Five Newcastle United matches from the first seven Premier League games have been moved.

The TV vultures smell blood and the home games with Chelsea and Arsenal are moved, as well as the trips to Manchester United and West Ham.

In addition, the opening game against Southampton is also moved due to their Europa League fixtures.

Newcastle v Southampton 1.30pm Sunday 9 August (Was Sat 8 August 3pm – No Live TV)

Man Utd v Newcastle United 12.45pm Saturday 22 August (Same date, KO time change – BT Sport)

Newcastle v Arsenal 12.45pm Saturday 29 August (Same date, KO time change – BT Sport)

West Ham v Newcastle 8pm Monday 14 September (Was Sat 12 Sept 3pm – Sky Sports)

Newcastle v Chelsea 5.30pm Saturday 26 September (Same date, KO time change – Sky Sports)

The tough opening set of games was always likely to attract the cameras and Newcastle’s failure to invest so far in a single player means that at present, Steve McClaren’s players have it all to do if they are to emerge from the opening set of games in a reasonable state.

Only the visit to Swansea and a home match against Watford are unchanged out of the opening seven games.

  • Porciestreet

    Looks like we are set to be the cannon fodder for the premier league this season and already, the players we still have left must be wondering wtf is going on here….!
                            Is it any wonder that players are going elsewhere when they understand the 5h!t that Cashley is dishing up . We are fast becoming the laughing stock of the  Enlish game and the hole Ashley is digging for us is soon to be too big to get out of.  I really am worrying for the future of our club and my enthusiasm is slowly but steadily being eroded. How can we get shot of this fat greedy 84stard. Somebody help…..!  Surely the FA can see that Ashley is not and never will be fit for perpose. There must be something ,somewhere that we can use against him………………..HELP….!

  • Greekgeordie

    First week in July and the gloom has started, have a nice Summer

  • Duke Fame

    Porciestreet  I’m not sure where you get that from, all but the West Ham game were TV matches in the previous 2 seasons and the TV companies like to get teams who are ‘box office’ in the early season as it gets subscribers in. As TV audiences go, we are 4th/5th iirc most attractive club so we are always likely to get on TV more often.

    no need for the other irrelevant and ignorant rant about fit for purpose.