The Dutch midfielder has now been at the club three years and there were rumours that he was on his way out 12 months ago but a year later, he is still here and looking forward to yet another season at St James Park.

A pretty much anonymous season for Anita and I was quite surprised to see he’d played in exactly half of Newcastle’s 38 Premier League matches when I checked – 17 starts and 2 as a sub.

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On the plus side, he did at least finish the season off with a very good performance against West Ham, arguably his best game for the club over the course of his three years on Tyneside.

Yesterday Vurnon Anita put this message up via Instagram:

“It’s not whether you get knocked down; it’s whether you get up.

“When you’ve got something to prove, there’s nothing greater than a challenge. #NUFC back to business.”

I have to declare that I am not the Dutchman’s biggest fan.

Like all Newcastle players I want him to succeed but for the life of me, I just don’t see what he offers. Not physically strong, obviously hopeless in the air, not quick and doesn’t score or create any goals.

Last season even Tim Krul created more goals (one) than Vurnon Anita, or even more surprisingly than that, Mike Williamson both scored and created more goals (one in each case) than the former Ajax player.

In fact, over the course of his three years at St James Park, Vurnon Anita has played 95 times for Newcastle and scored two goals and chalked up two assists.

My worry isn’t so much that Anita stays at Newcastle, it is the fact that because of his transfer fee and wages he will be taking up the place of a player who could potentially contribute. Under Mike Ashley, the thought of investing in another player whilst he still has to pay Anita’s wages just isn’t going to happen.

vurnon anita

Of course we all hope, against all visible evidence, that Steve McClaren and his coaching team will work miracles with players who we have already seen fail long-term, such as Anita, Williamson, Gouffran, Obertan and many others.

Vurnon Anita for me, will always represent that massive missed opportunity in the summer of 2012.

After finishing fifth there was a great opportunity to build on that and with two or three real quality signings the club could have planted themselves long-term in that top group of seven or eight clubs. Instead all we got was Anita.

As fans we all cling to any positives and no doubt some of you will be saying if only he can do what he did against West Ham every week.

He did play well that day but Newcastle were up against the only team who were on as bad a run as Newcastle, had nothing to play for, already knew their manager was leaving and had a few key injuries on top of everything else.

All routes lead back to what happens in the transfer market this summer. I believe we need at least five or six first team players as a minimum.

If we start against Southampton with at least four or five new players in the starting eleven then I will have hope and if Vurnon Anita scrapes into the match day 18 then fair enough.

However, if we have minimal transfer investment and Anita and other serial failures are in the first team, the writing will be on the wall.

  • AMarkDixon

    To be honest the form and place in the squad of Anita is the least of our worries.

  • LeazesEnder

    I must say that I don’t cling to any positives that are there….. I rationalise the situation in view of its weight and truthfulness….

    …. and then insult the perpetrator.

  • Oldgit

    I like this guy, I feel he hasn’t been given a chance by the previous head coach. I have a feeling that he will blossom and become more of an attacking midfield. Watch this space.

  • Will Richardson

    Well written. The stats about Krul and Williamson producing more assists than Anita last season are shocking.

  • desree

    another player who has contributed little to the club coming out with empty promises. To everyone at NUFC actions speak louder than captains letters, owners interviews, begging letters, PR spin, failed signings and any other sad attempt.

  • Chemical Dave

    Never given a chance ??!

  • Slowlybutsurely

    I don’t get it, why is our ‘united’ football acting like everything has to be a secret, their is absolutely no communication, nothing to get our imagination going, if you look at our official website, there is 4 news reports in 2 weeks, if you look at Chelsea’s, Liverpool’s even Watford’s! It is jam packed with reports this week,, it’s not always about signings, just something coming from the club! Where is this passion? I don’t know why I bother any more

  • Paul Patterson

    I think we are ignoring the elephant in the room. A certain Mr Tiote. If we are comparing the two (Same position) then I’d take Anita every time.
    It’s obvious we aren’t going to go out and buy 10 players (and nor should we) But we have to get the best out of what we have in the squad so far.
    The players I’m talking about are Krul, Janmaat, Colback, Sissoko, De Jong, Perez and Cisse. I would personally include Anita in that bunch, which gives us a good platform to start.

  • ArtyH

    I dislike writing or reading negative comments about our club. However on past performance and happenings to date I cannot see any good things to comment on. IMHO V.A has been hailed as a gifted technical player by P45dew and a few others, they must have better eyes than me as I’ve seen nothing of this in the player. I watched the West Ham game and saw nothing spectacular in V.A that would change my mind, one good game in  3 years is not good enough for me. 
    Now tomorrow if NUFC sign 6 players who are more than journeymen and a couple of them are known to the EPL, that would be a good start. Having said that, I doubt the club will make any notable additions to the side. I would love to see Williamson, Goofy, Magamind, Sammy and V.A  moved on but I think we are stuck with them, no one else would be stupid enough to invest in them as footballers, but NUFC did, speaks volumes……

  • Mal44

    Paul Patterson  Agreed. Hopefully the new coaching team and add something to the way we play and increase the performance levels of the players we’ve got. I’m hoping that we might be able to increase that list of current players you’ve mentioned, Cabella, Aarons for example. But we desperately need that new blood in some key positions; surely something has to happen in the next few days!

  • v0ices

    Slowlybutsurely that would involve employing someone to wrote the stories and keep the site updated thars money out of mash holdings pocket.

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Paul Patterson
    Anitas not worth a Chow

  • Hez

    Anita has contributed about as much as his height and manhood, little

  • cwtoon88

    bet the author wants Dummett to stay, says it all

  • PhilYare


  • Hetton Mag

    He is a decent technical player but just strong enough for the prem. How our wonderful chief scout keeps picking little guys eg Cabella who can’t hack it I do not know. I’m not talking height cf Augerro, Messi but they have no strength. We seem to over pay for these midgets £12m for Cabella and how is he better than HBA?

  • Timptoon

    The fact that Anita is so far down my list of things to worry about shows how low the club have sunk. Yes, he’s more reliable than Tiote but even Tiote doesn’t make my top 6. (Tell the truth, I’d almost forgotten we have him.) The order in which people should go: Ashley; Charnley; Carr; Willo; Sammy: Colo; Saylor; Gouff; Squidwort; Tiote ….

  • Jarra MIck

    I know Tiote is a Cnut but I would have him in the team on a stretcher in front of Bobby tamblin’s lirrul bruvva

  • Jarra MIck

    Christ on a bike paul Anita in front of TIote! You’re having a laugh. At least Tiote puts in a tackle. Anita couldn’t tackle a fish supper!

  • GToon

    Not quick? He’s pretty fast I think. I think he is a very good player playing in a team whose style doesn’t help him. I also think when given a task to do such as win it and make a quick pass like against the hammers he did well. Bet he would have been great in the KK side of the nineties in the same way that Clarkie might not have looked as good in this team. Let’s see what better coaching brings to his game.

  • GToon

    I think these players look good in teams who move the ball quickly up front but when they face a battle in the slow moving game played by NUFC they start to lose out. Horses for courses I think and Carr has an idea of how we might play but it doesn’t actually tally with the managers ideas of late. Carr might have been delighted at getting Cabella but Pardew played him in a team who didn’t support the attack so he was often facing 2 opponents with no options available to him. If we had pushed more players forward I reckon Rivierre would have been much more affective too. I’m hoping for big changes this season, not just in terms of personnel.

  • Paul Patterson

    You are correct, Tiote does indeed put in a tackle. And thats him out of the game as it either ends up with Tiote in the showers or he can’t touch anyone for the rest of the game. Either way, we’re down to 10 men before we’ve realised it . .