In this transfer window we are being linked with a multitude of players and being told all about the ambition at the club.

Mike Ashley’s interview promised he’d continue(?) to invest, that he’d bolt a horse onto the cart and that the club’s “sound financial footing” left it “able to spend relatively and punch above our weight.”

Last week,  Steve McClaren gave an interview to the club website where he sounds a lot like Alan Pardew did previously, whether by design or inexperience of working for this owner:

“I’ve been sat down with Graham (Carr), Lee (Charnley) and Bob (Moncur), going through what the plans are, what the Club has been doing, the current squad, targets and assessing things.

“We have to build some momentum and then keep that going, and that is what we are trying to do. Behind the scenes we are working very, very hard to make sure we are ready for the new season.”

Unfortunately, We’ve heard all this before.  Remember in December when the club website told us:

‘Alan Pardew is working hard to bring new faces to Tyneside over the coming weeks’.

This was quickly shown to be a total fabrication when, towards the end of the following January window, Lee Charnley admitted:

“In all honesty, the January window is not one we ever envisaged being particularly active in.”

This confirmed what we’ve all learned over the past 8 years.  Under Mike Ashley, Newcastle United will consistently lie about their intentions. The owner, Chief Exec, Manager and media partners will mislead fans as a matter of club policy.

To repeat, they “Never envisaged” bringing anyone in.  Why then did the club website tout the hard work being done to bring new faces to the club?  Obviously for the same reason a similar yarn is being spun right now.

Evidence like this exposes (yet again) the will of the club to brazenly mislead fans about the level of ambition they have, and makes an absolute mockery of subsequent claims from Charnley that fans:

“…will agree that the Club has been open and transparent during all interactions”

In truth we’d struggle to find a less open and transparent organisation.

Thanks to Chris Holt for another excellent piece and you can visit his blog HERE, plus you can follow him on Twitter @MikeAshleyLies

  • zemtex

    I would be shocked if we didn’t sign anyone this Summer. Ashley is a lot of things, but he isn’t stupid… and you’d have to be brain dead to not invest in that team.

  • Hudson80

    There is a difference between saying ‘not particularly active’ and ‘never’ – you shouldn’t create a quote to suit your agenda

  • desree

    i’d argue you would have to be brain dead to hire a real estate agent to oversee recruitment, hire JFK twice, hire alan pardew, leave john carver in charge of the team, make lee charnley a managing director and claim to be able to punch above your weight when you are the 19th richest club in Europe and swansea, west brom, stoke and southampton are signing better players for you.

  • desree

    they were working hard to get rid of players, that I’m certain

  • v0ices

    desree every penny saved is a penny profit for mash holdings

  • zemtex

    desree Give the spiel a rest. There’s a difference between making a poor decision (which you’ve highlighted) and one which would essentially relegate us (not signing anyone this summer). There’s a marked difference between the level of dodgy judgement needed in getting an appointment wrong and looking at that team and not seeing that it needs investment. Do you honestly think Ashley is stupid enough to not realise the squad needs investing? NO. Do you think he’s stupid enough to realise this and still not invest through greed. NO.

  • v0ices

    zemtex desree hes greedy enough to know it needs investment and gamble on what enough to just stay in the premier league will be. minimal investment.

  • zemtex

    v0ices zemtex desree No doubt that’s true, he’s undoubtedly greedy and probably will strive for the minimum necessary for surviving. It just so happens that we’re below the minimum needed to guarantee survival. Therefore he’ll sign players. I’m glad you agree.

  • Jimmywayhay

    There are deals virtually done ! That could be a good phrase for the lads to use , VIRTUALLY ,

  • Wingpaddock

    hudson80 -creating a quote – I think it would be safe to assume that in view of the fact we didn’t sign anybody in the last window that the inference of the quote was clear. Naughty bringing this up to suit your agenda -whatever that is.

  • Porciestreet

    It’s a sad fact that you have to have a very good memory to be a good liar and Charmless is neither. Probably comes from being so close to Nikey Mikey for so long.

  • Porciestreet

    zemtex desree Scuze me…. That would be a massive yes.  Ashley has.nt got a clue which is why he’s jumped out of the firing line by resigning his position on the board.

  • magpie9

    8 years of lies & greed!

  • Hudson80

    The authors Twitter is @MikeAhleyLies so my inference is that he simply twists a quote to suit his agenda.
    I think we can all agree that the regime hasn’t delivered (let’s hope they finally do in this window) but we can do without this sort of Article

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Jimmywayhay  “Virtually” being the new “can’t quite get them over the line”.

  • Willvenus1

    Sadly, it must now be almost impossible to sell the club to any potential incoming players or their agents. We have nothing to offer. We’re not in the least bit convinced so why should anyone else be

  • toon tony

    This lot remind me of someone who put a kitchen in for me once. …every day he’d turn up late, spend an hour telling me what he was going to do. Tea breaks, endless fags later very little done. THREE months later. ……

  • kuromori

    zemtex v0ices Of course, it’s always possible we’ll sign players and *still* be below the minimum needed for survival. Fat Mike may or not be stupid, but he does like a gamble.

  • v0ices

    zemtex v0ices if  he thinks players are needed  but he may gamble he has enough already.

  • toonterrier

    Makes you wonder what Carr has been doing since January. Should he have a list made up of the players we need and shouldn’t they have been sounded out as soon as the season ended as other well organised clubs have done. Expect another month of nothingness followed by a couple of panic signings and then back to the survival in the league situation. Nothing has changed in eight years of the greedy git.

  • zemtex

    Porciestreet Aye right mate, he must be one of those thick self-made billionaires.

  • Pedrothegreat

    A well spotted assessment of the rubbish we have to put up with

  • v0ices

    zemtex Porciestreet ashley got rich with one business model sell tat cheap pay low wages, he exploits uk welfare to import polish workers on minimum wages and get there salaries topped up with tax credits at the taxpayers expense this is his business model he is trying to impose it on football it works fine for him as he makes money. success as a football club has no part in it and yes he may be willing to gamble staying in the premiership and investing nothing as he knows he can still fill thee ground in the championship.

  • andewalsh

    Every time Chris taps his keyboard I find myself nodding in agreement…

  • desree

    I disagree, i see nothing smart about the guy zemtex, just cos the bloke has a successful business doesn’t make him smart. it might make him very good with money? zemtex I’m sure you are smart enough to realise when you are being mislead mate. Ashleys speech was the vaguest piece of drivel, i thought it was only politicians who talk that way. The phrases are carefully manufactured to infer one thing and mean another. like politicians the mob at nufc act in a manner that is not congruent with their statements. Liverpool for example, have acted swiftly after their end of season summit. why, because they intend to carry through their intention.

  • Ballbearing

    I have to conclude both Zemtex and Desree are right! Yes, Ashley will buy some new players. But only enough and only of a quality to keep us in the Premier League, because that’s where he’s pocketing the big money from and because that’s heaping more frustration on fans he seems to have rejected. Please, Zemtex, tell me you don’t believe Ashley’s con about going for silverware next season. If you do believe it,  then understand  that his words had two different  interpretations, one of which is that if he secretly doesn’t want to sell up then that means he  won’t really want to win silverware, ever. In that case, why would he assemble a squad good enough to win a cup or get into Europe? Desree knows that.

  • zemtex

    desree What I’m saying is you’d need to be a moron to not buy this summer. I don’t think Ashley can possibly be stupid enough to not invest; to not do so would be catastrophic. Honest to God I think we’ll invest this summer and I hate the bloke. I don’t think he’ll do it out of love for the club, but out of necessity. Incidentally I don’t think we’ll sign anyone for a long time after this summer, but I’d be shocked to see us not invest over the coming window.

  • desree

    Zemtex, you’d have to be a moron to finish 5th and only buy one average player in the summer. Or have a brush with relegation so go out and sign one player on loan and then half way through sell your best player without a replacement. The decisions I see being made are moronic.
    By contuing to invest in the club what does ashley mean? as the only shareholder mike ashley has two options, take out the profit and get taxed twice or use that profit to invest in the club and grow his asset. as yet our net spend on players since we came back into the PL has to be zero.
    Where is the investment ashley talks about? If I was a shareholder in NUFC I’d be very happy as I’d be selling my shares. Why, they have reached maximum value, as you rightly point out we are going down unless we massively invest in the squad. Problem is our idea of investment is to spend money, Ashleys idea is to balance the books. It is in his DNA to do deals and constantly feel he is winning and getting the upperhand.
    I know plenty of smart people that make moronic decisions, myself included. Therefore I wouldn’t put any moronic decision past Mike ashley.

  • desree

    thanks for mediating ball bearing, I can’t help but feeling that its us fans who are the biggest morons. I think it was ben kenobi who said ‘who’s more the fool? The fool? or the fool who follows him?”
    Can’t help but feel it’s option 2!

  • desree

    It is highly possible if you offer them 80k per week, how many players have we missed out on? What I can’t understand is we still have the 7th highest wage bill? Is this down to having so many useless plyers on our books that will never make the first team, just seems odd that swansea seem to sign the players we rejected because of wages and yet our wage bill is higher.
    I just feel that none of this stacks up, unless mA has a massive salary from the club?

  • RajBithal

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag they never envisage signing anyone. Actually having to play games is a nuisance to them!

  • Jarra MIck

    North Korea only just

  • dcb72

    MikeAshleyLies 23nsg because they had to stop the fans leaving the club. So charnley lied,and they were printed by the Chronicle

  • MarkthoMark

    dcb72 MikeAshleyLies 23nsg Yes The Club don’t quite realise how toxic this season will be IF they don’t make quality signings. talk lies.

  • slashmcglasham

    MikeAshleyLies NUFCTheMag
    While trying not to steal your thunder it’s because
    ‘Mike Ashley Lies’
    #NoAmbition #nufc

  • NottsToon

    desree Our net spend since returning to the Prem is actually +£34m. Am I the only one who finds it an odd coincidence that is almost the exact amount of cash showing in the clubs accounts?