacement striker after keeping him hanging on

Herman Van Holsbeeck told

“It is a dossier (Imoh Ezekiel) that we have been working on for a while. Finally we can put the signatures on the proper paperwork. We are relieved that it is all right.”

“It was a complex case, partly because he had other opportunities but Ezekiel wanted to come and play for Anderlecht.”

Holsbeeck on Chancel Mbemba:

“I expect very soon the transfer of Mbemba will get completed to Newcastle, then we can get two more players. You have to have some money if you want to get a top performer.”

Holsbeeck also made clear he knows where Anderlecht stand in the food chain, especially when they have no Champions League football to help them retain their best players, both financially and in terms of the level of competition on offer.

The Anderlecht General Manager saying they go for players ‘who can add value’ and that the reality is that despite their new season starting in only four days time, they have had to wait for the Aleksandar Mitrovic and Chancel Mbemba transfers to go through, before they can then spend some of that money on their own targets:

“We go for players who can add value to this young Anderlecht.

“Of course it is ideal to start the competition with your whole heart but I knew with the transfers (Mitrovic and Mbemba leaving) which were on the agenda that this was impossible but we’ll be ready at the appropriate time.”

  • philrenner09

    ALL teams are in the same boat – buy improve players and sell them for profit. Even Man u, Liverpool etc have to do the same. Players and agents rule the game now. Supporters need to understand and except that.

  • bang on

    lets hope thats the end of williams

  • Kazie23

    I would of rather take Van Dijk or Sven Van beek

  • brent_dog

    That is one old looking face. If he’s actually 20 I’ll eat my hat

  • DownUnderMag

    philrenner09 I think most do, the trouble is our club policy here at NUFC fell short when it came to buying replacements for the outgoing players.  After the Carroll sale we all said “that’s too much to turn down and we can really strengthen the squad well with that money”…we bought no-one, let alone a striker replacement.  All clubs sell, we have been slack on the replacing front which has been more the concern!

  • DownUnderMag

    brent_dog yeah, looks mid 20’s at least to me.  BUT, for the price i’m happy if he is as good as is being made out.  If we bought for more then we would expect improvement, which may not be as great with am older player, but for the price being paid we get a ready made player and one who should hopefully be infinitely better than Willo.

  • stepaylor

    Must be amazing, mbemba played first team football in the congo in 2006. Err when he was just 12 yrs old

  • Artie Fufkin

    He’s at the Indigo, next to the assembly rooms.