Schteve McClaren was an unremarkable player, didn’t really ‘set the world on fire’ as a player, but then most of the big successful Managers had an unremarkable playing past; Wenger, Ferguson, Mourinho all had average playing careers (perhaps SBR is the exception!?).

Has won honours while managing club sides… Middlesbrough, FC Twente (His mock Dutch accent in Holland was hilarious! Look it up on YouTube).

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McClaren was assistant coach with Alex Ferguson, (we know we perhaps shouldn’t lean on this too much – See JC and SBR) Man U won the treble that year, and Schteve was destined for big things from early in his managerial career.


When Schteve was at Middlesbrough, he won the League Cup in 2004. He also got them to the FA cup Semis (which is a trip to Wembley nowadays!) and the UEFA Cup final, don’t forget that this is Middlesbrough we are talking about…


Then the England Job. Was he hounded out by the British media ‘The wally with the brolly’ incident? I think personally he was pushed out (unfairly) before he could make any major changes to the national side, 16 months is no time to sculpt a national side. Yes we (England) failed to qualify because of ‘That Game’, but England were at that time woeful long before Schteve took over, I honestly think he was treated unfairly in the national seat.


FC Twente – won the league in Holland, despite being hunted down by Ajax (Martin Jol at the time) all season. There aren’t many English managers who have ever won anything abroad, some say players were already there, but as we have seen this past year, same players can be like a different squad depending on the manager!

So then some obscurity, Derby, etc. and onto us seemingly. Looking like officially unveiled this week, the worst kept secret in football – Schteve will become our new manager, probably Wednesday-ish…

I for one welcome the man, a Proven English manager, who has won title/cups.

Has experience of the European ‘Head Coach’ role, lives in the North-East already (Yarm)and if we can have any of the success he has had on his travels, (and I think with the right leadership there is no reason why not) then he will be elevated to the level of a demi-god on Tyneside, but he will need time.

Will NUFC or we (fans) provide that breathing space? I hope so; any manager ideally needs to hit the ground running, a better season than the one just gone wouldn’t be too hard, do better than just scraping through the relegation fight…

I am sure his remit will be the same as Pardew, top ten finish initially, but as long as he shows progress, I think he should be fine.

So, Welcome to Tyneside Schteve McClaren, let’s hope your managerial style of open attacking football suits the fans….and the Club.

I personally would love him to help NUFC win something and I cannot wait to hear his mock Geordie accent ‘like Hinny ye Knaa’.

Out of interest, who was your favourite manager and why? (Please choose for their managerial ability and not just SBR ‘cause everyone loves him, If he was your favourite Manager then great, but not just for sentimental reasons…).

So will Schteve win us anything as manager, or will he just be another page in the history of mediocrity we have all become accustomed to?

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  • Billco

    Attacking football ??????

  • Fozzyworld

    Looks like we are getting him. So it’s a no brainer… Got to give him a chance!

  • Fozzyworld  Another 5 weeks of negotiations before his appointment !

  • Fozzyworld

    True, then no time to do anything.

  • Chemical Dave

    Giving Ashley appointments time is the reason he’s been here so long. All very virtuous but counter productive I’m afraid. Personally I’d rather give him dogs abuse from the first moment, save about six months.

  • Fozzyworld

    Oh well, each to his own! Six month’s quicker to the next loser probably.

  • Porciestreet

    Billco Why is everyone on such a downer…….?Please,  Give the guy a chance to fcuk-up before we hang him for goodness sake . And you wonder why the rest of the premiership think we’re delusional….it stands out like a sore thumb. Ashley OOt.

  • GToon

    It doesn’t matter who we get if they have to work to the incredibly successful Ashley football model. I feel sorry for McClaren, he’s got very little chance of doing well at our club. I mean just imagine if we hit the ground running and won every game up until Xmas and Sissoko, Perez, Aarons, Janmaat and Krul were amazing. What do you think would happen when the January sales came round. So for me there’s no point in getting carried away when you have the great shopkeeper waiting in the wings. He won’t be able to sell them fast enough once we’ve hit the magic 25 point mark. I know this is another miserable comment but what does anybody really expect.

  • kuromori

    We will always back a manager who levels with us. Any manager who tries the big con loses the fans quickly and deserves what he gets (Gullitt,, Souness, Pardew).
    I’ll give McClaren a chance but let’s not kid ourselves. He’s a safety first, negative tactician. 
    At Boro, he did okay because Gibbo shelled out for class players (Mendieta, Zenden) and Southgate led from the dressing room. At England he was groomed as Sven’s successor and ballsed it up for the same reasons as being too chummy with the players and tactically deficient. Twente played horrible football and he flopped in the Championship, twice.
    I’m sorry, but it isn’t a sparkling record. A good coach, maybe, but not a good manager.
    Time will tell, but if he accepts the Ashley model, then I don’t see how he can bring success.

  • Chemical Dave

    He’s not been appointed because he’s likely to bring success, if he wanted that he’d have employed someone with a better track record than brolly. If anyone wants to point out the track record of success for Ashley’s employees in football please go ahead, I love short stories. The author has done his best to be positive, if you want to be positive then fine, he must’ve been thrilled when fat Fred employed souness.

  • Chemical Dave

    He can’t and he’s not expected to, beats me why the penny won’t drop for some…eve. after almost a decade.

  • Chemical Dave

    He’s not been employed to bring success bud.

  • desree

    Its 11 years since we had a decent coach, McLaren is the best out of the muppets since SBR was sacked. We should be blaming FF as much as Ashley for the clubs demise

  • DownUnderMag

    I think the problem most fans isn’t McClarens record, it isn’t exactly bad.  Other than the England job, which he was never going to succeed in because of the moronic ego-driven players themselves, he has actually done a decent job wherever he has been.

    The thing is he needs the players.  He needs the skillful players, he needs a leader like Southgate…  He needs to be backed by Ashley and he can then be judged…but I can’t see him being the manager to get the best out of all-so-ran players, he is going to get what the players are out of them, nothing more and that is fine by Ashley but not by us.

    McClaren is basically the safe option.  I think we all hoped the club would show more ambition than that, I for one welcome McClaren but only if the owner forks out to back him in the transfer market.  Otherwise I fail to see how McClaren is to be the person to get miracles out of what is currently here.

  • StephenBowers

    Two players sold in January another two released end of season from a squad that was “thread bare” to start with plus a few who just haven’t looked the part season ended.
    I pray someone has a plan.
    The best manager on the planet couldn’t get a tune out of this lot.

  • SGM

    Why do contributors on this site have to go down the infantile route of giving Board members , managers, coaches and even the tea lady derogatory playground names?
    FFS grow-up.

  • Mal44

    DownUnderMag  I agree, but hope also he will be bringing in his own coaching staff. I can’t see that Carver and Stone will have any credibility with the players; it really does need a completely new broom.

  • Peaco

    On joining West Ham Bilic had the following to say;
    “When I spoke to the chairmen and Karren Brady, they made clear that it is not only the fantastic new stadium we are moving into, but they showed their determination and ambition to make what is a big club even bigger.”
    Do you think Penfold even spoke to McClaren, or do you reckon he got Par-ver to call him on his mobile after finishing with Taylor and Jonas?

  • Peaco

    Childish yes, but at least it is clean.

  • toonfifer

    At last a bit of balance on both the site and the replies. 

    We have to believe that McClaren has some professional integrity and has spent however long he has been in talks, getting the answers he wants regarding players, backroom staff, expectations etc.

    He’s won trophies both here and in Holland and regardless of what anyone thinks there have not been 20 managers of the national team since the war so it is a prestigious appointment and one you have to earn.

    REAL football people speak highly of him and it is utterly ridiculous for any fan to say they aren’t going to even give him a chance (I know who will comment on this already!!)

    Also he has a good range of contacts in the game and will work well with Graham Carr, I actually think we could have a chance at building something here but we are all damaged by the last few years under Pardew.

    We need to get behind NUFC which means the players and the manager/coach, hopefully retain a solid core of our best players who will be enthused by a new approach and bring in 5/6 new players plus the 2 from Forest and you never know things might even get better.

  • v0ices

    toonfifer im not going to disagree with anything you say about McClaren although i think you are looking only at his positives and not his negatives but the main issue is hws doomed to failure under ashleys model thats why people are upset.

  • toonfifer

    v0ices toonfifer I hear what you’re saying and want FCB out as much as anyone, as you will see if you look at the after match picture Im the ugly bald bloke holding the banner highlighting 8 Years of no ambition.

    I just think that at some point we’ve got to get back to the actual football and the passion we have for it, like most people on here I go back to the many dark days under Westwood, McKeag et al and they were all [email protected] and only interested in lining their own pockets. Due to the passage of time they were shipped out and at some point so will Ashley. I just fear that some really passionate, loud people are being missed in the ground and are missing out themselves.

    I hate Fatty and all he stands for but would rather make that known loud and clear from within the ground while supporting whatever 11 pull on the black and white.

  • DownUnderMag

    Looks like we are getting that…

  • DownUnderMag

    The potential backroom clearout will go a long way to giving stevo some integrity with the fans and as long as he treats the fans with respect and doesnt spout lies then i think most including me will back him 100%

  • Mal44

    I have to say I’m amazed that they’ve actually done it. I hope it’s the start of something good and we are going to see some real investment and improvements in the squad. It would be nice to get back to just enjoying the football and whether McClaren was the supporters’ first choice or not we should now give him a chance to show what he and his new team can do. Hopefully he will also get a lot more from the players we already have and we will see a vast improvement in the tactics and the way we are set up. Time will tell.