Intriguing to read what York fans are saying about the Newcastle United team and fans.

Wednesday 29 July sees United making the short trip to Bootham Cerscent to play York City, one of seven pre season friendlies confirmed by the club.

As well as the three games to be staged in America, Newcastle have announced that the first team will visit Gateshead, Sheffield United and York City, plus host Borussia Monchengladbach at St. James’ Park.

For full details of all seven fixtures go HERE.

When I saw the match with York had been arranged, I thought I would see what the York fans had to say about Newcastle’s visit.

Are NUFC still a big draw, or would they be underwhelmed?

The York Press website reported on the fixture today and these are some of the very interesting comments that York fans have left:

‘What a great fixture – famous club, history between the clubs’ (even if it’s now long ago) and definitely a must watch match!

Will it be all ticket, as Newcastle are highly capable of filling the whole of BC (Bootham Crescent)and the Toon will see a day and night out in York as very attractive.’

‘Newcastle?!! I thought Russ wanted to test his players? Hehe.

No seriously, great work by the club for setting this up and I know there will be a lot of drunk Geordies knocking about the place but they generally are a friendly lot, even when hammered, unlike our other local ‘big’ sides who come with slightly more than a minority moron contingent.’

‘Nice fixture, presumably it’s part of the Sammy Ameobi deal!’

 ‘Newcastle, errrrrrrrrrrrrrr who are they….that drunken pub team down the road. Be a lot of yobs around in town that day, oh well could be worse could have been Leeds, but they don’t like getting stuffed .’

‘Newcastle likely to field a full strength team ?????, they haven’t got a manager in place, who knows what he will want to do.’

‘Looks odds on Newcastle will have that well known York lad Steve McClaren in charge. I think he will want to put on a good show at BC and play most of his senior players.

Will be nice for City to get one over the ex England boss……..assuming McClaren gets the job.’

‘Should have arranged the game for a Saturday, that would have guaranteed a full house if only with Newcastle fans.’

‘Excellent work by the club, no matter what anyone says, getting Newcastle in is a big coup for a L2 side, as pretty much any team in the country would happily host a game against them in pre-season.

The Magpies’ last game on their tour of the USA is on the 21st July so all the big names will be available, dependent on whether they organise another one for that week as PL sides sometimes send two teams to different locations.

The Geordies are a good bunch (mostly) so I’m sure they will be a jovial group, unlike their neighbours from Sunderland and Boro when they’ve been in previous years.

Seeing players like Krul, Janmaat, Coloccini, Cisse and Perez will be good and a massive test for our lads. Hopefully Williamson will still be there though so that Jake Hyde can have an easy afternoon!!’

‘Great fixture, despite it being a Wednesday night they will bring plenty. They are daft up there! Give them the away end and the whole Pop Stand or half the Main Stand – the money can be used to strengthen the squad.’


‘Just read that Newcastle are at Sheffield Utd on the Sunday, come to ourselves on the Wednesday and then host Borussia Monchengladbach on the Saturday, so we’ll prob see a handful of the first team I would think. The season begins on Aug 8th (am I right?!) so this would be their penultimate fixture ahead of the new campaign.’

  • Kevin Halliday

    Those fans seem quite amiable and I truly hope any of our less intelligent or more troublesome Geordies are well behaved. They seem to be welcoming our lot.

  • Porciestreet

    A bit too far to travel from Cyprus but a wonderful city to visit. (don’t destroy it lads, the vikings couldn’t) Havn’t been to Bootham Crescent since I was in college at Askham Bryan and digs in Copmanthorpe. The Brewers Arms under Lendle Bridge used to have the finest pint of Tetleys off the wood. A must try if it’s still there.

  • Alsteads

    I live in York with our lass and we used to go to York then up to toon for game following week where it worked but no longer do the toon run (reluctantly) still go to York and it’s like how I remembered as a kid. They are great set of fans and when you see them applauding the away fans who have came from miles (and some times only a hundred or so) it makes you realise what being a fan is about. It’s a nice change from bull sxxt the premier league throws at us. Looking forward to the day and match.
    Enjoy it lads n lasses they will welcome us open arms. It’s nice still to be held in some sort of esteem still!!!

  • DownUnderMag

    York is a gorgeous city and i’ve only ever had great fun out with the rest of the toon fans when at away games.  I remember partying after the 4-0 stuffing by Man U in Cardiff and it was like we’d won the cup…a few lone Manc were out and I don’t think they could believe that essentially the vast majority of toon fans were just out to enjoy the trip, have a good time and the fact they got beat wasn’t going to spoil their night out in Wales so i’m sure they will be up for a good time in York, who knows we may even have a manager by then  :)

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Lived in York for 2 years great City nice people

  • DZA187

    I travel to York station to head across to Newcastle all the time on match days since moving out of the city, you always see a large number of Newcastle fans travelling from York to matches, which is great to see.

  • BillytheFish

    I travel to most away games, and we are always very well received. Different atmosphere with the away fans who congregate from all over……Not so much wining.

  • philk4

    Nice. Complete opposite of Derby ars*h*les