There hasn’t been a single bid as yet for Charlie Austin, according to the Telegraph today.

To sum up the craziness of the transfer window, this claim of no offers has followed quickly on from other newspapers carrying ‘exclusives’ saying there is a bidding was in progress.

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One newspaper previously ‘reported’ that Newcastle had made an offer of £14m to top Southampton’s £13.75m, funny how they get access to these precise figures…

For me, the reality is that whatever the newspapers say, there will have been contact from various clubs asking about Charlie Austin and discussions as to what it would take in terms of both transfer fee and wages.

The striker won’t stay at QPR, only three forwards scored more Premier League goals than Austin’s total of 18, a club will buy him but will it be Newcastle United?

The problem for  Newcastle fans is they will wonder why our club hasn’t gone in strong and put an offer in that is too good to refuse, looking around you wonder just where else United will get a striker from with a proven Premier League goalscoring record?

The answer of course is that there aren’t any, or certainly none that Newcastle would/could attract. There has been talk of Saido Berahino but West Brom would want a fee of even more than the £15m are asking as a minimum for Charlie Austin.

Whilst the striker has only had the one season in the Premier League, the previous three seasons saw him starting 98 league games and scoring an impressive 59 goals.

After scoring 18 goals for the worst team in the Premier League, his overall profile is surely the nearest Newcastle United are even going to get under Mike Ashley, of a potential signing who can all but guarantee goals.

Hopefully the Emmanuel Riviere episode will have once again made clear to Ashley that spending less on a transfer fee and wages doesn’t alway equal saving money.

charlie austin

Newcastle having spent £6m on a striker who is clearly not good enough and yet they will be landed with him for the remaining four years of his contract, with his only viable route being to go back to France but his Premier League wages meaning none of the potential buying clubs would be able to afford him.

Just as we have in the case of Sylvain Marveaux, who remarkably still has one year left to go, having also signed a five year contract, his being back in 2011.

The French winger has only started 13 Premier League matches for Newcastle and whilst Riviere has already exceeded that with 15 last season.

If he (Emmanuel Riviere) adds many more to that total then we will be in big trouble because that will mean Newcastle haven’t brought in the minimum of two strikers, such as Austin and/or Berahino, good enough for the Premier League.


  • Tony Green

    I could be wrong, but the transfer window does not re-open until 1st July. So all we could acquire in terms of new players right now, would be free agents or players outside of the UEFA jurisdiction. Would there be any positive reason to publicise our transfer dealings before next week? In the meantime we will be bombarded with vacuous rubbish about all sorts of players. Is the time to judge the (“refreshed”) Ashley regime in 3 or 4 weeks when we will see exactly how far he has stretched his tight-arsed business model?

  • A lex

    But this would be like them “learning a lesson”. They say they learn from past mistakes, but they never do because they don’t want to. For their own targets and mission and purpose, the club is performing admirably. What goes on on the pitch isn’t their main concern.

  • Riddler1973

    Why MA? he doesn’t sign the players!! The scouting team do that, MA will give them a budget to work within, I’m not surprised MA has stood down I’m surprised people don’t blame him for their half-time pies been too cold!!

  • 1957

    Unconfirmed speculation has filled column inches in newspapers for years at quiet times of the year. One newspaper will say one thing and the next something different, just don’t believe any until a player signs on the dotted line. That, and who it is, will be the true test of whether lessons have been learnt.
    A word in defence of Rivière though, he isn’t the worst player to wear a Newcastle shirt, clearly isn’t suited to the position he was played in by England’s greatest London based manager or the best coach in the Premier League and he was coached by incompetents for a season. I’ll be interested to see if McClaren can do anything with him.

  • A lex

    Riddler1973 How the fcuk do you expect the scouting team to get the necessary 6 players from a budget of £20m-ish, when other clubs of similar size / profile are spending that much on a single player?
    I think you need to study the following definition :

  • NottsToon

    You are wrong. Tell me how Man Utd signed the Dutch lad then, or Liverpool the Brazilian from Hoffenheim?

  • partworntyres

    get pointy beard to grow it a bit, tie it t his right toe and watch him run. – with cabella falling over his own feet,  armstrong doing his best running around, and williamson in the heart of defence we could be THE ENTERTAINERS again. can’t wait.

  • partworntyres

    somebody mention pies? – i’ll be back!

  • A lex

    NottsToon You really have to wonder if people repeating this mantra of ‘not signing anyone until July 1st’ actually watch the football news!

  • fireflyuk

    1957 Both points you make are fair; its hard to judge any player in reality who has suffered under the two best managers on the planet, (except Williamson, who is useless) and as for the transfer speculation, again you are right, this rubbish always happens but most NUFC fans don’t notice it because our club is not normally involved in the transfer talk.

  • Riddler1973

    A lex Riddler1973  It amazes me how people who have nothing to do with the Club know the budget, the proof is in the ‘pudding’ so I’d rather wait and see what happens rather than talk for the link!

  • Riddler1973

    1957  He isn’t a poor player, he moves, finds space and links up play very well…….. he is obviously low on confidence so lets see what SM can do with him.

  • fireflyuk

    Tony Green I think it would have been possible to do business now however I do agree that ultimately the ‘new’ regime can only really be judged fairly at the end of July though in reality I don’t expect them to do spend big which is 40 million plus, they will probably do 30k again which is nowhere near enough.

  • A lex

    Riddler1973 A lex Totally agree with you – I’ve been eating that said pudding for 8 years and it tastes crap. Amazes me why so many people go back to eat more.

  • 1957 Ashley is hoping season ticket sales increase with every transfer rumour whispered into journalists ears , whilst all the time preparing to gamble that McClaren can coach better football out of existing players . Wait for McClarens statement ‘ I’m happy with the players I’ve …………..” Fatty’s not getting a penny from me !

  • PhilipWhitehead

    1957 how can you coach a player who falls over everytime he tries to shoot at goal…not once …every time

  • v0ices

    Tony Green why wait 3 or 4 weeks to judge them have the last 7 or 8 years not been enough? someone tell liverpool the window is not open they have spent the best part of 100 million already.

  • fireflyuk

    v0ices Tony Green I agree, I don’t think anything has changed but we can only have our fears confirmed by the end of July.