Important dates coming up for Newcastle fans and on Wednesday it will all feel very real again when the Premier League fixtures are released for the 2015/16 season.

After some six months, Alan Pardew’s replacement was eventually announced, we all now await the most important date…when we see ths first signing(s) walk through the door.

Whilst you don’t want to see panic buying, there really isn’t much room/time to manoeuvre when it comes to righting the wrongs of last season and the neglect of the years before that.

In only 18 days time pre season training starts, with also less than a month until the opening first team friendly.

The squad then flying off to America only four weeks from now.

When they return from the States, there will be a shade over two weeks to then ready Newcastle United for kicking off their Premier League campaign.

Realistically, we need all next season’s players on that flight to America, including new signings and those who are on international duty this weekend (Sissoko, Krul, Janmaat).

The transfer speculation has been interesting so far but that quickly turns to dejection if it doesn’t move on to be transfers that actually happen.

Here is a list of the upcoming dates that matter, will all the friendlies away from home, apart from the one on 1 August.

When that final week in August rolls around, we will also be awaiting with interest what team is put out in the League Cup.

With supposedly everybody from Mike Ashley down, now committed to the cup competitions, what will we make of Steve McClaren’s choice of team.

17 June – Premier League fixtures released

1 July – Pre season training begins

10 July – First pre season friendly v Gateshead 8pm kick off

14 July – Friendly v Mexican Club Atlas FC (played in Milwaukee) 8pm kick off (local time)

18 July – Friendly v Sacramento Republic 8pm kick off (local time)

21 July – Friendly v Portland Timbers (second team) 7.30pm kick off (local time)

26 July – Friendly v Sheffield United 1pm kick off

29 July – Friendly v York City 7.45pm kick off

1 August – Friendly v Borussia Monchengladbach 3pm kick off

8 August – Premier League kicks off

24 August (Week commencing) – League Cup round 2 matches played

1 September – Summer transfer window closes

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  • Happyharrys2011

    The most vital date in Newcastles Uniteds future is the day, Jabba the butt and his nodding dogs leave Newcastle United for ever!!!!

  • Bearsize

    We always get top team for the first or last game of the season. Watch this space. Boxing day is normally a chew as well

  • AndrewMorris1

    Can’t officially sign players until July 1st anyway, so wouldn’t panic just yet. Would be nice to see some proper bids going in though. Would also be nice to see us actually negotiating for a change. Normal tactic is to stick a ridiculously low offer in, then walk away when it inevitably gets turned down.

  • keeganRescueUs

    I’m lost with this transfer window, sky sports reported it open on June 10 but I like you thought July first was say it opened which seems odd as most clubs return to training early July. Any thoughts????

  • AndrewMorris1

    keeganRescueUs This from the Telegraph just now: ‘the window does not officially open until 12am on Wednesday 1 July 2015.’
    Sky must be on about this: ‘The transfer window dates for the major European leagues have yet to be finalised, but France, Germany, Spain and Italy’s tends to open at the beginning of June rather than July. This means players from those leagues can agree moves into England, but transfers will not be ratified until July 1. The Dutch summer transfer window tends to open in the second week of June.’
    So we can sign players in principal in June, but can’t do anything with them until July 1st.

  • v0ices

    AndrewMorris1 keeganRescueUs 12am? our papers are a disgrace they don’t even know how to tell the time.

  • delashio

    Very much doubt most teams will have all their new players in 4 weeks time. Most players wait to see what offers they get before putting pen to paper and have done for years now. Where have you been?

  • delashio

    Im sure it is 12am on the 1st.

  • v0ices

    delashio im sure your right but what time of day is 12am noon or midnight lol

  • delashio

    Midnight lol the beginning of the day.

  • amacdee

    keeganRescueUs Have the Mancs signed dePay ? Have the RBD’s signed Milner ? Have we signed f’ALL ?

  • delashio

    We only got our new manager in a couple of days ago hahaha give him a chance!

  • amacdee

    delashio Twas a response to those who questioned when the window was opned. Bottom line is that the window opens for FA teams as soon as the last game of the season has finished. 
    So we could have signed an entire XI by now !

  • delashio

    Not if things have changed though and the manager now has an input on who we sign. Its a much better way of doing things if you ask me and if your honest just about everyone dod nothing but moan and complain that the manager had nothing to do with transfers so you should be pleased thats no longer the case. Some supporters are only happy if they’re whinging.

  • amacdee

    delashio and some cannot take off their black and white tinted glasses for fear of seeing the real world.

  • delashio

    You cant argue with a fact. Heres a question for you, would you rather have a manager who is involved with deciding what players we sign or would you rather have one that has to work with what he is given?

  • AndrewMorris1

    Please tell me you’re joking.

  • delashio

    What? Me? Of corse 12am is midnight! Are you mad? Half 12 in the morning is am. I think you need to go back to school if you’re actually talking to me or google it. Wow.

  • Turnip79

    24th August.. V Man City, Chelsea or Arsenal away.

  • Turnip79


  • Larry Adler

    Those clubs not involved in the league cup at that stage because they have qualified for champions league

  • SGM

    amacdee keeganRescueUs No! They have agreed terms.