As the club looks to settle into a new era, there is another underlying challenge which has been failed to be addressed, what is happening with the Newcastle United young players?

The current regime stated the importance of youth in the development of the club, but with an U21 side which is continually failing, yet again we face a future where nobody develops into the first team.

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This may be overstating the point as players such as Aarons start to sniff around the first team, but he is the exception, not the rule.

While we have focussed on the disaster which is the first team this year, our under 21s have a record of 3 wins, 4 draws and 11 defeats this year. The attention on Peter Beardsley has been around his defending of the regime, but seriously, how can his coaching record be defended?

It may not be Beardsley but the set-up which is rotten. Either way though there is a need for change and if the personnel are not going to, then the way the youth set-up is run must be.

We cannot continue to send all of our youth team out on loan, they must be developed to play in the style of the team so that they can step up. If we are not going to invest in depth of squad then surely make sure the youngsters can step up.

A prime example of the failure is Adam Campbell. A player who only played 5 times (all as a substitute) for the first team but was flagged as an example of failure by John Carver on many occasions.

This is a player who is still only 20 years old but while still at the club is being treated as an outcast. For god’s sake he even found out he’d officially been released via Twitter from what we’ve heard! Surely if we act like this we are never going to attract the best youngsters?

Even Adam Armstrong, who is only 18 remember, is getting told by Carver that he isn’t good enough for the first team one day, then thrown in front of the press in the place of our club captain the next.

Can you imagine Sir Bobby doing that?

He would have been telling him how great his ability was and nurturing his development. It is not only about coaching at that level but about man-management.

When the reserves played Stoke on Sky earlier this season I was impressed at the individual ability on show at that level, as Bigi ran the midfield and Callum Roberts marauded down the wing.

newcastle united young players

However, both players were loaned out to clubs where they would never get the coaching needed to develop. None of the young players on show that night have had a sniff of the first team this season.

In a month where we see three Wor Jackie Award winners (Alnwick, Streete, Ameobi) as well as a Jack Hixon award winner (Campbell) all potentially leaving the club (three of them released), we must have a serious look beyond the first team and into the future  of our club.

If your son was a footballer would you seriously recommend Newcastle, or would you look at Southampton, Norwich and Ipswich?

There is undoubted talent in our youth ranks and we need to invest to bring it through. While I’m not expecting Gazza and Waddle to appear every season, we are barely getting a Taylor, Ramage or Caldwell any more.

There should always be 4 or 5 players capable of stepping up, but instead those who should be filling the bench (Vuckic, Bigiramana, Campbell) are being loaned out and adding no value. Potential is not turning into Premier League players but why not?

It is time for a clear out both of players and coaches. Start over again and invest in nurturing the undoubted talent which exists in the region rather than just filling the club with bodies.

The 11 Geordies on a pitch may never happen but at the moment it’s not even something we can dream of!


  • Shaker_Shakrah

    SIMPLE !!!
    not good enough for the 1st division
    & maybe not even the championship

  • amacdee

    Not that long ago a fellow Mag mentioned that he was standing next to Campbell in the bar at the Stade du Merde, happy to chat to him and wish him good luck for the future. Campbell dissed him and let him know that he wasnt in the mood for pleasantries.

    Maybe the youngsters need to learn a little humility before putting on that famous black and white shirt and understand that supporters are what gives them the ability to strut their stuff ?

  • ” The biggest problem is that The Coaches are not good enough “,From John Carver down to the U21s U18s. Are just not good enough and do not seem to have a clue.” ..Why are the First team ,The U21s ,U18s Not capable of scoring goals from Free Kicks or Corners ,,,Exactly what is coached into the First team the U21s and U18s on the training pitch ” ???????,,,…”None of the teams have a system or the same system ,they are ALL devoid of any idea “,..??? Why is there not a same system coached into ALL THE TEAMS AT SJP. “????? Example Arsenal ,Swansea ,etc etc ,If we don’t have enough good players capable of beating the opposition why don’t we have a team which can Fight And Bite and Die for the cause ,,,”,Like we used to do ,,The team that scores the most goals wins the game ..””How many times have any of our teams practised putting the ball in the net .,Example “Overthe Wall Taylor has hardly played this season ,But his free kick taking was useless where once he was superb ,he’s been out for near on 12 month Whose been coaching him and what’s he been doing ,,Why was he so useless at free kicks when once he was great ,where are the different ideas he should have been working on ,where are the Devious ,Spectacular Over The Wall Brazillian free kicks ,Just WHAT speciality of any sort do Newcastle United Have ,Any thing at all will do to get us up screaming out of our seats instead of sitting there bemoaning “What a load of Shiate “?????

  • Barnesay

    Greg, we’ve seen Aarons, Alnick, Roberts make their debuts, Arma and Sammy get more game time, Satka and Woodman on the bench and Perez feature heavily. Is that not progress despite a poor season overalls? You suggest parents send their kids to Southampton? Not aware of Academy distance rules then? A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….

  • Cornflake

    Barnesay Other than the fact that Perez didn’t come through our Youth Academy, and Alnwick is gone, as well as possibly (should be) Ameobi.

  • wilk

    No money in youngsters rest my case and scouts keep looking for Messi from young age but there is only one Messi clubs (nufc)need to follow the Germans, proven method .

  • DownUnderMag

    I’ve said it for a long time now, our record at developing players is abysmal and something needs to be looked at.

    Beardsley, as great a players as he was, has just failed to deliver at a coaching level.  How he was allowed back into coaching youngsters after the things that came out about his bullying, is just beyond me.  He needs to go and someone proven put in charge of developing talent at the club.

    It’s not just Beardo that is the problem.  The head coach, manager or whatever you want to call them, is as much to blame for failing to give them any game time.  It seems that there was always an excuse…we’re doing well so need to keep playing the players we have been….we’re doing badly so need our senior players to play to dig us out.  Even when we were mathematically safe in previous seasons, with nothing else to play for, we refused to give young kids their chance.

    It isn’t all about throwing them all in together in a cup game you are intentionally trying to lose.  It also isn’t about loaning them out to such a low level of football that they actually go backwards.

    wilk I agree to a certain extent…I think the club has been pulling out every cheap/free player available and hoping they suddenly turn into Messi overnight.  If you want this type of development then you need to spend big for the potential in the first place (i.e. Arsenal with Walcott).  If you aren’t going to spend big on youth then you need top coaching to bring them through and develop them.  not every player needs to be a superstar, there is nothing wrong with having players who are good squad players…but they NEED game time to develop.

    Barnesay giving a player one game before sending them out on loan or finishing their contract because they didn’t score a hattrick is not progress.  Nor is putting them on the bench to never set foot on a pitch.  Alnwick has been released, Sammy is still in doubt.  It needs to be steady progress, not all or nothing which is what the club currently deploys as coaching tactics.

  • arpeco19

    Agree with most people on here….. Firstly there is NO PHILOSOPHY at the club, like there is at Barcelona, Arsenal, Swansea, Southampton, Chelsea etc… We need to have the teams at all levels playing the same style, the coaches need to be on the same wavelength and have the best credentials for the job. We need to get in experienced European coaches at youth level and ditch the “jobs for the boys” brigade. Because quite frankly top English youth coaches are very hard to come by, if there are any!!!!! I can only think of one good one and that was Steve Heighway at Liverpool. In general, are there any good English coaches?? The first thing mclaren needs to do is get the coaches in one by one, find out what their ideas are of coaching, if they’re ideas aren’t similar to his, get rid. It’s as simple as that. Something drastic has to happen otherwise what is the point of having a youth set up when nobody comes through.

  • fireflyuk

    Barnesay Would ANY of those players have received playing time if we weren’t so short of decent players? I doubt any of those mentioned who have had playing time would have even seen the bench at any other Prem club.

  • fireflyuk

    amacdee Sadly I don’t think that applies exclusively to NUFC players.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Cornflake Barnesay  And lets remember that Perez was originally going to be sent out on loan before fate took a hand.

  • Barnesay

    Lads, I’ve been to the Academy several times (have any of you?) and I know the philosophy is there to get kids in to the first team, this is how they sell themselves to parents ahead of academies of Boro and mackems. I agree not enough have progressed as first team regulars but in last 10 Years we’ve had more than say Liverpool or mackems when you add the number of first team games played by academy graduates. Even before this season look at number of teenagers making debuts, off top of my head even as far back as Saylor and Shola but then likes of Ferguson, vuckic, bigi, Campbell, Ranger. What I would say is not enough prospects have been improved- what happened to Curris Good? But you can’t say the kids haven’t been given opportunity