Interviewed earlier today, new signing Aleksandar Mitrovic said that Alan Shearer is one of his favourite ever players and also the style of player he models himself on.

The boyhood Newcastle fan from Serbia has now had the compliment returned by the Newcastle legend.

Alan Shearer welcoming the Anderlecht striker to St James Park and saying that if the new signing scores goals, the fans will ‘adore’ him.

Using his Twitter account Shearer said:

“Welcome to @NUFC #AleksandarMitrović If you score goals at this club, the fans will adore you. I hope you have as much fun as I did!”

In that first interview after signing a five year deal, Mitrovic described himself as ‘a real number 9’ with a strong and aggressive style.

Aleksandar Mitrovic:

“(Asked about his style) I’m aggressive, strong and a goalscorer. I’m a real number 9 and the box is my place. I like the strikers who have played here, from Alan Shearer to Papiss (Cisse). The big names – I hope I can do something like them.

“Alan Shearer is a real legend, this is the style that I like and how I want to play.”

Whilst the team had its ups and downs whilst Alan Shearer was at United, he was fortunate to have any number of players who helped create the chances and space for him to break Jackie Milburn’s all time record.

The list is impressive: Ginola, Bellamy, Robert, Dyer, Solano, Ferdinand, Lee, Beardsley, Speed and apologies to anybody who I forgot.

Mitrovic also said in his interview that he scores at least half of his goals with his head, so let’s hope that his new teammates are up to that challenge of providing the bullets for him to get the goals.

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  • Andgeo

    Would be nice to see him changing them in. Not sure about the goal celebration, maybe he should ask shearer if he can borrow his one arm salute??

  • Jievo

    Very, very excited, he’s a class player and the kind of statement of intent the club needs, with him providing a target man type option with poaching characteristics, Cisse as a more experienced pure poacher, and Perez who seems to be the forgotten man by most fans this summer providing a deeper, ball playing strike option, we’ve got options up front. With Perez and Mitrovich offering seemingly complementary styles, and both being young, ambitious lads, they’d appear to be a perfect partnership, almost enough to make me wish we played 2 up front – but I’m sure Perez will nail down a wide forward slot either side of De Jong, the likes of Sissoko, Cabella, Obertan and Riviere will have to really up their games to compete with Aarons and Perez for those starting places – the competition sounds healthy to me!

    However, this leads me to my concern from these interviews. I wonder how much discussion has taken place between Mitrovich and McClaren, the styles would appear… Contradictory. Just as we begin to move towards a passing, ball playing style of football, we bring in a striker who wants the ball floated into the box towards his heed? De Jong, Aarons, Wijnaldum, Perez, Anita, Abeid…. All players who suit a style that keeps the ball on the deck, I hope Alexandar doesn’t seem as out of place as I fear.

  • fromtheheed

    Could be the new Benzema. He looks good on the ball and knows where the goal is. Watched video of him and it was a joy to see someone who can score with his head. Over the moon. Lets hope those two centre backs, full back and midfielder transpire, otherwise all this work so far will be in vain.
    I’ll actually chant Ashleys name of we get a result against the Saints. Still, it will take more than what’s promised to erase the last eight years.

  • Stephen Sheppard

    he suprisingly pale skinned for a balkan lad.

  • Alsteads

    If you think we are going to pass the ball in the net then your in for a shock fella. We need a center forward to get amongst them, demand the ball, shout at midfield/wingers WTF was that get it in, we need some one to hold the ball whilst midfield catch up with play and our midfielders start getting 7 goals a season plus, we need someone up there causing havoc and space so our midfield get on it or next best Perez has a foil so he can show us what he already has, we need a problem number 9. The one thing we don’t need to do is run before we actually walk. I’m loving it though and daring to get excited!!

  • Jievo

    Alsteads Yeah, fair play, and I’m not suggesting for a moment that we’re going to go all tiki taka! A big boisterous centre forward who can also play is definitely crucial – I’m just commenting on some comments I’ve seen to the effect “McClaren needs to tell our wingers to start raining crosses in”. I absolutely think Mitrovich is a great buy and McClaren will use him well, Shteve seems to have a better idea of the correct role for most of our lads after a matter of weeks here! (With the exception of Sissoko, but he’s always been a mystery wrapped in an enigma).

  • alreet

    Looks the real deal from the clips ive seen. A very quick thinker in the box. Leathal if hes given a tiny sniff and mega in the air.
    Really hope we focus on defenders now. We cannot go into the new season with wat we have. It would be like going to war with a minigun a pair of shorts and flip flops.
    Lets get some balance now