The weekend brought press reports from inside ‘sources’ at the club, that there are allegedly going to be six Newcastle United signings this summer.

Whether Mike Ashley’s idea of six signings will be the same as most of ours, remains to be seen.

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So what is needed to give Newcastle United a team that can bounce back.

Not talking about signings that will miraculously turn NUFC into contenders, but at least a top ten club and one that would realistically finish the season in the top 7/8.

Or in other words, not simply try and avoid relegation once again.

These are the players I think we can rely on (up to a point), with the priorities listed below:

As you can see, I have selected five players to begin the rebuilding job, with six players desperately needed to go straight into the first team.

newcastle united signingsIn order of priority we need to sign a minimum of:

A striker

A centre-back

Quality midfielder who can score and create goals (as well as what you’d usually expect as a minimum)

Another centre-back

Another quality midfielder who can score and create goals (as well as what you’d usually expect as a minimum)

A left-back

This isn’t to say that the rest of the squad are a write-off but that the above instant first team players are an essential to add to what we have got, plus to give United at least a half decent first 18 and some insurance against injuries.

Siem de Jong and Rolando Aarons may well go injury free AND show they are good enough to be big players at this level, but at this moment you can’t say that with total confidence.

In the case of Ayoze Perez I think that he needs to be number three out of our strikers and not be used week in week out, hopefully this will help his progress for the longer term rather than unrealistic expectations on his head. Bringing in more quality players will go a long way towards helping that as well.

Other players such as Dummett and Haidara, plus one of the long-term trio of centre-backs could be ok squad players.

As for which signings should be targeted, obviously they need to be better than what we have already got, which shouldn’t be that difficult.

However, naming names is impossible unless you can be sure of what level Mike Ashley will allow Newcastle to try and buy at.

The dream of course would be to see a seriously credible manager brought in, significant investment in Premer League ready players and injury problems to be diluted.

Having a squad that’s big enough in both quality and numbers will go a long way to help that last problem, as having to play players when they weren’t fully fit producing subsequent injuries, has blighted our team for years under Mike Ashley.


  • Billy Goat

    Couldn’t argue with your analysis of the players you chose and the number and positions we need to fill, spot on.

  • Paul Patterson

    We can manage with:
    We can also float Darlow, Lascalles, Cisse, De Jong (if fit) Obertan and Abeid in and out of the squad as games dictate.
    However, that means we need at least one centre back, a creative midfielder and a top class striker. Then a couple of squad players.
    I’d go for Ryan Shawcross at Stoke, get Charlie Austin and Danny Ings in and that would at least give the side a bit of a battling look to it . .

  • Racso18

    I think Haidara will be really good, I would not buy a left back with the intention of Haidara dropping to the bench. Also Dummett is sooo much better at CB than at LB. He could be a LB if needed, but tbh he looks like our best CB, and the only CB that looks like he can be a threat from set pieces. Also I really like Abeid, and would not be reluctant for him to be a starter in some cases. But overall i pretty much agree with you.

    Also, Anita was great against West Ham, and all too often we see him play badly, keep starting then as soon as he plays a good game he is dropped. I dont know why this happens. I really like Anita when he plays well, has the ability to be very important.

  • jack1x

    Mitrosovich, grenier , ayew , thauvin , shawcross , and Chester

  • Racso18

    Paul Patterson I agree, I dont have any problems with our full backs at all. Dont think we should bring Lascelles straight in to the mixer, he hasnt been that standout for Nottingham Forrest. But i would be angry to see him go back out on loan, if that were to happen.

    Would not mind at all if Tiote left, he’s good sometimes but it looks like his time to move on, and if we could get the £8-10million that was suggested in January then it would be wise. We have Colback, Anita and Abeid who can play there.

    I would be so frustrated if Abeid was sold. He looks like a really solid player, and Defensive Mid isnt his natural position apparently. Last year on his loan he played in a Mid/Attacking Mid role, and got 10 goals in 30 games, so i would like to see that happen.

    I think our problem is that we have some decent players, and some good players, but we cannot get them all playing their best position. In the Attacking Mid role we have Sissoko, Cabella, De Jong, Perez, Armstrong (potentially). And i would not want to see any of them go. But i am so annoyed that last year we chose Cabella over Grenier, who would have been a much better replacement for Cabaye.

  • Morpethmag

    We need two forwards, Cisse is brain dead, caught offside to much, awful first touch and can’t hold the play up, Perez will come good but needs time, far to much was asked of him this season, we need three center backs, as the three who we have at the moment are woeful the worst in the premier league and as was seen this year we need cover in this position, two isn’t enough, the player on loan at forest could be the cover center half, haven’t seen enough of him to comment, we need a real player in midfield someone who can alter a game, the irony of it is the player we sold to PSG without replacing would be perfect for us,, a decent left winger and cover for Krul as Elliot and Alnwick aren’t good enough, left back? Not sure about either that we have for this position, both look like they are only squad players, after this we then need players to fill out the squad and this is without losing the likes of sissoco, Krul or janmatt, we need to spend with manager, coaches and players £75 to £150 million, no way will ashley sanction this kind of spend, he will look to spend no more than the £34 million in the bank, if he wants to compete, it can’t be done without massive injection, £34 million is chicken feed when your trying to by seven first team players manager, coaches and squad players…

  • Andgeo

    Obertan is useless

  • A lex

    And whatever is spent this summer, also needs to be spent again next summer. If not, it will remain static and begin to spiral down yet again.

  • Alltomuch

    Shawcross would give some much needed steel to the spine of our defence.( if we could get him)
    This is where I would start. Mind, lots more to follow

  • andy_brown4430

    SJPunited I suspect that Krul may not be there either…

  • alreet

    Bas dost. Mitrovic. Grenier. Thauvin. Mensah and abdennour would do me for a 6 peice but we would need to either keep or replace outbound stars.
    Clearing willo. Ober. Sammy. Anita. Riviere. Gouffran and a few others would give space for roberts. Satka. Darlow. lascelles. Aarons and a few others to break through.
    Needs our biggest clearout for a few years.

  • Jimmywayhay

    We need to act and act quick . Firstly and most importantly a manager who commands respect and admiration,which would encourage players to sign for us ,this is where Ashley made a mistake in alienating Alan Shearer, he could of been our ambassador the man who whent and met our top targets and persuaded them to sign.Secondly we need these new players in and working with each other ,so we hit the ground running .this season is definately Ashley’s last chance to show the fans he means buisness ,if not he’s lost all credibility,for good .

  • DownUnderMag

    I think you may also need to rethink the Sissoko and Janmaat positions if we don’t move in the market soon to assure those two we are serious about moving forward.  Already talk about offers for those two players and if they go then I can see someone taking a gamble on Krul also.

    The trouble is, a massive overhaul with the quality needed just isn’t going to happen.  It would be way too expensive and i’m struggling to understand how the club will convince new players to join unless they too see us as a stepping stone and quite frankly, other clubs would probably offer that chance too but pay more in wages.  There’s also a major question mark on buying in new players until a manager has been appointed…and of course Ashley wont want to do any business until as late as he can to avoid paying an extra two months wages to the players when they aren’t playing!

    A massive overhaul is also dangerous as too many in too quickly can often disrupt the team (although quite what there is to disrupt here right now is up for debate).  If we get lots of players in then we need to move quickly to give them all time to gel during a full pre-season…not getting drips and drabs in here and there after pre-season (or the season proper) has already started…

  • cwtoon88

    Wow you should stick to playing Fifa
    You kill any hope by having Mackem Jack as a starter look at the finishing positions of any team hes played in there is a big reason for that, he is an averge player at best who disapears when the going gets tough. What are you basing him being a sure thing in the team on? Abeid and Tiote are superior options there and can both play at a much higer level.
    Also bust knee Cisse as our only sure fire up top
    And to have Dummett and Haiara in the same sentence is ridiculous, Haidara is a promising pacey positive fullback who has been unlucky with injuries and Dummett is one of the worst footballers ever to pull on a black and white shirt. He is Paul Huntingdon without the size and strength.
    Why so defensive of the geordies do you think they will be your friend?
    The favourtism of local or english players here is a massive problem and we need to realise where somebody is from doesn’t make them any better

  • Kazie23

    Not Thauvin

  • jack1x

    I think Thauvin is a class player.

  • wivawova

    Clasie, Cabaye, George Boyd for the midfield spots. Would be well pissed off to see Cabaye go to Palace as reported today as a possibility. Would also pick up Sam Morsy from Chesterfield to replace Tiote. Both Morsy and Boyd give 100% every game, and you’d need a rotation with Cabaye/Morsy/Colback as they’d pick up more than their fair share of yellows.
    Up front we won’t get Ings. I’d be happy with Charlie Austin and re-signing the injury prone Carroll.  Would much rather have a player that wants to play for us than one that sees it as a stepping stone.
    At the back, Shawcross would be great, but I doubt he’s leave Stoke for us. I’d settle for him playing for Wales. Skrtel doesn’t seem wanted by the Scousers, so he’d do. Everton have 2 decent left backs, so I’d have a look there.

  • DanH87

    We have no more decent players than the above 5 for sure. We need to get a manager in who knows how to use them. We sign players like Perez, Anita and Cabella and then play boring direct tactics that don’t suit them. Lack of cohesion between signings and squad tactics (if there are any!?! – never quite figured that out) has to be the first thing to address. A centre back to replace Williamson and a left winger to replace the dire Obertan, Ameobi and Gouffran would do me. Give Cabella, Rivierie, Haidara and De Jong more time playing in a system that suits them before judging.