The Wolfsburg manager Dieter Hecking has laughed off the idea of Bas Dost giving Newcastle United the time of day.

Speaking to Wolfsburger Allgemeine, Hecking pointed out the all too obvious – Wolfsburg offering Champions League football in three months time whilst the Bundesliga boss questions exactly when Newcastle could offer that.

“Why should he go to Newcastle? He can play Champions League with us and he won’t be able to do that at Newcastle in the upcoming years.”

“We do not want to sell anybody.”

The speculation regarding Bas Dost and Newcastle United has always had two big questions marks from the start.

Firstly, why would the Dutch striker choose to leave a Wolfsburg team that are on the up after finishing second and can offer the chance to play in the World’s top cup competition? Especially to leave for a club like Newcastle who show absolutely no ambition under Mike Ashley.

Secondly, why would Wolfsburg be trying to sell someone who was easily their top scorer last season?

Bas Dost scored 16 Bundesliga goals despite starting only 17 games, with the next highest scorer being midfielder Kevin de Bruyne who scored 10 league goals.

Plus, the only other out and out striker on the German club’s books last season was Nicklas Bendtner who managed only a single league goal from 18 appearances as a starter and as a sub.

I suppose the third massive question mark would have been exactly how we would have expected Mike Ashley to pay the going rate for a striker who is on the up and just scored a bucket load of goals in the space of a few months?

  • Les Higgins

    Hahaha, even the other managers in other leagues are laughing at us :-)

  • Shaker_Shakrah

    Hmmmm yeah , why ? haha

  • PhilYare

    we have the appeal of a cesspit.

  • Mark Crossling

    Same happened with Cabella remember and what happened there

  • Polarboy

    Dost wasn’t injured for big parts of last season or anything and didn’t start a lot of games and this is despite them only having Bendtner as the other out and out striker. Now the Wolfsburg coach may have changed his opinion since Dost’s goal scoring run but the fact is that they still signed Max Kruse last month. Kruse is another centre forward so Dost may feel that in order to get enough starts to be in the Dutch squad he has to move. The premier league is probably the best place to be for recognition given it’s popularity and the fact that a number of Dutch players and managers are in it.

  • fireflyuk

    I wouldn’t sign for us and I’m shite!

  • dondafis

    Manager doesn’t think that the player that fired his team into second place finish should leave. Hardly surprising is it?
    Interesting to note that seemingly every news organisations is covering this little quote. Backlash against Ashley and his preferred media partners?

  • fireflyuk You shouldn’t have said that , Fatty will be after you as a loan signing !

  • MrDolf

    Incredible that the club are still trying the tactic of throwing in a derisory bid then hoping the player will start agitating for the ‘dream’ move the Premier League. Newcastle do not have that pull anymore and if we are to have any hope of building a decent team (extensive signings required) the board need to accept that they have to at the going rate sometimes.
    This may very well get Wolfsburg’s back up to the point that they will sell to anyone but.

  • fireflyuk

    devonbay fireflyuk Trust me I will be busy when he calls.

  • Liam Wright

    We buy any car make better bids than NUFC.

  • Steven Phillips

    Hope we don’t get him, he’s a avarage player who was 3rd choice striker for 3 seasons .. A run of goals doesn’t make you a top striker and that’s what we need .. He’s not as good as Cisse.

  • DownUnderMag

    We aren’t a top half club, we don’t have a cup pedigree and we don’t have European football.  Let’s face it, we don’t have much to offer and we certainly aren’t going to offer the wage incentive.  Ashley has painted the whole club into a corner and reduced us to begging for scraps on the football player floor.

  • DownUnderMag

    MrDolf the problem is Ashley seems to think that if something works once by sheer fluke then it should work everytime.   Sadly the only players that works on are not the type of players we really need here…and exactly the type of weak willed players who got us into the mess at the end of last season!

  • Ol Holm

    And Cisse is awful. 30 years old and won’t score more than a handful. Let’s not try and big him up. He’s done nothing the last few seasons

  • PhilYare

    we probably enquired about Das Boot

  • PhilYare

    I think thats extremely harsh considering his goal scoring record, afterall who else in the squad would you trust to score more than a handful of goals? gouffran? Riviere? Sissoko? 

    Cisse was fantastic (not to mention the quality of the goals he scored v Chelsea, Swansea, Aston Villa) until Pardew started playing him upfront on his own isolated in his 9-1 formation. Loss of form and injuries contributed to a disappointing couple of seasons…… out of our entire squad only cisse has invited any interest… that tells you something