John Carver and Steve Stone have been sacked by Newcastle United.

The story was broken by The Telegraph on Tuesday afternoon and then confirmed by Sky Sports.

Never nice to see anybody lose their job but for the club to have any chance of moving forward, it had reached a point where it was impossible for the pair to continue.

With no improvement in the performance of the team in recent years, the clueless nature of attacking and defending set-pieces summing up the underlying problems.

Things came to a head when Alan Pardew left and Mike Ashley made the ridiculous decision to try and coast through to the end of the season with John Carver and Steve Stone in charge.

A near relegation followed and a record of only 3 wins in 20 matches speaks for itself.

Only on the final day of the season did victory over West Ham confirm safety for Newcastle United.

A record breaking eight defeats in a row left the fans stunned, as Carver and Stone appeared powerless to stop the rot.

Sadly things were further compounded with John Carver managing to wind up supporters even further with press conferences that were even worse than those conducted by Alan Pardew in many people’s eyes.

John Carver’s ability to tow the Mike Ashley line and see a completely different view of events than any rational person, meant that it became ever harder to see Pardew’s former assistant remain at the club, despite his repeated claims that he would remain as number two if he didn’t get the Head Coach job on a permanent basis.

Both Carver and Stone are local lads and no doubt did their best but this was patently not good enough if Newcastle United are going to move forward.

Let’s hope the new manager and coaching team are installed as soon as possible, with some common sense and realism of what is needed breaking out within St James’ Park and inside Mike Ashley’s head.

  • Belfast Toon

    As mentioned in the article it’s not nice for anyone to lose their jobs but when the performance is nowhere near what is required it is to be expected.

    It is a slight glimmer of hope that things are changing …. maybe now some of the deadwood in the squad will be moved on …

  • Simon Sharp

    Devastating news. Imagine losing the best coach in the Premier League.

  • Baldwin69er

    Good riddance. Pony

  • Barry Goulder

    Best thing I have heard all day.

  • Philippines

    What was the line that Carver towed?

  • toonterrier

    Wouldn’t say sacked. Paid of with a sack full of dosh and a written agreement to keep their mouths shut with regards to the running of the club. Now all we need is for Ashley and Chumpley to leave as well then we will all live happily ever after.

  • Michael Teasdale

    What’s not funny is how the club fed him lies in order to get him to do their dirty work…

  • michaelhodg67

    About time maybe mclaren has a bit of a backbone after all cos I wouldn’t want to work w them 2 clowns either maybe ashleech has seen sense il reserve judgment on that one though

  • Sickandtiredstill

    Belfast Toon It’s yet another case of passing the buck.

    Who decided not to replace Pardew? Who decided on Carver? Penfold needs to walk as well – or at least get demoted back to his true station.

    And our local press and the national media need to stop spinning stories that Garde, Vieira etc etc were rejected coz they at least wanted their own backroom staff.

  • Gordonthetoony

    Well this is a good start, now bring in people who can train our defenders to defend, take dead ball free kicks, attack corners, learn how not to constantly get caught out by simple balls over the top.  Our ex coaches couldn’t do it in 5 years so lets see how long a new coach takes.
    Forgot to say also how not to play a titchy as a target man.

  • SaveNUFC

    So Mourinho got his place back again as the ‘Best Coach’……. What a start! Next Charnley…and then Ashley sack yourself.

  • mrkgw

    Very positive move by the club. Onwards and upwards.

  • SaveNUFC

    Seems like the best coach in premier league is not immune from getting sacked.

  • Bearsize

    Quick everyone….you have 24hr to renew your season tickets!! Hmm i love a conspiracy me ;)

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mrkgw Common fookin sense at last, more like. Shame his employer, Penfold, isn’t carrying the can as well.

  • Kris Bagnall

    Its about time, if they had stayed no manager/head coach would have been successful next season. Good work Mike.

  • Kris Bagnall

    He should have known better tbh

  • NotFatFreddy

    Interesting to see where Carver and Stone end up.  Sorry to say, but this is the best news so far this summer. Obviously McClaren didn’t want him, so thumbs up so far!

  • Phildene

    Best news for a long time! Think perhaps the shock of non renewal of season tickets touched a nerve with Ashley, plus the condeming atmosphere in and around the place too.
    Just think, if Ashley had done things correctly right from the start he could’ve saved himself and us a lot of grief!

  • Michael Teasdale

    I wonder who called him to break the news? Did he call Steve Stone then ask him to pass the phone back…?

  • CaptainCaveman

    “Never nice to see anybody lose their job” in the real world I’d agree with this but even as tight as Newcastle are I’m sure they were paid a lot better than most people.  It is great news and I have zero sympathy for Carver.

  • TheBoneYard

    reckon that must have been the McClaren appointment glitch/delay…….I hope so as it is a positive first move by McClaren, not a difficult decision but one that he has forced Charnley/Ashley to action. Personaly I have absolute no sympathy for Carver or Stone and wish them both a good bloody riddance out of our club – and dont ever ever ever come back !

  • John Bainbridge

    Benitez and Luis Enrique must be worried about their positons now. JC and Fat Sam both out of work.

  • Demented_Man

    Another two in the long list of Ashley’s fall guys.  Who’ll be next?

  • toon tony

    Mike Ashley ‘s new policy. ….47 strikes and you’re out. !!!

  • hettonmag

    Chumley  should have been sacked also for keeping these lads  in a position  where they were totally out of their depth.

  • Alltomuch

    Gives carver a chance to shopping for some new tools!
    Pig headed fool best gone

  • Michael Maximus Moose

    Carver lived in a Bubble

  • Opiner1

    Good riddance. Carver was a disgrace. He swore at fans and offered them outside for a fight and he couldn’t resist name-dropping dead legends such as Sir Bobby and Gary Speed in a pathetic attempt to earn favour with the fans. He can claim to be a fan as much as he likes, but a real fan would have walked away when it became apparent that he was leading us to the brink of disaster, but instead he stuck around just to satisfy his own ego and to keep his job. How has that worked out for you John? After his performance as manager, I can see him struggling to get a job anywhere else. Before his stint as manager he might have had a decent reputation as a coach, albeit with a fiery temper, but now he has shown the world that he lacks any basic coaching ability and certainly has no man-management skills.

  • mrkgw

    Sickandtiredstill – hopefully, Lee Clark will return as assistant to McClaren. Much, much better from the club this is.

  • mrkgw

    Lee Clark allegedly in talks to become assistant to McClaren. Happy with that.

  • alreet

    Carver was a bully and a thug that knew nothing about playing styles. Tactics. Man management or how to defend a bloody corner.
    If lee clark is in the frame for an assistant or coach then im happy with that. A local lad who actually played for the team under keegan.
    Really happy that the rotten coaches have gone from 6 years and we can try to start afresh.
    Dont sell any big players ash or charns we really dont want to start all over again.

  • ilullissat

    I hope Carver got the news by morse code or tin.cans with string much the same way he told Guiterrez

  • Porciestreet

    Michael Maximus Moose  LIVED….in a bubble, It’s just burst.

  • Porciestreet

    hettonmag Give owld Penfold enuf rope…… you know the rest…..

  • Porciestreet

    Demented_Man   Penfold……..!

  • Sickandtiredstill

    mrkgw Lee Clark? Why would you want that? Done ok at L1 Huddersfield and that’s it.
    Done nowt at Birmingham (sacked) and anyone willingly employing Malcom Crosby as a Scout can stay in the bus que as far as I’m concerned!
    Blackpool – sacked.
    If we get lumped with McClaren he better bring something a whole lot better than Pardew did.

  • alreet

    Steve clarke as a defensive coach. Lee clark as a motivator. Solano to bring some flair to the midfield and if it has to be stevo as gaffer then so be it. At least he can speak dutch….eeeeerm alstubleift..dankjewel. ifa you knowaaaà whataa i meanaaa…. no?

  • Porciestreet

    Phildene   Well, thats two things Fatty’s got right and the season hasn’t started yet.

  • Porciestreet

    Bearsize Newsflash……………!
        There will be NO season ticket sales for the coming season. All games will be pay as you go.

  • Porciestreet

    Sickandtiredstill mrkgw   Don’t hold yr breath there “Sick”. There will be a day of reckonning for that man.

  • Porciestreet

    alreet   Stone Cold Steve McClaren eh…! What a man….The proof of the puddin an all that..

  • Porciestreet

    Sickandtiredstill Belfast Toon True station you say, There’s already a young lady who makes the tea and sandwiches.

  • Kevin March

    Should’ve gone when the mackums beat us. Sure Carver’s related to David (son of god) Icke with all crack about being the best coach in the league.

  • Alsteads

    Got everything the fooker deserved. Hope he feels great inside now knowing he has been used as an absolute Ashley bitxh. What’s the saying ?……made your bed…… Should be finished in football as he really has shown his true colours and only desperate club/people would employ damaged goods.
    Hope it was worth it John

  • NottsToon
  • magpiefifer

    Got to say I’m shocked that Ashley has sacked Carver and Stone when he has to pay compensation for the ludicrously long contract remaining – unless the compromise was a £1,000 voucher for SD!!!
    Let’s see what transpires with McClaren at the ‘helm’.

  • sickchip

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • deleted_71328718_1957

    A plus for McClaren, altough I’m sure Charnley would have liked to have kept Carver. If we’re lucky we’ll get some experienced staff in place, although I’m not that keen on Lee Clark as assistant. The interesting name thrown in as a possible member of staff is Steve Black an absolute gem at developing players in all sorts of sports.

  • GToon

    They probably just wanted their own players. A far worse crime in the eyes of Ashley.

  • Andgeo

    They deserved to be sacked. Carvers performance was so bad despite the challenges he faces that there was no way he could have been allowed to continue in a coaching capacity.

  • DownUnderMag

    I think this is the best move the club could have made to give McClaren the best chance at the club.  Immediately it lends more credibility and integrity to the new manager that would not have been there had Stone and Carver been kept on as “the cheap option” after failing so badly last season.  If they get Clarky back in as a coach and McClaren brings in his Derby #2 then it is looking much more solid immediately and gives McClaren a clean slate, rather than him being tarnished by previous regimes failures.
    As long as McClaren is his usual open honest self in interviews and treats the fans with respect then I think he will get the chance he deserves.  If he the perfect candidate?  No, but with all due respect, if he comes here and gets a trophy then who cares how optimal a candidate he was!  We all know Ashley is the driving force behind club failures, but where Pardew went wrong was getting on the fans wrong side by backing the owner over the fans and lying to us all.

    Hopefully this is the start of a turn around for the club, now to get in the required players and see how we start off the new season.

    One thing is for certain, the owner just bought the new manager a lot more credibility by ousting the dregs of the previous regime…

  • Happyharrys2011

    Just for you lot who don’t know what Gibson said. “If Steve McLaren told me the grass was green, I would have to go out side and check” As much as he is a Smoggie he has morals and I wish he was our chairman.