Michael Laudrup was many Newcastle fans’ choice for the vacant manager’s job at St James’ Park.

Along with Patrick Vieira, the Barcelona legend and the manager who brought Swansea their first ever trophy, Laudrup was seen a somebody who could bring good football back to Newcastle and somebody who wouldn’t be seen as a yes man in the style of Pardew and Carver.

There were claims that talks took place between Michael Laudrup and Newcastle United officials but now it has been confirmed that the former Swansea boss has committed himself to another year at Lekhiywa.

Laudrup won the Qatar Stars League title, plus cup successs, last season but was only on a one year contract and had said he was open to an ambitious club, including one in the Premier League.

Yesterday though his representative Bayram Tutumlu confirmed that Michael Laudrup was staying for at least another year:

“Michael Laudrup after thinking through several offers has decided to sign another one year contract with Lekhwiya Fc.”

In the process it was confirmed that Laudrup is on a wage of £3m a year.

Considering that Alan Pardew was reported to have trebled his Newcastle wage when he went to Crystal Palace, to a figure still below that £3m, it isn’t hard to see why talks with Newcastle would have instantly hit a major stumbling block. This is before you would even have got to assurances of transfer funds being available and the manager/head coach having the freedom to choose his own players.

We all hope that if Steve McClaren is indeed going to be appointed at St James’ Park, he hasn’t taken the job on the same terms as John Carver or Alan Pardew.


  • Bianchi Boy


    You still haven’t answered why Laudrup didn’t take the job. Just yet more whinging and “No ambition…No assurances…Not enough money…” rent-a-quotes.

    Never mind. I’m sure the Chronicle will option this type of “journalism”

  • DownUnderMag

    Personally Laudrup was never an option.  He not only has a bad track record of throwing his toys out the pram but was never a long term option – he was either going to prove himself and get poached by a bigger club (i.e. one that actually spends the money they make) or he was going to struggle and blame Ashley shortly before walking out.  I think Vieira would have been a good option, but again was probably all pie in the sky as wages and demands were always going to be too high.  And there lies the problem with McClaren, fans are just going to see him as the easy option, the one that wouldn’t make demands, who wouldn’t rock the boat.  I would actually like to have seen what Tuchel could have done with some better players (yes I do think we have them, just not enough to cover injuries and suspensions).  Ashley needs to back whoever he appoints, that is the only thing I care about…Ashley does that I will back McClaren 100% and hope he emulates his time at Twente and Boro.

  • Peter Lamb

    Of course not

  • IntravenusMP

    Given that Laudrup struggled with egos at Swansea, I really don’t think he’d have been a good fit at Newcastle United. 

    Vieira would have been interesting but who’s to know if he would have succeeded. 

    If most of us were honest, if we were running a business and were presented with the options that had been thrown about with NUFC and the salaries involved, I’d have though most would have opted for the former England manager who’s done well in the Dutch league and respected as a coach. Given the last time we employed someone with that profile, it worked out OK. 

    If we want the directors to back the team and manager, perhaps the supporters (and fanzines) should do the same

  • v0ices

    IntravenusMP the last person we employed with a similar profile? really so funny no i would not select a manager who had just been terminated by a club at a lower level but you would? perhaps you think we are unable to compete with championship clubs now?

  • Bianchi Boy

    IntravenusMP Careful, son.

    You’re being rational and logical. People don’t like that round here. 

    They prefer screaming idle rage at people (Pardew and anyone associated in their minds to Ashley) and things (made up stories about players and managers) that they can force through false memes (lack of ambition).

  • IntravenusMP

    v0ices Well, that rules out Brendon Rogers for you (it would me too TBH)

  • IntravenusMP

    Bianchi Boy That seems to be the thinking of most.

  • v0ices

    IntravenusMP v0ices rodgers joined liverpool from swansea your logic defies me.

  • IntravenusMP

    v0ices IntravenusMP He was sacked by championship strugglers Reading

  • v0ices

    IntravenusMP v0ices yes but hevwas hired based on his work with swansea… nothing like mcclaren being sacked from derby.