Verdict so far…the rumours are promising but we (the fans) need to see some follow through.

For me, football season never ends. The few months of off season are almost as entertaining as the regular season. I love reading transfer news updates every day, and subsequently researching potential targets. I do this despite knowing that a large percentage of the rumours are not credible.

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Thus far, I’m pretty pleased with the reports about Newcastle, which indicate that the team is going into the transfer window with an aggressive mentality.

The appointment of Steve McLaren is something that I’m fairly ok with.

It’s definitely not a decision that inspires a lot of excitement. However, history has proven that the exciting choice, for both players and managers, doesn’t always succeed. Sometimes the boring choice can be the right one.

Only time will tell, but for McLaren this might be his last chance to prove himself as a top flight manager; a potential career turning point often inspires a little extra motivation to succeed.

I love the balanced focus the club is showing by exploring options in the premier league as well as foreign markets. I’m quite confident that everyone agrees the Magpies needed more proven premier league players this past season. I completely endorse the Charlie Austin bid, and I hope the club follows through and pursues him aggressively.

It would be good for the club and fanbase to acquire a guy who has succeeded in multiple English divisions, most importantly the premier league. He’s also a lad who has recently received a England national team call-up. To see an English number nine leading the line for Newcastle is very appealing and would be a positive move for the fans.

The same applies for West Brom’s Saido Berahino, another proven premier league goal scorer. Newcastle need class up top and I think it’s important that we are going for players in the premier league.

Foreign markets are more risky, but I like that the club is still exploring those option. The players often come at a cheaper price, but it is never guaranteed that their quality translates across leagues. But as we’ve seen, gems can often be found; recent players such as Perez, Janmaat and Sissoko have come from foreign leagues.

Based on the rumours, it seems like Newcastle is using a nice, balanced approach. The club also is attempting to bolster its youth squad, which is a crucial item the club needs to address. The interest in Callum Douglas, a 16 year old local lad who has been living/playing in Spain, is hopefully the first sign that the club is not only addressing the issues on the first team but also the problems found in the lower levels of the organization.

The news that Newcastle are heading my way and touring the United States this pre season is a great move in my eyes. As I said in my previous article a few months ago about Michael Bradley being a great fit for Newcastle, the American market is one that I think Newcastle could really find success in.

The pre season tour is a start, but I would urge the organization to explore signing a few American players or prospects.


For those who don’t know, the U.S. beat the Netherlands (4-3) a few days ago and just beat the reigning world champions, Germany (2-1), on Wednesday.

Both wins were on away soil and illustrate that the Americans are on the rise, and a player who manages to become a standout for the Magpies would really lock up a huge fan base in the U.S.

Jordan Morris is one example, a young striker who is still in college but looks to have a lot of promise. I hope the club pays attention to the American market, as it could be a huge opportunity looking forward.

All in all, I’m encouraged by the early off season agendas illustrated by the club. But now it’s time for the organization to follow through.

  • radgiegadgie

    don’t see any rumours about centre backs, that is not very balanced!

  • Andgeo

    These rumours are just rumours! We need half a dozen quality players, let’s just see if we can get them over the line!!!!

  • DavidDrape

    yep never laugh or under estimate the US at soccer. at grass roots level they are years ahead re youth development

  • Jarra MIck

    Cloud cookoo land or what? We will get the players other bigger teams don’t want, teams like Stoke, Swansea, Aston Villa etc.

  • Billy bob three teeth

    Rumours? Just counted 5 strikers on news now and that is it! If the fat one gets any I would be amazed, we need defenders! But I’m sure Maclaren will do as he is told any spin the party line until there is enough season tickets sold, then the same old excuses will come out! Relegation is on the horizon

  • MilitantGeordie

    Apparently the Daily Mirror are reporting Austin is a done deal. If that’s true it’s a promising start to the transfer window. I’d love to get a solid leader type centerback in soon and i think Steve will know the defence needs help. Fingers crossed Mike will listen to him and make serious funds available.

  • DownUnderMag

    What is worrying me is that we are being linked with strikers and while that is fine since we lacked goals last season, i’m struggling to see who is going to CREATE them and more over how we are going to stop them going in at the other end….

    I just hope this isn’t all bluster and PR to sell season tickets and they are failing to address the real footballing issues.

  • Sickandtiredstill

    I’d be more impressed and relieved if Ashley hadn’t once again been a complete [email protected] with McClaren’s unveiling. He’s immediately toeing the line and telling the other reporters he can’t speak to them .(they had to wait outside the ground!).

    So much for better communication and transparency. As always, Ashley wants to see the colour of money before he makes a decision and there’s no doubt the Mirror are paying in order to be on the ‘approved media partner’ list.

    As there was only them and Sky present, it would suggest everyone else has told him to shove that idea.
    You can forget about reading the Chron for any local Club gossip as even they weren’t invited! 

    Talk about mushroom syndrome. Nowt changes.

  • JesperMagnusson

    Bradley is a class player no doubt, saw him play here in Montreal and he just stood out as complete different level. However, so are his salaries, he is on 6.500.000 US a year. Doing the maths he is on about 80.000 pounds a week, would we pay that for an American?

  • Porciestreet

    Sickandtiredstill You can hardly expect McClaren to sign his deal(with confidentiallity clauses) then break it on the first interview. Just like those before him, he’s been tongue-tied and asked to toe the line, and unless you perhaps fancy a spell on the dole, yyou may well do the same. Not saying it’s right but it’s obviously in his contract. God I wish Ashley was gone…
    Ashley OOT  ASAP.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    Some people never learn. The rumours are promising every summer but NEVER come to anything. Those top players we are supposedly going to sign always end up at smaller but more ambitious clubs like West Ham, Stoke and Swansea If we signed every quality player we are strongly linked with we’d have the strongest squad in the country by now.

  • Michael Teasdale

    NUFC is very good at promising…it’s the delivery I’m interested in.

  • foggy

    Newcastle United Football Club and rumour mongering go hand in hand and stretch back as far as anyone can remember.
    Once upon a time the toon were rumoured they were going sign the Brazilian world cup winning captain Socrates during the close season when season tickets were up for sale.
    As ever it was a complete load of bollicks.
    Don’t believe a word of what comes out of the hierarchy’s gobs or whats written in the press until the players are shown at sjp and in a black and white (now mostly white) shirt.


  • Th inspector

    What’s gone is gone, what’s done is done. We move on and get on with it. As in every transfer window, we now have an opportunity to change how things might turn out in the near future. The owner has stabilised the finances of his club (however, dubious his practices or however much we appear to dislike him). Those who are charged with the turnaround should, we hope, be looking at every single one of the worlds leagues to get better players to make the Toon a better team. As in every close season, I am excited for the new season and only hope that, as for the past few seasons, my hopes and dreams aren’t totally ruined before Christmas!

  • Jim2o11

    DavidDrape ??????? Soccer ???????

  • kuromori

    While I agree there are some excellent players across the pond, here’s a three word warning: Jozy. Altidore. $13m.

  • Jezza_NUFC

    foggy  I do remember the rumour about Socrates, It all started because he had enrolled on a course at Newcastle University and Arthur Cox was quoted about being keen to sign him. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a season ticket ruse because I seem to recall it happened around October time. It all turned out to be a case of mistaken identity. The “Socrates” at Newcastle Uni wasn’t the famous footballer. I should also point point out that although the real Socrates did captain Brazil, he never won the World Cup in his career.