With only 67 days until the new Premier League season kicks off, we have the results now in, from our poll asking Newcastle fans what they expect to happen next at NUFC.

The sum output of the club so far has been to confirm that six out of contract players, including Jonas Gutierrez and Ryan Taylor, have been told they aren’t been kept on. Whilst Sammy Ameobi has been offered a new contract but no indication if he is going to sign it.

More importantly for fans, it is now 156 days without a manager since Alan Pardew walked out and we find out today that there’s no chance of Patrick Vieira coming to Newcastle, apparentluy because he would have little or no say on which players are bought and sold.

Even Steve McClaren is said to be away on holiday and Newcastle are reportedly not intending to interview him in the near future.

Yesterday we asked Newcastle fans to vote on what they thought would happen next at the club, with it being only 15 days now until the Premier League fixtures are announced.

The options being appointing a new manager, the new Premier League fixtures coming out (17 June), buying a player, or selling a player.


So almost exactly half the Newcastle fans  who responded believe Newcastle will appoint a new manager/head coach in the next two weeks and won’t buy or sell anybody either in the meantime.

What action do you anticipate in the days/weeks to come….?


  • Sickandtiredstill

    I hear Sepp Blatter is now lined up for an interview. He fits Ashley’s model perfectly.

  • Wallsendstu

    No he requires large sums of money in brown paper bags and the fatman won’t part with any.

  • Andgeo

    DO NOT RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKETS MUGS. Harsh but true! And don’t go into his tat shops either muppets. A complete boycott is the only way.
    This is a summary of mike Ashley’s ambitious plans:
    New manager: McClaren/Carver
    New signings: £25m max which is likely the £10m he made in January from santon and m’biwa plus what he has saved off the wage bill releasing Ben arfa, guitierez and the other players.
    This fat batsard is completely taking the [email protected]@!!!!!!

  • huglil

    Andgeo he is taking the piss out of newcastle faithful having a laugh at there expence

  • themilkman

    I think Newcastle will lose all 38 premier league next season ,and Ashley will  look on without a care in the world. It,s very sad to see such a fantastic football club being treated like this. I hope one day in the future that my beloved club will be taken over by some one who will love the club as much as every Newcastle fan does.

  • Tony Mark Elsender

    Same old lies

  • LeazesEnder

    Sickandtiredstill Corrupt?

  • stepaylor

    Ashley gets alot of credit for being an astute businessman but let me tell you nothing he does with the toon makes any sense. With fans crying out for something to bring them onside he bought himself some time with his first public appearance. 

    He then tells us that its not a decision he will be making (so its Charnley left to decide, Charnley who has never as much been involved with a pub side in the game). Then instead of getting out there and snapping up someone that would bring fresh energy, ideas and interest from the fans he (they) do absolutely nothing. They run off one of the top names in the game in Viera likely because he wouldnt be a yes man and have non football people control his decisions of who we sign and sell etc.

    This regime are doing everything they can to alienate fans, i only wish i had the money to launch my own club ‘The Geordie Football club’. I already own http://www.geordiefc.com

    very frustrating time trying to love something that gives you nothing back to love.

  • Ollie Burtons Grandad

    Did anyone here apart from the SD happy clappys actually think anything would change?
    Fatmans interview was simply a ploy to con idiots out of season ticket money. Nice to see he has reverted to type in getting rid of Taylor/Jonas by phone.
    No doubt we will get McClown the failure as the next sad arse on the NUFC hotseat. That will get us with FatMan and the 3 Stooges; sounds like a 1950s shite B movie.
    Best get my bet for relegation on now then.

  • sick of lies from fatty

    Mike Ashley treats every NUFC fan with contempt, We (and I include myself in this) are ALL nothing but fools and idiots BUT unfortunately he holds the purse strings.What people should focus on is making his beloved Sports Direct look bad since it is splattered all over the place, Don’t buy from there. Don’t buy a drink or food in the ground AND for Gods sake DO NOT believe a word he says, He is a liar and the fools he has around him supposedly running the club are clueless. I think Lee Charnley may have an NVQ in business studies if he is lucky, Also does Steve Stone actually hold a coaching badge, if so I do not know how, Now we are to hold talks with John Carver….I wonder what role he will play next season, now let me think,,,,,MANAGER maybe. just to kick us in the teeth AGAIN .Watch this space, Oh and MR ASHLEY ,,,, GO NOW PLEASE JUST GO !!!!!!!

  • rednoc07

    More lies,  nobody but nobody should buy a season ticket, there is only one man in this world that knows what make toon fans tick, KEVIN KEEGAN,

  • ilullissat

    What happens next at Newcastle United?I will tell you.If the fans continue to turn up, fxck all will happen.Why should it when nobody stops going