Wolfsburg’s Sporting Director has talked disparagingly of Newcastle United’s valuation of Bas Dost, especially compared to the price Liverpool have paid for Roberto Firmino.

Liverpool paid 41m euros (approx £29m) for the Brazilian from Hoffenheim and Klaus Allofs has said that Newcastle United, or indeed any other club, will have to come up with a lot more than the 10m-12m euros (approx £7m-£8.5m) that has been widely reported as what Newcastle want/wanted to pay for Bas Dost.

Whilst according to Sporting Director Klaus Allofs, he says that the club have now spoken to Bas Dost’s agent and the striker is said to be happy at Wolfsburg and has no interest in leaving.

Speaking to Wolfsburger Nachrichten, Klaus Allofs:

“I read of lump sum payments  of 10 to 12 million euros for Bas (Dost) but then I refer to the example of Roberto Firmino and say they (Newcastle and other clubs) will have to get used to other amounts if they really want to buy Dost.”

“We have spoken with his (Bas Dost’s) agent and it has turned out that Bas does not want to leave, quite the contrary. He feels very good in Wolfsburg.”

Allofs’ comments follow previous ones from Wolfsburg manager Dieter Hecking only last week, Hecking laughing off the idea of Bas Dost having any interest in Newcastle who were almost relegated last season, compared to the Bundesliga runners-up who will be playing Champions League this coming season.

Dieter Hecking:

“Why should he go to Newcastle? He can play Champions League with us and he won’t be able to do that at Newcastle in the upcoming years.”

“We do not want to sell anybody.”

I get the impression that Wolfsburg might be the latest club to tick Newcastle United off their Christmas card list.

The fact that Klaus Allofs went to Bas Dost’s agent to clarify the forward’s situation suggests that the transfer speculation had unsettled the German club.

Whilst the tone of Dieter Hecking’s comments backs up the idea that they were blaming Newcastle for initiating the speculation.

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  • Andgeo

    Just one embarrassment after another! GET INTO THE REAL WORLD!!!

  • DownUnderMag

    Clearly their tactic of trying to unsettle a player isn’t working any more.  Players, agents and clubs are now wise to it, time to think of a new scam to try and get players on the cheap mike!

  • dude 1

    We are known as the pi$$ takers of the transfer system how long until McClaren rellises that what he signed up to was a load of shite what is it with newcastle and paying the going rate for a player the fat man is so greedy with money it’s unbeliveable I have never known a man that is so tight he no doubt has a plan of taking his money with him when he dies

  • Roppa2

    The club itself is cash rich and does not rely on Cashley to spend some of his money as, unlike the vast majority of Premiership clubs if not all,  it has made profits for the last 4 years. Last year alone saw the club make £18.7mill despite an unexplained £25m rise in turnover. Clearly going forward the profits can only grow due to the new TV revenues but nothing will change at Newcastle other than an increase in their profits. So Cashley does not need to, as he put it in his interview, continue investing into the club (a PR spin for saying his initial investment will remain but nothing will be added). His phrase of we will continue to invest in the club was another PR spin as every club in the premiership has to invest, in order to survive.But in Newcastle’s case this will be purely from some of the profits and other player transfers.  His comment of ‘best pound for pound investment’ was the giveaway which indicated newcastle will continue to shop in the cheap isles in the hope that they can then sell the player on for more.   In McClaren (who was an unemployed championship manager), he sees a coach that will maintain mid table mediocrity for his “advertising vehicle”, and not rock the boat. So well done for the many Newcastle supporters  for chucking in their season tickets this summer as it would not have been easy, but nor was “being used” by a man who according to the courts of England is “a Liar”.

  • 1957

    Sounds like Wolfsburg preparing the ground for when he does leave. They are not saying he isnt but as with all players it’s a case of if the price is right. The fact the players agent says he is happy to stay means nothing, it’s a common start to a transfer.
    Liverpool have set the bar for transfers from the Bundesliga by buying a relatively unknown Brazilian for what seems a inflated fee, so I think NUFC are priced out of the German market now, back to France I suspect.

  • desree

    Lee charnley said in January ” we don’t make it easy for other clubs to buy our players” clearly your approach isn’t unique Lee

  • Mark Crossling

    That’s old news and when a manager or owner does that we usually end up signing the player in question Remy Cabella ring any bells the montpellier owner slated us what happened oh yeah we signed him

  • desree

    lee charnley was quoted in the chron in january “we make it very difficult for clubs to buy our players” – clearly Lee you are not the only genius businessman in world football. Shame because it was real maverick of you to sell players for how much you valued them and not less. It was only a matter of time before other clubs latched on to your innovative and disruptive transfer model. The world is full of idiots, shame we have more than our fqir share running the club