You can’t have failed to notice the Papiss Cisse story this week – front page news due to the opportunity of being able to use ‘Taking the Papiss’.

Just in case it passed you by, the story went that Papiss Cisse had told his north east based girlfriend he was going on holiday, only for her to then discover via the internet/social media that instead the Newcastle striker had got married to somebody else (a Senegalese volleyball player) in Paris.

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Cisse claims he wasn’t still seeing his north east girlfriend, now another woman living on Tyneside says she is another Papiss girlfriend who has been left heartbroken…anyway, you get the picture.

Whilst obviously having every sympathy for the ‘love rat victims’…I was more interested in the wedding itself, or rather the guests.

Looking into all the various reports about this Paris wedding, I can find no mention of a single Newcastle United player, coach, or club official being at the wedding.

You don’t expect to see the whole squad a guard of honour at the ceremony but it does hint to me at just how low the club has sunk, in terms of camaraderie and (lack of) team spirit & togetherness.

Papiss Cisse has been at NUFC for four and a half years now, getting on for half of his working career.

Yet he doesn’t appear to have had a single workmate at his wedding?

If you relate it to your working life and circumstances, one of your 30 year old workmates gets married who has worked with many of you for the last 4 or 5 years and there’s nobody he/she wants to invite.

The Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby teams had a real togetherness within the squads.

In Keegan’s time the whole squad appeared to stick together, win and lose together, socialise together. Out on the town after a match, you would regularly see pretty much the whole team out together – the rapport with the fans was first class.

Under Sir Bobby Robson it was slightly different. You still had the team socialising together at times, but there were two distinct groups. This though was more an age thing with the likes of Shearer, Given, Speed etc knocking about together, whilst Dyer, Bellamy, Bramble and others did their thing.

Yes we might have been left shaking our heads at some of the antics of the latter group away from the pitch, but in those days of competing in the top four and playing Champions League football, there was no denying that the team was all pulling together – those two separate social groups coming together on the pitch as a unit that performed so well, for an excellent two or three years.

No moaning about European matches, instead there was that remarkable statistic where I think it was 18 wins and 1 draw in a run of 19 Premier League matches played after midweek European ones.

Much as I despise many other clubs and players such as Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal. When I recall seeing tabloid stories about key players getting married, there always appears to be a big team presence, there with their mates etc etc

At Newcastle these days, apart from the now broken Coloccini/Jonas partnership at the club, I can’t think of any others in the club who see the dressing room as anything else than where they get changed before they go to work.

Time after time you have seen in recent seasons that one or two bad results becomes a long chain of them, with nothing pulling the players together to fight and win as a group, on or off the pitch.

Mike Ashley made it his business to get rid of the players committee that formed under Chris Hughton and helped bring us back to the Premier League. Harper, Smith, Barton, Nolan and others had their cards marked when they stood up to the club owner, initially on the subject of how bonuses were paid.

Divide and rule appears to be Mike Ashley’s mantra both on the terraces and in the dressing room.

  • RexN

    You’ve obviously done more research than me. Given that his new wife is Senegalese, I assumed that it was some sort of arranged marriage.

  • partworntyres

    cisse out!
    cisse out!…..

  • “Divide and rule appears to be Mike Ashley’s mantra…”
    Totally agree. That’s another of the long list of flaws to add to Mike Ashley’s footballing business skills.  In football you need team camaraderie, but back in the days of Nolan, Barton, etc, Mike Ashley deliberately broke up that camaraderie by getting rid of the players who wouldn’t agree to his new bonus scheme.
    So as a result of Ashley getting rid of the players with a bit of fight in them, we’re left with a team with no fight.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if this short-sighted strategy extends to our next manager. It seems likely that Ashley will once again look for another Yes Man – a coward who won’t stand up to him – and that will in turn lead to similar results on the pitch.

  • mentalman

    It’s the end of the season maybe the players he wanted to invite had gone on holiday with their families and weren’t available.
    The groups of players you mention were all British the second lot were reported to have formed a cliché against some of the foreign players so where is the camaraderie in that.
    Again you mention collo and Jonas, both argentinian. Should we go and buy some more senegalese players so cisse has some chums.
    As for the players committee they reportedly became more powerful than the manager, you can’t allow that whether it be in a business or a football team and what great heights have any of them hit since they left our club

  • LeazesEnder

    It is strange and symptomatic of the Ashley regime, and the link I have come up with is that of communication, or should I say lack of it,  The owner and Chairman don’t talk to the press, they ban NUST for communicating, and several players have seemingly been isolated and picked off,  the press are silenced, the local press scared stiff.

    In the Shirebrook detention camp, workers are humiliated and given ‘hit’ points for chatting, His head coach was chaperoned by Wendy Taylor in media conference 

    His AGM’s are processed as swiftly as possible to avoid questions.

    He hires a PR guru in the form of Keith Bishop, NOT to help communications but to silence opposition and protest, the (illegal) confiscation of protest literature made him look stupid, hiring double the security staff was partly successful but was never going to be a solution as he found out.

    Maybe this is the twisted fun he’s having with Uniteds supporters…. he must be getting something out of it apart from twenty million pounds worth of free advertising per season…..

    In the land of the silence and darkness the LIAR is the king

  • SGM

    So, Papiss sneaks of to Paris, tells no-one, (not even his current) decides to get married, (like we care) and then the gutter contributors ( the so-called) then report that the “club” have sunk to new depths.
    Fcuk sake Dean get a proper job.

  • SGM

    partworntyres  You forgot the .com part.

  • toonterrier

    RexN Charnley planned it all helped by Graham Carr it as they are the best organisers In the world. Carver did the buffet .

  • wor monga

    I see you’ve reached the bottom of the Mag’s barrel at last…

    exactly gives a sh*t how many heartbroken WAG’s he’s left behind or that none
    of his team mates got an invite to one of his weddings…so what??…

    …in his
    culture he can have as many weddings as he wants…but they probably won’t have
    any of the trappings to go with it that we’d expect to have here!!

  • Consett Mag

    NUFC Tips  “So as a result of Ashley getting rid of the players with a bit of fight in them, we’re left with a team with no fight”
    Ironic that the former set got relegated and the latter, the non-fighters, didn’t. It was close though.

  • jimblag

    I get the overarching point you’re making, but if he’s having a secret wedding, he’s not gonna advertise his affair is he? The players wives are probably better friends than the players.
    Anyway, this is just tittle-tattle, if he scores goals, have a million wives!!

  • LeazesEnder

    jimblag He’s only allowed four…. the rest will have to be girlfriends

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga Four is the limit any more is bigamy

  • kuromori

    Consett Mag Fair point but they only started to fight *after* relegation.

  • Brian Standen

    Be real Dean, if youhad a long term girlfriend or 2, would you be inviting all and sundry to a wedding to someone different, no link to NUFC whatsoever, except for the fact he may not ever want to return to the NE……which leaves us another player down!

  • wor monga

    LeazesEnder       The thing is who keeps count…I don’t think the law are that
    bothered about things like that across Northern Africa…especially when a lot of
    the brides are abducted from their villages at the point of an AK47!!!

  • Phildene

    To be honest I don’t think it’s been mentioned in the press or media about such a wedding, as there’s been more important things going on such as the good news about Blatter resigning

  • Steve1221

    It wasn’t too long ago we were seeing, pictures of the squad getting together at Coloccini’s house, all out together dressed as superheroes and in Vegas on a stag do. Can’t blame this one on the Ashley regime.

  • radgiegadgie

    Nice one, twisting the fact that there are seemingly no fellow players at his wedding equates to they all hate each other and it’s Mike Ashley’s fault.

    To be fair, seems like Papisse did not want anyone in the North East to know about this…

  • LeazesEnder

    wor monga LeazesEnder It was a joke…… how can it be bigamy?

  • toonterrier

    We’re used to him drifting offside so not surprised he’s been caught out. His life, his money and as long as he scores goals for us and doesn’t break the law let him get on with it.

  • crediblejustin736

    Dont you think the wedding was lowkey? It seems so. Maybe thats why he didnt invite the mates. You cant blame everything on Mike Ashley

  • dav_art

    Articles like this are counterproductive.