In three days time Steve McClaren will meet the Newcastle squad for the first time.

Wednesday 1 July is when pre season training begins and apart from a few such as Krul, Janmaat and Sissoko who played international football, the Newcastle Head Coach will get his first look at the players he has inherited.

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Whilst initially fitness work will take precedence, you would imagine that very quickly Steve McClaren will want them out on the pitch showing what they can do with a football.

When he meets the players on Wednesday he will then have only a week and a half before the squad flies off to America, so you would imagine he’ll want to take stock as soon as possible and see which players are good, bad and indifferent.

We all know Newcastle are desperate for a number of first team ready new signings and hopefully Steve McClaren will see in days what the vast majority of us have learnt over the course of months and years.

I have this horrible feeling that by next Friday or possibly the start of the following week, we’ll hear the dreaded words…

“I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the depth and the quality in the squad of players I have inherited, I think I have plenty to work with here blah blah blah.”

Alan Pardew was guilty of this on a number of occasions before then later bemoaning the lack of numbers and quality when a few key injuries hit.

The same with John Carver who talked about what a great squad he’d been left with by Pardew and how he was targeting the top eight, only then to say later that no other manager in the world could have done better then him with the rubbish (not the word(s) he used but it amounted to the same) he had available.

If Steve McClaren comes out with this kind of chat about the team/squad, then I think we would all fear that this is just a predictable preamble to a fraction of the transfer activity happening that we need to see.

steve mcclaren

Like most of you I still cling to a hope, however faint, that the total lack of any visible activity from Newcastle United has masked frantic transfer actio behind the scenes, with a number of signings waiting to be announced.

The thought of the squad flying off to America in two weeks time with no new additions travelling with them, is a nightmare scenario that will leave a massive risk factor hanging over the club.

When Newcastle United arrive back from the States they have just over two weeks to prepare before they face Southampton in the first Premier League match of the season.

The margins are getting ever tighter and let’s hope Steve McClaren leaves his rose-tinted glasses at home when he turns up for traning on Wednesday.

  • stephen richards

    We need most of the new signings on the plane to the USA or there’s no point going it’s supposed to be about team building I think if 2 or 3 don’t arrive next week we have to fear the worst

  • philrenner09

    Nowt news day so – does anyone know why live matches info has not been released yet after this  —Broadcast selection announcement dates by BT Sport and Sky Sports: August & September matches: on or before June 24th                           October & November matches: July 6th

  • toon tony

    And don’t forget the immortal words when the crocks appear ” it’s like signing a new player “. !!!!

  • Hughie

    Players don’t want to come here, unless it is a stepping stone. Be very interested in knowing who actually approaches a player or agent initially. Is it Mr Charisma Charnley, or old feller Carr? Would you find either of them convincing particularly when you could join other up and coming solvent clubs like Southampton or Swansea who are not only repeatedly signing good players but also playing great football? Southampton will net another 40 odd million for Schneiderlin and Clyne this summer and unearth further high quality talent. We will roll out the crock brigade–as good as new signings-Taylor, De Jong, Aarons, and the players we can’t get shot of– Cisse, Vuckic, Gouffran, Collocini.Not one decent British player– apart from Toon fan Jack signed for how many years now?– complete lack of negotiating skills in our Directors’ lockers is again apparent, along with unwillingness to pay the going rate. If Austin comes here, it will be a Fenwick’s window bum show!!.

  • Jimmywayhay

    Funny how we haven’t heard anything ,from McLaren since his appointment ,maybe he’s busy looking for his next job after realising his mistake in coming here , if he doesn’t stand up to be counted this week ,with regards to transfers ,we will know we’re we stand with this manager .

  • Wallsendstu

    It should be about team building as you say, but now it is about advertising the fatman’s tat shop so as long as someone they don’t have to be any good, stands there with his rancid logo on he will be happy.

  • Steve1221

    So basically Southampton are the exact same as us, everyone has their price then take a gamble on unproven players.

  • ArtyH

    I picture a scene from the American football movie ” Remember The Titans ” featuring Denzel Washington. At Newcastle it will be ” Remember The Tight Ones ” featuring Steve McClaren. 
    Or the movie basketball featuring Samuel Jackson where he inherited a bunch of misfits.
    Lets all hope it turn out like it did in the movies…………

  • TeamGB

    Embarking on a pre-season tour with a squad of players clearly weaker than the combination that ended the season is surely futile and counterproductive. I’m hoping at least four new additions to the first team will join the tourists in order to take full value from the journey abroad. Where’s the cheque book man….?!

  • TeamGB

    Is that a picture of McLaren warming up for his first Board meeting Chaired by Ashley?

  • MarkEpcotFarrar

    Good luck Steve – a big job needs a hard man – don’t take any garbage !

  • CMRowley

    I’m very pleased we’re not hearing from mcclaren.
    Much better than hearing him actually say nothing like his predecessors.

  • MarkEpcotFarrar

    More than capable – Give him a chance. There’s no such thing as instant success ! that’s what everyone wants these days.  It’s called Brain power there’s nothing more powerful – just hope fans and board have it.If players aren’t performing for Newcastle and Steve – get rid of them  –   lets sack the players for a change, if a kick up the ass doesn’t work kick em where it hurts ££$£$£$£

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Or he might say Obertan is flying in training

  • Squintytoonarmy

    Ps where’s all the top players carver said the club had its eyes on

  • stepaylor

    Mclaren needs no time, he will have already had a decent idea on the NUFC squad strengths/weaknesses etc and will have watched now every game from last season a few times with a team of advisors/coaches also giving opinions. He already knows what style/formation he will be looking at and has also had an input into several signing she would like. Charnley will be contacting agents and there will have been price talk on many of them. 

    My guess is that between the 1st and 10th of july 3 or 4 players will come in  with Cisse leaving.

    Would like Austin but we will get Mitrovic (same price 15 million but less in wages for a younger player too), not sure we will get another top striker and the season will start with Mitrovic and Perez/Riviere (Armstrong/Heardman as back up) Slightly better than we have now but not enough to threaten he top half.