Yohan Cabaye has said that he proved people wrong when he moved to Newcastle, being accused of a lack of ambition by turning down the chance to play in the Champions League with Lille after winning Ligue 1.

The former United playmaker saying that the only proof you need is that his playing time on Tyneside helped win him his place for France at Euro 2012 and the World Cup in Brazil last summer.

Speaking to L’Equipe, Yohan Cabaye says he knows he definitely has to leave PSG where Laurent Blanc has made clear there will be no change in terms of his pecking order.

Over the past 12 months, the midfielder started only 16 games across all competitions for the French club and was involved in the same number of matches coming off the bench.

However, Cabaye says he would jump at the chance to come back to the Premier League, a league he says he knows suits him after his time at St James Park.

The midfielder wants to get a move sorted as soon as possible, but doesn’t rule out other big European leagues.

Like all top French players, Yohan Cabaye is desperate to be part of the national team next summer with the Euros being held in his native France.

Earlier this week we saw Moussa Sissoko giving yet another interview where he talked about wanting to play for a club who can give him Champions League football.

At the same time though he acnowledged that he can’t afford to leave Newcastle to sit on the bench elsewhere, revealing that Didier Deschamps had made clear that would mean no chance of national team selection.

yohan cabaye

Yohan Cabaye speaking to L’Equipe:

“It is clear I will have to leave before Euro 2016, I know this and the club (PSG) know it too, but it will be important to make the best choice possible.

“I was criticised when I went to Newcastle as supposedly I didn’t want to play in the Champions League with Lille. However, I did play in Euro 2012 and the 2014 World Cup, so I’m not worried.”

England works for me:

“Sometimes it’s better to go backward in order to go forward. I enjoyed myself in England, it is a league that works for me.

“Today, I’m at PSG and certainly I would have liked it to have happened differently, the club too, but this is reality. If I had the chance to return to England, I hope to get that done, but there could also be other possible destinations.”

Nothing will change if I stay:

“I know that if I stay I could do everything and yet nothing would change.

“I talked with Laurent Blanc after the win over Lille (PSG won 6-1 at the end of April and Cabaye didn’t even feature from the bench) and for him the player that is in my place is better than me…there you go! It is his opinion and not a problem (for me).”

I know some fans would never forgive any player for wanting to leave Newcastle because they were ambitious but I would love it if he came back to Newcastle.

Even if against the odds, Mike Ashley did make good on his talk of new ambition, I find it hard to believe that Newcastle could/would attract a better midfielder than Yohan Cabaye to the club.

  • ncncnc

    wouldn’t take him back if he begged.
    he would have 6 months again and start angling for a move to a ‘better’ club. 
    remember he went on strike – he’s certainly not got the type of mentality we need at the club now – we need people who want to play for us, not just a stepping stone.

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    For me and in my view , the club DON’T need him now
    too risky & not worthy of the 10-12 million 
    He failed miserably at PSG & people supposed to be behind him are now starting ahead of him !! 
    ( + ) I am sure he will never come back to Newcatle

    This is my views and i am free to say anything . . .

  • Corkyjohn

    Lol of course mate, that is free speech….

  • Deluded

    I agree with Shaker. What an awful article. Forget about him and move on. He’s 30 years old, barely played last couple of years, pace was too much for him in England so he fouled too much. Corners terrible. What makes you think he’s improved? Apart from needing hits so just churning out articles?

  • Deluded

    ncncnc Exactly it was all good when he was main man, Pardew catering to his every need until he wanted to leave. As soon as he thought he could, he went on strike. Typical French coward.

  • ncncnc

    Deluded ncncnc
    i think people have a slightly rose tinted view of him as well – he went missing or was petulant giving stupid fouls in as many games as he played really well in.
    had a good 6 months or so then gave up.

  • wor monga

    Cabaye ‘lowered’ his lofty standards (of a great CL future
    with Lille) to come to the Toon…what a ponce…none of the big clubs with any
    real clout wanted him…because he was strictly average as the top talents go, a
    good engine, and strong character who was very reliable and could accurately
    strike a dead ball…

    Wenger knew that and wanted him as a back up to keep the
    bench warm…Deschamps was sucked in, and paid over the odds…now it seems poor Palace
    can’t pay his over-inflated wages…so tough sh*t Yohann the only thing you didn’t
    have enough of for us… was loyalty!

  • Nic Mayer

    oh man please come back

  • TonnekToon

    ncncnc You’re right he went on strike when we needed our better players , -not good . He doesn’t seem the sort of bloke you’d want in the trenches with you.

  • Deluded

    ncncnc Deluded That’s because he’s a slow as Williamson.

  • alreet

    Hmmm now it seems he wants to come back at least to this league. He was told early that he would be warming the bench. He had a chance of really giving it a go with us in his second season but like a petulent child he went on strike till he got a move we apparently agreed to.
    Lets see wat happens to sissoko now. Coz hes not top world class but hes no slouch. These players need to realise that they are in a middle slot where they will struggle to get into a team in the champs league unless they head to russia or something.
    Get real. We need players who want to play for the team not for their own personal glory. That will come when the team win a trophy or something and it becomes part of you.
    Lets see if pards wants to afford him and if he can get the same work rate and quality as before. Nico gaitan would be my marquee signing of the summer………….a guy can dream.

  • delashio

    Theres nothing wrong with players wanting to test their ability at a higher level. Who are you to tell someone else how to live their life?

  • ToonTone100

    I’d be delighted if he came back to Newcastle but in reality I think it would be somewhere else … unfortunately. It certainly would improve his chances for the French team… and if Ashley means his words possibly the Champions league in a few years….

  • alreet

    Are u actually serious? Get a life m8. Not telling anyone how to live their life more saying in an open forum that he as a sportsman needs to think about the team he plays for, who pays his wages and who he signed a contract for that they come first.
    There are way too many players in it for glory alone and who dont wanna graft for it. He was a very good player for us and it would have been nice to see him here for a little longer. We didnt treat him badly or “let him rot” he went on strike angling for a move but avoiding handing in a request coz that would cost him a signing on fee and his contract.
    Hes now bench warming which is wat everyone thought would happen if that new team have the likes of matudi in their ranks.
    Move on and lets see if thauvin or gaitan will join us.

  • delashio

    Yeah but if a player thinks they are goodenough to get into a bigger team then its their right to go and try to achieve that and i wouldnt be bitter about it.

  • alreet

    But again it is really unprofessional to just stop playing or go on strike to push the envelope to get your own way. Its not bitter but more dont whine and stamp your feet to get your own way and all of a sudden the big boys you want to play with let you watch but not play. Boo hoo

  • delashio

    If it wasn’t for me being born around here and supporting the club for 40yr i think i would have wanted to leave as well with the way the club was being run i get your point snd agree its not the best way to go about things yet at the same time he was at a club that showed zero ambition and was only going down hill. I would say if most people were working for a company like that and had a better chance to test themselves in a better job and company rather than risking their career going down the pan because of miss management then a massive percentage of people would be looking for a new job and jump ship. People need to realise there is no loyalty in football unless you end up playing for your home town team or your a supporter. Contracts mean nothing either to a club or a player so the best chance of keeping hold of people is to be challenging for the top honours and paying decent wages, both of which we were nowhere near doing so its not supprising he wanted to jump ship really is it?

  • MichaelMookieKoromaHD

    Would he come back if both clubs can settle a transfer fee? Would he come back if the personal terms were favourable to both parties? Would the fans welcome him back, even? Would he walk back into the first team? Would he regain the captain’s armband again? Yes. Yes. Yes.Yes. Yes! Would Ashley re-sign the Frenchman? Nooo!