The summer transfer window deadline has been brought forward by the Premier League.

Newcastle fans will no longer have the pleasure of sitting watching the clock tick down to 11pm to see which players we are not going to sign.

Instead, Sky Sports have been deprived of their 23 hour build up throughout deadline day, with it now closing at 6pm instead of 11pm.

The Summer transfer window closes in 89 days time on Tuesday 1 September, it not being possible for it to be the last day of August as it is a Bank Holiday. Regulations meaning that the last day can’t fall on a non-working day of the month.

Five less hours of ‘excitement’ for us all on that last day of trading, no more late night shenanigans of intrigue.

The 6pm cut-off point has been introduced so that those clubs competing in the Champions League (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City and Man Utd (if they can get through their play-off)) can more easily meet the 11pm deadline for Champions League squads to be named – which also falls on that Tuesday 1 September.

  • RexN

    It won’t make much difference. Our transfer deadline for signing players closed last August.

  • prestondave

    Must admit the only excitement I get is seeing who else is signing who cos it sure as hell aint us.

  • Simon Sharp

    Anyone else wondering what Schteve’s equivalent to Pardew’s mythical, metaphorical “line” will be. “We couldn’t get him in the box”? “We couldn’t get him through the door”? “Siem de Jong is just like a new signing” New manager, but expect the same feeble excuses. #AshleyOut

  • Davey Hat Trick

    Best fun is the SkySports site. They pepper their gossip feed with desperate attempts to get you spending money with SkyBet. I remember “Odds on Dimitar Berbatov joining Newcastle tumbling”, “Andy Carroll on way back to Tyneside” etc. My advice – expect us to sign no-one (or no-one you’ve ever heard of) and you won’t be disappointed.

  • toonfifer

    That’ll be the Chronicle headline on the 2nd September, we nearly got those 3 world class players over the line………….if only we’d had the extra 5 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Larry Adler

    It should close before the season starts because sky get on my tits with it. I suppose 6pm is better than 11 and if we haven’t done our business before then god help us!

  • amacdee

    You can keep the window open until the cows come home but it still wont help Fatman find six players who’ll sign for nowt, want less than £5k a week and will be happy to play in numbnuts team.

  • toonterrier

    See that James Milner is going to Liverpool on a free transfer yet we’re offering superstar Sammi  a new contract in case someone wants to make an offer for him. Shows you the level of ambition at the toon.. The club gets worse every year and all down to the meanness of the owner backed up by the incompetence of the clowns running our club.