Yohan Cabaye has picked up another three medals this season but it is a hollow season of victory for the former Newcastle midfielder.

In the end PSG comfortably win Ligue 1 by eight points but Yohan Cabaye only started 13 matches.

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The League Cup final saw a four goal thrashing of Bastia but Cabaye only played the last 13 minutes of that final.

Whilst on 30 May the domestic treble was completed with a 1-0 win over Auxerre but the one-time Newcastle man never left the bench.

In the immediate aftermath of that treble settling victory on 30 May, Yohan Cabaye’s agents met with PSG to discuss his future and now both Cabaye and international manager Didier Deschamps have been talking about the essential need for regular football, if Yohan Cabaye is going to have hopes of being first choice for France when the 2016 Euros are held next year in his home country.

‘Are you going to leave PSG this summer?’

Yohan Cabaye

“I have a situation where I have not had the playing time that I hoped for.

“My representatives are working to find the best solution and in the future, what is important is to play every weekend.”

‘A return to England?’

YC “The Premier League is a league that I like. There may be other options as well, I have to think carefully and make the right decision. “

‘Newcastle coach Alan Pardew is now Crystal Palace coach. Could they come together again?’

YC  “It went very well with him. I enjoyed it and he does a great job. The most important thing  is to enjoy it (working together). If I did make that decision, it would be a pleasure to see my old coach.”

yohan cabaye

Didier Deschamps:

“Yohan has a complicated situation at his club and he knows it. We have already spoken about it at a meeting in the Autumn and I have discussed it again with him.

“To be at his best, full of confidence, he needs to have that club (where he plays regularly) and he has not had this season at PSG.

“Does he find a good (at PSG) or a better solution? I hope for him that he does.”

Now that Yohan Cabaye has plenty of medals to polish, he has a massive decision to make.

This next move which he will surely make this summer, will basically decide his chances of playing in the Euros next summer, as well as what is likely to be his last significant club where he will be capable of potentially playing at his very best, the midfielder turning 30 in January.

Comments about Pardew/Palace have been much publicised but they were in direct response to a question and what else is he going to say, other than he’s sure he’d like to work with Alan Pardew again if they were thrown together?

I can’t see Palace ticking the right boxes for either his international or club future. It then comes down to which clubs are then prepared to pay his significant wages and potentially a fair sized transfer fee.

As we all know though, in return you would be getting a very good player when playing every week and full of confidence.

I personally would have him back at Newcastle tomorrow.


  • mrkgw

    There is no way that he will want to come back to us. Comes to something however, when Palace are a more attractive proposition.

  • alreet

    Psg will want a min of 18 mil back for him. Not sure if the palace board would sanction than and if yohan would be happy being the best player by a mile at that club.
    Wat happens when pards gets his tactics right and starts playing ppl out of position and demanding yohan be more defensive.
    Oh well. I would have him back. With tiote possibly staying and sissoko be a pretty good midfield 3 eh.

  • DownUnderMag

    mrkgw I think he would come back but we wouldn’t match the wages he would want.  I don’t think it’s Palace being a more attractive prospect as much as they are willing to pay more than we are…that is the sad part when we can’t compete financially with the likes of palace anymore.

  • SamBrown3

    DownUnderMag mrkgw Luckily our tax rates are nowhere near as bad as the french, we might not be able to match his pre-tax salary, but we might just sanction a deal with what he earns post tax!
    We signed him 4 years ago today wouldnt it be great if the deal was done and he signed again today!

  • DownUnderMag

    SamBrown3 DownUnderMag mrkgw It would be great but the problem isn’t matching what he’s on at PSG, it’s matching what other clubs like Arsenal (and it would seem Palace) are willing to offer both him AND the fee to PSG. If Palace can offer more in wages then what incentive has he to come here?  We aren’t exactly setting the world on fire and showing we are moving int he right direction for players careers are we :(

  • IainElrick

    He’s rather sit on the bench than play for Newcastle again , inb4 Swansea or Everton will snap him up

  • BillytheFish

    He wants to play every week? So he wont be off to Arsenal or Man Utd then…..He might just come back to the toon on loan for a season, he would only go to Palace if it was the only option and he wanted to be in London, they will be the relegation mix next season….

  • TonnekToon

    If he thinks he got a chance of getting into Europe with Palace , he’s been sniffing the stuff Carver has . Strugglers next season . they’ll only get into Europe if war breaks out !

  • kuromori

    DownUnderMag I don’t wish to be pedantic but Palace offering to pay him more than us automatically makes them a more attractive prospect. Add to that, they’re in London with an ambitious owner and a manager who’s allowed to build his own squad…

  • Timptoon

    If we had the ambition we could be going for Motta, Lucas, or any of the other PSG midfielders who are keeping him out of the team. However good his is – or was – going on strike while a Newcastle player means he is not the sort of player I would want in the dressing room.