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What will you do?

7 years ago

It’s something of an understatement to say that the majority of Newcastle fans are somewhat underwhelmed with this summer’s lack of transfer activity from the club.

After, what some took to be, a speech which promised much from the owner, we have yet to see any actual action aside from appointing a sacked Championship manager and (allegedly as it is yet to be confirmed at the time of writing), some coaches who may or may not be any good.

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So what to do if the summer progresses as it has begun?

What to do if the much needed signings either do not arrive, or are of blatantly insufficient quality or quantity?

What to do if we find our more saleable assets ruthlessly shipped out late in the window and not replaced?

What to do if the longest running practical joke in professional sports just keeps on rolling?

In the last couple of days we have read that up to a third of season tickets remain unsold for the first time in decades.

We have heard our proposed transfer bids laughed at publically by selling clubs, plus we have heard the Newcastle have ‘pulled out of the race’ on no less than 5 supposed transfer targets.

This does not look good whichever way you cut it, people have had enough of Newcastle United and its charlatan owner, not just fans but other football clubs too. This once great club is now regarded by many as a pathetic annoyance, trading on past reputation only.

As I have stated on here many times, I gave up my season ticket five years ago when I was first offered a ‘long -term deal’. For me the writing was well and truly on the wall that this would be a long battle and the last thing I needed to be doing was funding the enemy, so what about everyone else?

If last season and a barren summer is to be a watershed for supporters then will you finally make your stand? If so, how will you do it?

For me, the non-attendance of matches is where it begins, not handing your money over to the people destroying the football club should be where it begins for us all – the least we should do.

From there, a supporter’s level of involvement is their own. From lending their support to another local team, to boycotting all Ashley owned businesses, to actively protesting outside the ground, it all counts, it all helps.

The small number of remaining apologists are still banging the same drum of ‘tell us who will take over?’, they know the answer.

Nobody knows who would be the next custodian if Ashley were to be removed, just as we didn’t know that Ashley would take over from Shepherd and Hall until it was all but done, but this is far from a reason not to act.

So the question is, if this summer is indeed to be filled with more bitterness, lies and ultimately disappointment, what will you do come the start of next season?

Will you continue to hand your money over and obediently take your seat for the dross on the pitch, silently filing out 10 minutes early to vent your spleen in the pub and on the internet?

Or will you finally say that enough is enough, that you will no longer be an accomplice to the murder of a football club and walk away?


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