Aleksandar Mitrovic will travel to England for talks with Newcastle on Thursday, unless AS Roma change their mind.

That is according to prominent Italian sports journalist Alfredo Pedulla, who has been covering the story throughout the day.

Newcastle have long been linked with the Serbian striker but Pedulla says in his latest update tonight, that the player’s first choice club Roma only have the next few hours to intervene, or else he will travel to discuss a move to Newcastle.

Aleksandar Mitrovic has been quoted as fancying the weather in Rome and more importantly, they are an ambitious club who can also offer Champions League football this coming season.

However, Director of Football at Roma, Walter Sabatini, has made Manchester City striker Dzeko his number one target, with Mitrovic only a possible fallback this summer.

Lazio are also said to have shown late interest but are a longshot.

As with all transfer stories, proceed with extreme caution and don’t shoot the messenger!

Alfredo Pudella via his own football website:

‘The next few hours will be decisive for the future of Aleksandar Mitrovic.

We told you about an agreement in principle reached between Newcastle and Anderlecht of about 16 million, including bonuses, with a trip to England planned tomorrow.

Roma were assured that Mitrovic will wait until tonight and whilst Roma had also issued statements full of enthusiasm, do not expect more (than words). If Roma email ( Mitrovic/his agents), the situation could change and the trip cancelled to England that is already planned.

Roma always thinks Dzeko, but (Walter) Sabatini (Roma Director of Football) had kept in big consideration the option of Mitrovic, that is why it makes sense to wait a few more hours.

What’s more, just now (Igli) Tare (Lazio Director of Football) asked about Mitrovic to Besnik Hasi (Manager of Anderlecht). A longshot for Lazio?

This evening we will see if Roma let go without intervening with Mitrovic: where a proposal between tonight and tomorrow morning would mean the journey of the attacker to England could be cancelled.’

The figure of 16m Euros (£11.5m) is the same amount that the Dutch media claimed had also been offered by Newcastle for PSV midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum earlier today.

Could things at last be moving or are Newcastle just being used to stir up interest for various players?

  • amacdee

    Great, let’s sign a player who doesnt want to be here !

  • Polarboy

    amacdee It comes with the territory of being a professional footballer, as long as there are enough zero’s in his wage packet he’ll be fine.

  • Michael James Brown

    Glen Coleman

  • kron7777

    True; just ask luque

  • SeanLynch

    In action, Mitrovic doesn’t look particularly exciting, he doesn’t look flashy, he doesn’t do tricks and try to dazzle the opposition, he doesn’t score 40 yard screamers or bicycle kicks..
    What he does do however, is get into great positions to score and he is as clinical as you like.
    At the Toon, we love to see sexy attacking football, we love flair and skill and people taking on half a dozen as they carry the ball from box-to-box, but above all, we love someone who bangs them in for fun and Mitrovic is in that category.

    In De Jong, Aarons, Perez, Cabella and hopefully Wijnaldum, we’ll have players who can provide all the ammo Mitrovic could ever need.

    If he’s bangining them in 20-30+ per season, we’ll make  him feel like the sun is shining all year round!

  • Glen Coleman

    All smoke MB

  • Polarboy

    kron7777 One player not settling in a foreign country is not indicative of all footballers. Luque played a handful of games for Ajax over two years and then went back to Spain and never left again having played there for most of his life. Mitrovic settled in Belgium well enough from Serbia so he’s adapted before.

  • GToon

    And Ashley will sell him. Sorry. True though!

  • MinnesoToon

    We get him and Wijnaldum on the plane to the States, and suddenly my drive to Milwaukee on Tuesday morning might just seem a bit brighter! C’mon Penfold, get him over the line…

  • DownUnderMag

    Mitrovic is the type of player that would be a good signing, providing that we manage to get enough quality in to deliver the required balls into him to score from. I think we lacked a spark of creativity last season but that could easily be down to the type of football we played and tactics employed.  Far too often we went into games with a lone striker and everyone set up to not lose games rather than be competitive.  Assuming we do play a more expansive game, this could prove to lift pressure off the defence, but could also leave them exposed, so defensive reinforcements is a must also.
    Some good talk over the last few days but let’s hope it’s not yet more smoke and mirrors…the amounts being mentioned worry me as they are far above our routine spending unless we sell players as well.

  • DownUnderMag

    SeanLynch hope you are right.  We’ve really struggled on creativity in the past few seasons, not really having that spark since Cabaye and Ba left.  Aarons looks a good prospect but he has yet to prove himself (and if he does theres a chance we will be pressured to sell – look at the Sterling saga).  I actually think Riviere was our best link up player, but his finishing was just awful…i’m still holding out hope that it was low confidence and pressure and lack of chances, but we will see.  When our RB is our best crosser of the ball that says a lot…but De Jong could give us that spark if he manages to stay fit too.  A whole lot of ifs buts and maybes, which is the worrying thing (could go well, could go badly, all depends on a few individuals and highlights our lack of depth).

  • Atech

    We are 2nd choice…Nice!

    Good to know that he is “keen & eager” to come and play here.

  • fireflyuk

    amacdee No player worth his salt would want to come here, thats the reality. We have to accept that anyone decent coming here will only be using us as a stepping stone, sadly so they can move to better things like playing for Spurs or Everton ;-)

  • magpie9

    And the moon is made of blue cheese!