Yesterday we brought you news that Brussels based newspaper La Derniere Heure had been told that Aleksandar Mitrovic wouldn’t play for Anderlecht in their final two friendlies of pre season.

The striker sat out their last friendly at the weekend against Turkish opposition from Istanbul and now Mitrovic has, as expected, been left out of tonight’s friendly against second tier Belgian side Heist.

The forward is also set to be left out of the final Anderlecht warm up game this coming weekend when they play third tier Belgian outfit Dender. The Belgian league kicking off early on the next weekend (26 July) due to next year’s Euros.

It appears obvious that, as reported, Mitrovic is being left out to guard against picking up any deal-threatening injury, though which club he will end up with is still a mystery.

Anderlecht had their official photo shoot on Tuesday and the team group that was circulated did show Aleksandar Mitrovic included, which some took as indicating he was going to be staying.

However, in advance of that official shoot, it was reported that both Mitrovic and Chancel Mbemba, who is also expected to move shortly, would both be included in the photo shoot but that group shots without either one/both would also be taken for future use if/when one/both of them leave.

Mbemba (who has also been left out of tonight’s friendly as previously predicted/reported) has been linked with Newcastle in the past, along with numerous other clubs, but the player is said to be hoping for a move to Atletico Madrid.

As for Mitrovic, clearly not playing your star player and striker in the second and third last friendlies wouldn’t make much sense in terms of preparations for the season and with no Champions League football this coming season, Anderlecht are guaranteed to sell him to somebody.

La Derniere Heure also claimed yesterday that Newcastle had given the striker 48 hours to decide whether he would move to Tyneside or they’d move on to other options, the clock continues to tick for both Mitrovic and NUFC, with only 25 days until United kick off the new season.

Obviously the ongoing Mitrovic saga surely isn’t great for anybody involved, particularly Newcastle fans!

  • beardsleys cat

    to Roma?

  • armoadam

    beardsleys cat I really believe we need this guy for now and the future!

  • NeilWicks

    We need to move on from this clown….it has been stated that his father is looking for a better deal for his son; in that Newcastle have offered 2 million a year after tax, twice what he is receiving at this time!!

  • mrkgw

    We need players who WANT to play for the club. He should need no persuading whatsoever. Next please.

  • Steve1221

    Why would any foreign player with no attachment to the club want to play for us specifically, if we represent the best opportunity and financial package they’ll come, if we don’t they won’t, simple as that.

  • Andgeo

    You simply can not believe any of this clap trap, basically we needed at least 6 players. CH x 2, LB, a playmaker, a striker and a back up right back, this summer.
    So far we have signed 1!!
    Never mind all the speculation, the club has tens of millions to invest in players and there are guys there getting paid good money to do the job of bringing players in.
    These guys are failing miserably!!! As expected!!!
    Ignore the crap and deal in the facts.
    ashley ‘still’ out!!!

  • Andgeo

    If they can’t get in the top targets for a striker just concentrate on the back four. It is [email protected] desperate!!!

  • AndyMac1

    Twitter is full of Porto’s sale of Jackson Martinez for 35m euros. So they need a replacement and Mitrovic is top of their list and they have the money

  • alreet

    Couldnt agree more. We need a good 3 or 4 good first team defenders in the ranks before anything more comes. If mitro comes in the next day or 2 fair dos but i really hope there are a few more embers burning for the back 4 coz we had possibly our worst defensive season ever last term.
    Willo out and at least 3 first team centres in

  • Kazie23

    I would sell Willo and Colo…recoup some cash from them to buy Virgil Van Dijk and Sven Van beek

  • Andymagryan

    Sick to the back teeth of this saga. He ain’t coming to us anyway and if it’s took him this long to decide he can’t b to enthusiastic to come so time to move on. We have gave him 48 hours to decide if he says yes we should say aw we changed our mind pal

  • ArtyH

    I do not see any point in pandering to this player who will ultimately go to another club and show us up. We as a club are bigger than the player, lets just forget him and move on.

  • The_Daily_Blind

    Newsnow report now suggests the latest “stumbling block” in the resolution of the Mitrovic affair is that his family are demanding higher wages. Would have loved to have him come to St James’ but let’s be honest what does the lad have to do to convince us he ain’t coming to Tyneside? Does he literally have to come out and say the words “Over my dead body”? He’s not coming, probably never was and is exploiting our interest in him to rouse attention from the clubs he actually wants to go to. Time we laid this one to rest and moved on, fair play to the club for once for making a good go of it though

  • Durham_CK

    If he wanted to come here he would have signed by now. Seems a bit strange that he has kept us hanging whilst Porto have shown an interest in him. Maybe they gave him the heads up they were going to sell Martinez and just needed time to do the deal? I think we should move on to other targets who want to be at the club.

  • Duke Fame

    Kazie23  Is Van Dijk, looked good in the SPL but completely out of his depth in the European games.

  • Kazie23

    I still think his the player we should buy….Name another defender that Newcastle can buy???..and he must obviously be an realistic target

  • Duke Fame

    The_Daily_Blind Apparently he didn’t expect to be taxed so heavily so is after a ‘netto’ wage (& not the supermarket). I blame the Tories for taxing the big earners (oh, and Labour)

  • Duke Fame

    Andgeo That’s a bit simplistic, it seems we are close to Austin now. I’m not so sure of needing two Centre Halfs, we need one + one of the existing lads.

  • Duke Fame

    Kazie23 Rumour that we may be looking at Douglas again (joe Kinnear isn’t about anymore) , he’d be fine. Lewis Dunk rumour has gone cold but he’s young as we have 3 lads who hopefully will make it so do we need another under 22 player?

    We were supposed to be in for Antonio Rudiger a couple of days ago but i expect he’ll have better offers and has just gone under the knife.

  • LintonLad

    On the Sky website:  ” Sky Bet have suspended betting on Newcastle signing QPR striker Charlie Austin after reporting bets at as short as 1/10.”
    Does someone know something?
    Could it be that Mitrovic has turned NUFC down and Charnley has turned his attantions to Austin?
    We live in hope for some good news.