This morning we covered the latest claims on Aleksandar Mitrovic supposedly at last due to be signing for Newcastle United.

The Belgian media reporting that a ‘Monster’ contract (see details below) had been offered to the striker that blew any opposition bids out of the water.

However, following a tip-off from Mag reader @immaToon we discovered that the Serbian striker’s transfer is even more advanced than first thought…

If you googled Aleksandar Mitrovic this Saturday morning then this is what you get:


If only a Newcastle United signing was as straightforward as putting mischief on the internet…

Contract terms offered to Mitrovic according to the Belgian media:

Mitrovic would receive 2.4m euros (£1.7m basic pay – £33,000 a week)

Elsewhere in the Belgian media, it is also reported that there will be big performance related bonuses to clinch the deal on top of his basic wage.

Mitrovic will be paid 23,500 euros (£16,000) for each Newcastle win and 11,700 euros (£8,000) for each draw.

Based on last season’s Premier League results (10 wins, 9 draws), that would have seen Mitrovic receive approximately an extra £232,000, adding on average £5,000 to his weekly pay.

***The (very) latest sees HTL in Belgium stating that Mitrovic has said his goodbyes at Anderlecht and is now on his way to Newcastle to complete a medical – as ever, we will believe it when we actually see him in the flesh.

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  • pilly 69


  • ukhappyuk

    So much crap on the net at the min who knows when or who we will sign

  • amacdee

    Its a real dilemma for some of us. On the one hand we want Fatman to spend big on a proven striker yet on the other hand “It’s claimed that the Mitrovic clan aren’t too keen on Newcastle as a
    city, with Het Nieuwsblad saying it’s hardly a city-break destination,
    and so he’d change his mind at the last minute if Porto, Benfica or Roma
    matched his terms, which has to be considered unlikely”

  • alreet

    Apparently porto have come in with 12.5 mill. If thats true then he will be going that way irrespective of wages.
    He wants champs league. Let him go abd move on fast.

  • The interwebnet is alive with the sound of music!!

  • Jimmywayhay

    It might be a good thing ,if it turns out he has just been using use the club might realise it’s time for a yes or no over the Charlie Austin saga and put that one to bed ,one way or another !

  • delashio

    Wrong again!

  • 1957

    Have to agree, we start to spend money and offer acceptable terms but we aren’t on the city break list. We’re no more than a stop gap until next summer when Papa Mitrovic andhis agent will be touting him to other clubs

  • Bornunderabigbluestar

    1957 yep thats right, too raw for Chelsea atm, a good season with us and that is what will happen. So live for today and watch fatman make more money.

  • RichMilburn

    No disrespect to the Author as I’m sure he got this information from a somewhat reputable source, but given the likes of Sky Sports don’t have the first idea of what is a true transfer confirmation and what is not then I’m going to hold off on this ‘Mitrovic has signed’ “confirmation”until he has a Toon Top in his hands and is stood in front of a Club Photographer.

  • Mal44

    RichMilburn  Agreed. Remember what happened with Remy. Hope we get him though.